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Prewritten Safety Policies
BLR has a comprehensive library of prewritten, customizable safety policies that you can download, edit, print, and add to your safety handbook.
Check out our introduction to safety policies that explains what safety policies are and how to use them.
Easy Written Plans!
Do you hate writing safety plans from scratch? You don't have to! Safety.BLR.com has several custom written safety plans in topics such as bloodborne pathogens, noise, respiratory protection, and many more.
New Time Savers
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Use this form as part of your emergency planning to assign emergency duties to staff members and keep track of your emergency team's contact information.
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
The process safety management standard (General Industry Safety Orders Section 5189) specifies how to protect workers and the community from highly hazardous chemicals used in processes on the worksite. Here’s a checklist you can use to catch any gaping holes in your program.
Monday, April 18, 2016
Download this inspection checklist for electric or battery-operated forklifts to conduct your daily or shift inspections.
Friday, April 1, 2016
This form can be used to apply for a U.S. DOT identification number, although the Federal Carrier Safety Administration strongly encourages the use of the online application system.
Thursday, March 31, 2016
Whenever workers will perform hot work in a location that has potential hazards, it’s important to make sure that all fire hazards have been identified and mitigated as much as possible. You also must see that fire control measures, such as fire extinguishers, are in place. Here’s a checklist to help you cross those t’s and dot those i’s.
This checklist helps host employers assess their temporary worker safety practices before hiring temporary workers and during temporary workers' employment at the host facility.
This checklist helps staffing agencies assess their safety practices and those of the host employers they contract with before sending temporary workers to work at a host employer facility and during the temporary workers' employment at the site.
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Electricity lights our workplaces, charges our devices, powers our machinery, and keeps us comfortably warm or cool. But it can also kill and maim. All workers need to be aware of basic electrical safe work practices so they don't accidentally expose or come into contact with live electricity.
Updated Time Savers
Monday, July 6, 2015
Use this Confined Spaces in Construction checklist to ensure you are meeting all your regulatory requirements. This checklist is to be used by the facility operator to follow best practices for compliance.
Thursday, February 26, 2015
This document discusses the importance of developing strong safety policies at your facility, provides tips for writing effective policies, and explains how to use BLR's customizable safety policies at your facility.
Monday, February 2, 2015
Inspection checklist for general work environment; walkways; floor and wall openings; stairs and stairways; and elevated surfaces.
Monday, December 15, 2014
OSHA requires most employers to maintain occupational injury and illness records. The forms include the OSHA 300 log, the OSHA 301 Incident Report, and the OSHA 300-A Annual Summary form. Use this Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses checklist to train your workers on illness and injuries.
Friday, May 23, 2014
A checklist designed to help you quickly scan your own environmental department; it covers CAA, including ozone depleting CFC-refrigerant-related regs, and operating permits; CWA, including SPCC plans and NPDES permits wastewater; EPCRA; specified toxic-chemical releases; OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste regs, including those for USTs and LDRs.
Thursday, April 3, 2014
Help your employees protect their most valuable tools by teaching them the basics of hand safety and providing them with a work environment that encourages safety at all times. Use this Hand Safety checklist to train your workers on hand protection.
Monday, March 24, 2014
This sample safety Audits checklist “Safety Audit/Inspection” can be used to audit safety administration procedures at your facility. Download this Audits sample checklist to your computer or print it out.
Friday, March 21, 2014
This sample safety Construction-General checklist "Construction Safety Checklist" can be used to audit construction procedures at your facility. Download this Construction-General sample checklist to your computer or print it out.
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
This sample safety Training policy “Employee Information and Training (Word)” can be used in an employee handbook or as a standalone policy addressing safety administration issues in the workplace. Download this Training sample policy to your computer or print it out.
This Safety - General plan "Safety and Health” can be used in an EHS plan handbook or as a standalone plan addressing safety administration requirements at your facility. Download this Safety - General plan to your computer or print it out.
10 most recently added Workplace Safety Management Time Savers
134790/timesavers/workplace-safety-compliance-forms/emergency-planning-and-response/emergency-preparedness/Emergency-Chain-of-Command-Form/FