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Workplace Safety News Archive
Safety Attitude What's the secret behind this plant's 4-year safety streak? 01/04/2016
Emergency Preparedness OSHA issues reminder about storm cleanup safety 01/05/2016
OSHA California rule changes affect ship building, construction, fire brigades, and agriculture 01/06/2016
Electrical Safety OSHA renews alliance with electrical contractor group 01/06/2016
Enforcement Decision clears the way for OSHA to order enterprise-wide abatement 01/07/2016
Healthcare Safety Lawmakers reintroduce bill to protect nurses 01/08/2016
Shift Work Night shift workers at risk during commute 01/11/2016
Violence in the Workplace Infographic: Workplace violence—Are you prepared? 01/12/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) Seven steps to fall prevention 01/13/2016
Commercial Driver Safety NIOSH describes safety risks facing long-haul truckers 01/14/2016
Slips and Falls OSHA pulls rug out from under slip and trip rule 01/15/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Is it work-related? OSHA answers common recordkeeping questions 01/15/2016
Enforcement Massachusetts contractor settlement honors fallen workers 01/18/2016
Violence in the Workplace Workplace violence prevention 01/19/2016
Enforcement Federal OSHA issues new NEP on amputations 01/20/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA’s serious event online form up and running 01/20/2016
Enforcement Company's unusual response to citations wins praise from OSHA 01/21/2016
Motor Carrier Safety FMCSA proposes new safety fitness rules 01/22/2016
Specific Industries Notoriously dangerous Alaska fishing industry shows improvement 01/25/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Reminder: Annual summary (Form 300A) must be posted by February 1 01/25/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Expert urges caution in using new OSHA reporting portal 01/26/2016
Violence in the Workplace QUIZ: Do you know the facts on workplace violence? 01/27/2016
Violence in the Workplace OSHSB proposes regulation to prevent violence in health care 01/27/2016
Specific Industries OSHA issues new fact sheets on agricultural, maritime safety 01/28/2016
Enforcement Appeals Board decision: Cash-and-a-handshake contractor can’t document asbestos and lead compliance 01/29/2016
Violence in the Workplace Research finds EMTs at higher risk of on-the-job violence 02/01/2016
Wellness NIOSH launches Total Worker Health to integrate workplace safety and wellness 02/01/2016
Bloodborne Pathogens WHO calls Zika virus global health emergency. Is it a workplace emergency? 02/02/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) Washington roofing company falls out of favor with L&I 02/02/2016
Enforcement OSHA launches new regional emphasis program for manufacturing hazards 02/03/2016
OSHA New Jersey public sector plan receives OSHA certification 02/04/2016
EHS Strategy OSHA extends comment period on management guidelines 02/05/2016
Healthcare Safety Study on risks of medical resident work hours yields surprising results 02/08/2016
Driving Safely NHTSA campaign stresses the importance of checking auto recalls 02/09/2016
Health - General Most Americans OK with using their phones in a public restroom 02/10/2016
Lockout/Tagout Tips for avoiding OSHA citations for lockout/tagout 02/11/2016
Confined Spaces (Construction) New confined space in construction standard is the law. Are you in compliance? 02/12/2016
Driving Safely Traffic deaths show a steep rise for the first time in years 02/15/2016
Wellness Study: Employees who use onsite health centers visit ER less often 02/16/2016
Health - General Concerned that a job is unsafe for a pregnant worker? Be careful what you say and do. 02/17/2016
Chemical Hazards Metalworking fluids: Good for the work, bad for the workers 02/18/2016
Specific Industries OSHA, NIOSH issue hazard alert about tank gauging 02/19/2016
Enforcement Frozen food company gets cold shoulder from OSHA 02/22/2016
Electrical Safety Appeals Board Decisions: 2 deaths, same safety order—but different outcomes for different employers 02/22/2016
Hazard Communication Infographic: HazCom and GHS: The Final Deadline 02/23/2016
Healthcare Safety Massachusetts officials offer Rx for reducing health worker injuries 02/24/2016
Safety Committees Build a better safety committee 02/24/2016
Safety - General Michigan packing company joins prestigious safety program 02/25/2016
Machine Safety Flywheel explosion teaches lessons in machine safety 02/25/2016
Violence in the Workplace Gunman kills 3 at town’s major employer 02/26/2016
Safety - General Washington takes bold new steps to help severely injured workers 02/26/2016
Accidents Incident Tracker, analysis tool simplifies incident investigations 02/29/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) OSHA announces third annual Stand Down for falls 02/29/2016
Bloodborne Pathogens Cal/OSHA sticks hospital for bloodborne pathogens violations 02/29/2016
Construction - General NYC announces crackdown on construction employers 03/01/2016
Noise NIOSH examines debilitating hearing conditions 03/02/2016
Eye and Face Protection OSHA answers common questions about eye protection 03/03/2016
Enforcement The pitfalls of noncompliance 03/04/2016
OSHA OSHA requests budget increase of $42 million for FY 2017 03/07/2016
Cranes and Slings Crane accidents are preventable. Are you checking all the boxes? 03/08/2016
Slips and Falls Winter's not over yet; take steps to prevent ice-related falls 03/09/2016
Driving Safely Billions of dollars, millions of days lost to vehicle crashes 03/10/2016
Safety - General Paper company turns the page on employee injuries 03/11/2016
Violence in the Workplace 4 steps to plan and prepare for a workplace violence incident 03/14/2016
Enforcement Feds take steel giant to court over incident reporting 03/14/2016
Commercial Driver Safety FMCSA proposes new driver training requirements 03/15/2016
Health - General Annual cancer report offers reason for optimism 03/16/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA increases fines for failing to report 03/17/2016
Accidents 8 common causes of workplace accidents 03/17/2016
Slips and Falls Appeals Board decisions: Did the employer fail to keep the walkway clear—or was it the employee’s fault? 03/17/2016
Accidents The Form 300 shows your most frequent injuries—but what’s most costly? 03/18/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA announces results of new incident reporting rules 03/21/2016
Enforcement OSHA announces enforcement for heartland poultry processors 03/22/2016
Trenching (Construction) Ohio construction worker's tragic death didn't have to be 03/23/2016
Permissible Exposure Limits OSHA’s silica rule announced 03/24/2016
Permissible Exposure Limits Breaking: Long-awaited silica rule expected today 03/24/2016
Safety - General Oregon OSHA 'Safety Break' scheduled for May 03/24/2016
Accidents OSHA urges vigilance following rash of worker deaths in Nebraska 03/28/2016
Enforcement Dual employers draw citations in worker’s meat grinder injury 03/28/2016
Eye and Face Protection OSHA updates eye and face protection standards 03/29/2016
Health - General CDC working to protect the health of U.S. businesses 03/29/2016
OSHA Standards update: Confined spaces in construction and other minor changes take effect 03/29/2016
Driving Safely NIOSH: Older workers face higher risk of death from crashes 03/30/2016
Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Welding: Safe work practices can prevent fires during 'hot work' 03/30/2016
Safety - General April is Hispanic Safety Month in Nevada 03/31/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) Get ready to stand down for fall prevention 04/01/2016
Safety Attitude Safety as a value, not just a priority 04/05/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) Contractor cited after HVAC installer falls through skylight 04/05/2016
Enforcement Washington cabinet manufacture facing six-figure fines 04/06/2016
Permissible Exposure Limits Road builder group files suit against OSHA for silica rule 04/07/2016
Enforcement Real estate developer settles with OSHA, agrees to $700K fine 04/08/2016
Safety Attitude The war against complacency: Don't be complacent about it 04/11/2016
Construction - General Shocking statistics about traumatic brain injuries in construction 04/12/2016
Construction - General Safety tips for National Work Zone Awareness Week 04/13/2016
Violence in the Workplace Active shooter situations: Essential survival tips 04/14/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) You’ve heard about the Safety Stand-Down next month, right? 04/15/2016
Safety - General MIOSHA urges vigilance in wake of recent employee fatalities 04/18/2016
Process Safety Management OSHA: Poultry plant cited in dangerous chemical release 04/19/2016
Enforcement The pitfalls of noncompliance 04/21/2016
Noise Study identifies workers at highest risk of hearing loss and tinnitus 04/22/2016
Driving Safely New report shows staggering costs of vehicle accidents for employers 04/25/2016
Enforcement Appeals Board decisions: Do ANSI and industry practice trump Cal/OSHA safety orders? 04/25/2016
Accidents Washington records big drop in worker fatalities 04/26/2016
Enforcement In a world of make-believe, the hazards are very real 04/26/2016
Safety - General La-Z-Boy plant breaks industry record for safety 04/27/2016
Chemical Hazards NIOSH identifies the 2 deadliest herbicides; Are your workers exposed? 04/27/2016
Healthcare Safety Report highlights escalating violence at healthcare faciliities 04/28/2016
Health - General OSHA, NIOSH issue guidance to protect workers from Zika 04/29/2016
Trenching (Construction) Tragedy at unprotected trench is averted…at least this time 05/02/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) OSHA hammers building contractor for fall hazards 05/03/2016
Violence in the Workplace Job harassment said to cause many health risks 05/04/2016
Noise Occupational hearing loss: Devastating but preventable 05/06/2016
Safety - General Fatality report calls attention to risk for older workers, minorities 05/09/2016
Enforcement OSHA cites utility, contractor following arc flash incident 05/10/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA to publish final electronic recordkeeping rule tomorrow 05/11/2016
Wellness Get moving! May is Employee Health and Fitness Month 05/11/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA finalizes electronic recordkeeping rule 05/12/2016
Hazard Communication Video: GHS compliance requirements: HazCom deadline approaching! 05/12/2016
OSHA Senators introduce bipartisan VPP legislation 05/13/2016
Training OSHA announces availability of $4.6 million in training grants 05/16/2016
Specific Industries Poultry workers denied basic rights, report alleges 05/17/2016
Healthcare Safety CDC reminds health workers that clean hands count 05/18/2016
Enforcement OSHA delivers package of citations to Virginia post office 05/19/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) What's the top cause of employee injury? The answer might surprise you. 05/20/2016
Safety - General Kentucky companies rack up impressive safety streaks 05/23/2016
Enforcement Appeals Board decisions: Employer’s misunderstanding leads to reclassification of citation 05/24/2016
Enforcement Food manufacturer facing six-figure fines after amputation 05/24/2016
Enforcement Retailer facing fines from blocked exits, unsafe storage 05/25/2016
Heat and Cold Heat illness prevention: NIOSH updates guidance document with new research 05/26/2016
Silica California employers should prepare for new silica rules 05/27/2016
Safety - General Mayor says his city is facing up to job safety challenges 05/31/2016
Job Hazard Analysis Report finds rampant risks for NYC garbage workers 06/01/2016
Chemical Hazards EU seeks protection from cancer-causing chemicals 06/02/2016
Dept. of Transportation (DOT) New rules strengthen protection for railroad workers 06/03/2016
Heat and Cold Are your employees ready for the heat? 06/06/2016
OSHA OSHA launches pilot program for severe violators of whistleblower protection laws 06/07/2016
Accidents Preventable deaths reach an all-time high. What are the biggest risks? 06/08/2016
Lockout/Tagout OSHA says amputation could have been prevented 06/09/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA electronic recordkeeping rule places new requirements on employers 06/10/2016
Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers) New rule requires CMV passengers to use seat belts 06/13/2016
OSHA OSHA reveals ambitious plans in latest regulatory agenda 06/14/2016
Forklifts National Forklift Safety Day emphasizes operator training 06/15/2016
Specific Industries Report finds injuries down in the meat/poultry industry 06/15/2016
Wellness It's summer. Doesn't that mean job stress is supposed to disappear? 06/16/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) OSHA cites 5 contractors for fall hazards 06/20/2016
Safety - General Take precautions to protect workers from summer lightning storms 06/21/2016
Specific Industries Group urges changes in oil and gas safety culture 06/22/2016
Chemical Hazards Workers not listening? They may have been exposed to ototoxic substances 06/23/2016
Enforcement Court decisions lower bar for OSHA to prove willful violations 06/23/2016
Job Hazard Analysis Infographic: Conducting an effective job hazard analysis 06/23/2016
Safety - General Safety 2016 will feature sessions on safety leadership, regulatory developments, and more 06/24/2016
Safety - General Video: OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Rule 06/27/2016
Wellness Women's long work hours linked to rise in cancer, heart disease 06/27/2016
Emergency Preparedness Can you judge the danger by counting the seconds? Addressing lightning hazards 06/27/2016
Chemical Hazards Guide to identifying and controlling heavier-than-air vapors 06/28/2016
Explosives It’s the perfect time to review Cal/OSHA’s explosives and pyrotechnics rules 06/28/2016
OSHA Safety 2016: OSHA chief emphasizes employer engagement in safety 06/29/2016
Safety - General Tips for addressing the hazards of work on or over water from FACE 06/29/2016
Emergency Preparedness OSHA warns of flood cleanup hazards in West Virginia 06/30/2016
Chemical Hazards Appeals Board decisions: Was workers’ exposure willful, or did the employer make an honest mistake? 06/30/2016
Enforcement OSHA publishes interim rule for penalty increases 07/01/2016
Training First New Hampshire safety 'boot camp' deemed a success 07/01/2016
Construction - General EHS on Tap: E03 The Ever Changing Construction Site 07/05/2016
Enforcement Reminder: OSHA penalties are headed up--way up--starting next month 07/05/2016
Heat and Cold OSHA tips for heat exposure 07/06/2016
Safety Attitude The role of employee engagement in a safety culture 07/07/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Infographic: OSHA's Injury and Illness Tracking Rule 07/08/2016
Alcohol & Drugs Opinion: OSHA discourages blanket postaccident drug testing 07/11/2016
Enforcement Auto parts company faces millions in fines for willful exposure 07/12/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Infographic: Is it recordable? 07/13/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) 'Other recordable cases' or simple first aid? How to tell 07/13/2016
Healthcare Safety NIOSH seeks to reduce risk for home-based health workers 07/14/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA delays effective date for antiretaliation rules 07/15/2016
Driving Safely DOT: Traffic deaths are on the rise 07/18/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) OSHA calls on Philadelphia construction companies to prevent falls 07/19/2016
Safety Attitude Infographic: How does your safety culture stack up? 07/20/2016
Safety - General Reward behaviors, not outcomes to get the most value from safety incentives 07/21/2016
Process Safety Management California announces oil refinery safety proposal 07/22/2016
Healthcare Safety Attention medical employers: You're not immune from inspection, fines 07/25/2016
Safety Attitude EHS on Tap: E05 Safety Culture: From Concept to Action 07/26/2016
Safety - General ASSE applauds OSHA move to attract OSH professionals 07/26/2016
Enforcement OSHA: Actions of auto parts company must come to a screeching halt 07/28/2016
Chemical Hazards NIOSH launches mobile app for chemical hazard guide 07/29/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Your injury and illness data go public when Cal/OSHA adopts Fed/OSHA change 08/01/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) U.S. Steel agrees to end immediate injury reporting policy 08/01/2016
Enforcement Appeals Board decisions: Was the handle mishandled, or was it not maintained? 08/02/2016
Enforcement EHS on Tap: E06 Paying the Price with OSHA's New Penalties 08/02/2016
Safety - General Standards update: Legislature further restricts smoking; OSHSB tweaks skylight rule 08/03/2016
Safety Attitude Report makes a strong business case for safety culture 08/03/2016
Health - General Could Zika strike your workplace? Recommendations for employers 08/04/2016
Safety - General Safety leader says compliance isn't enough 08/04/2016
Motor Carrier Safety When it comes to safety, Tennessee freight company keeps on trucking 08/05/2016
Enforcement Lack of training, expired permits lead to disaster for site-prep company 08/05/2016
Fire Extinguishers Catching fire … early enough to put it out with an extinguisher, that is! 08/05/2016
Safety Committees Essentials for safety committee success 08/08/2016
Noise OSHA, NIOSH seeking innovation in hearing protection 08/09/2016
Accidents Best practices in near-miss reporting 08/10/2016
Enforcement New Jersey chemical plant continues to expose workers; OSHA responds 08/11/2016
Process Safety Management Report identifies serious concerns at California refinery 08/12/2016
Confined Spaces Refresher tips for confined space entry 08/15/2016
OSHA Maine labor department urges businesses to get in compliance 08/16/2016
Health - General Survey: More than 4 in 10 think work impacts health 08/17/2016
Enforcement OSHA investigates amputation; finds much more 08/18/2016
Safety - General Safety is key to the mission at this military workplace 08/19/2016
OSHA OSHA launches expedited whistleblower pilot program 08/22/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) OSHA: IL roofing contractor shows 'callous disregard' for safety 08/23/2016
Workers' Compensation Best practices for getting injured workers back on the job 08/23/2016
Violence in the Workplace Don’t just stand by! Bystander intervention can stop workplace violence in its tracks 08/24/2016
Emergency Preparedness OSHA urges caution during Louisiana flood cleanup 08/25/2016
Foot Protection Appeals Board decisions: Why one employer’s protective footwear failure cost less than another’s 08/25/2016
Safety - General Safety specialist offers top 5 strategies for improving safety 08/26/2016
Process Safety Management 6 tips for safer process shutdowns 08/26/2016
Driving Safely New resource identifies ways to protect employees on the road 08/29/2016
Healthcare Safety Cal/OSHA fact sheet offers compliance advice on safe patient handling 08/29/2016
Safety - General Tennessee sees spike in workplace fatalities. What's going on? 08/30/2016
Toxic and Hazardous Substances 4 chemical exposures to assess before remodeling and renovation 08/30/2016
Safety - General Keys to effective safety observations 08/31/2016
Emergency Preparedness Infographic: 7 Steps of Workplace Emergency Planning 09/01/2016
Training 8th graders getting the message about safety and health 09/02/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) OSHA nails builder, contractor for fall hazards 09/06/2016
Driving Safely Drive Safely Work Week coming early next month 09/07/2016
Safety - General More successful businesses see lower rate of job injury 09/08/2016
Health - General Offices that use hand sanitizer show reduced claims for cold & flu 09/09/2016
Health - General Workers' comp provider practices what it preaches 09/12/2016
Silica Respirable crystalline silica training: It's HazCom and then some! 09/13/2016
Machine Guarding Fatality investigation reveals missing guards at Wisconsin plant 09/14/2016
Workers' Compensation Help injured employees make wise choices about coming back to work 09/15/2016
Enforcement OSHA proposes whopping fine for manufacturer, staffing agency 09/16/2016
Training OSHA announces training grant recipients 09/19/2016
Driving Safely DHS announces contest to protect first responders 09/20/2016
Agriculture Agriculture safety facts for National Farm Safety & Health Week 09/21/2016
Ergonomics Air Force ergonomics program aligns workers for health, success 09/22/2016
Wellness Who knew? Bad jobs can hurt your health by the time you’re 40! 09/23/2016
Driving Safely Road rage is on the rise; Are your drivers at risk? 09/26/2016
Violence in the Workplace New York takes tough stance on public worker assault 09/26/2016
Recordkeeping - General Are you retaining the required employee exposure and medical records? 09/27/2016
Construction - General Michigan targets hazards on blight removal projects 09/27/2016
Emergency Preparedness Accidents happen—Here’s how to recognize critical incident stress 09/28/2016
Combustible Dust Combustible dust: New OSHA fact sheet offers preventive advice 09/29/2016
Process Safety Management Will RMP and PSM revisions create more overlap? 09/29/2016
OSHA OSHA releases new memo on whistleblower settlements 09/30/2016
Enforcement 5 tips to help food companies avoid OSHA penalties 10/03/2016
Forklifts Appeals Board decisions: Did an unsafe mix of forklifts and pedestrians lead to a worker’s broken leg? 10/03/2016
Recordkeeping - General Make medical records available while protecting sensitive information 10/04/2016
Wellness Research suggests curbing obesity could also curb common workplace injuries 10/04/2016
Safety - General Ohio sees big decline in workplace injuries. What’s going on? 10/05/2016
Emergency Preparedness In Matthew’s path? Get ready with these hurricane preparedness tips 10/06/2016
OSHA OSHA proposes rule to streamline, improve standards 10/06/2016
Training New NIOSH curriculum aimed at workers with intellectual disabilities 10/10/2016
Enforcement Georgia recycler not getting the message; OSHA responds with citations 10/11/2016
OSHA Indiana OSHA marks three decades of protection 10/12/2016
Process Safety Management Process safety management: Retail facility update 10/13/2016
Safety - General Texas oil services firm holds fast on safety, despite shifting market 10/14/2016
Healthcare Safety Healthcare employers—note new list of hazardous drugs 10/17/2016
Enforcement Disregard for OSHA proves a poor choice for plumbing contractor 10/18/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA further extends enforcement of controversial antiretaliation provisions 10/19/2016
Enforcement Fall protection, hazard communication top OSHA violations list again 10/19/2016
Electrical Safety NSC Congress & Expo highlight: Electrical safety a shared responsibility between employers and contractors 10/20/2016
Confined Spaces NSC Congress & Expo highlight #2: Understanding the requirements of confined space rescue 10/21/2016
Safety - General OSHA announces new guidance for safety and health programs 10/24/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) EHS on Tap: E11: OSHA’s new recordkeeping rule—what’s in store for drug testing and employer retaliation 10/25/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) What’s behind the latest enforcement delay for OSHA’s antiretaliation provisions? 10/25/2016
Safety - General Century-old utility energized over safety milestone 10/26/2016
Agriculture Fed/OSHA fact sheet digs into emergency preparedness on the farm 10/26/2016
Hazard Communication Hazard communication: SDS and secondary label compliance following the GHS deadline 10/27/2016
Training (Construction) Trainer’s handbook: Covering the construction worker’s code of safe work practices 10/27/2016
Temporary Workers OSHA renews alliance with American Staffing Association 10/28/2016
Process Safety Management Process safety management: What’s in DOSH’s most recent draft standard for refineries? 10/28/2016
Safety - General Latest BLS figures show workplace injuries continue to decline 10/31/2016
Silica Cal/OSHA adopts Fed/OSHA’s silica rule over construction objections 10/31/2016
Health - General Skin care tips for workers for National Healthy Skin month 11/01/2016
OSHA New at Cal/OSHA: Redefined ‘repeat’ citations and electronic appeals tracking 11/01/2016
Smoking Still battling workplace smoking? Check out this new resource. 11/02/2016
Enforcement Appeals Board decisions: It’s the little things; Tiny guard mistake nets an $18,000 fine 11/02/2016
Chemical Hazards Chemical Safety Board announces strategic plan 11/03/2016
Ergonomics State lends manufacturer a hand in purchasing robotic arm 11/04/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Latest stats show California’s job injury rate is stable 11/07/2016
Noise Inventors selected in first-ever noise safety challenge 11/08/2016
Enforcement OSHA focuses on amputation hazards in Region 6 11/09/2016
Enforcement Fatality at refinery leads to citations for owner, contractor 11/10/2016
Safety - General Michigan safety agency emphasizes tree trimming safety 11/11/2016
Enforcement Worker suffers amputation at baking company; OSHA issues citations 11/14/2016
Violence in the Workplace Suicide risk is high. Are your managers aware of the signs? 11/15/2016
Workers' Compensation Air Force base winning the battle against high comp costs 11/16/2016
Slips and Falls OSHA publishes final walking/working surfaces rule 11/17/2016
Safety - General 5 ways to boost employee engagement in safety 11/17/2016
Trenching (Construction) Construction employer alert: Trench deaths spiked in 2016 11/21/2016
Fall Protection (Construction) Cal/OSHA: Fall through skylight was an accident waiting to happen 11/22/2016
Health - General Feeling stuffed isn’t the only Thanksgiving risk 11/23/2016
Emergency Preparedness FEMA official notes often-ignored practices for emergency planning 11/28/2016
Safety - General Holiday cheer … or fire hazard? ’Tis the season to deck the halls safely 11/28/2016
Confined Spaces Coworker saves two lives in confined space mishap; Employer draws $73K fine 11/28/2016
Heat and Cold It’s time to find that missing glove … and remind your employees about working in the cold! 11/29/2016
Ergonomics Is whole-body vibration getting on your drivers’ nerves? What you can do 11/29/2016
Enforcement Appeals Board decisions: Arguing two affirmative defenses backfires; One undermines the other 11/29/2016
Machine Guarding From fingers to toes, protect your workers against amputation hazards 11/30/2016
Safety - General NC employer cited for helping teen; Could your good deed break the law? 11/30/2016
Scaffolding (Construction) Employer not getting the message on scaffolding hazards; OSHA citations upheld 12/01/2016
Safety - General It’s tree-trimming season (really!); Refresh your tree trimmers’ training 12/01/2016
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Employer alert: OSHA free to enforce anti-retaliation rule 12/02/2016
Driving Safely Seatbelt use reaches all-time high. Are your employees part of the solution? 12/02/2016
Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) FMCSA establishes national drug and alcohol testing clearinghouse 12/05/2016
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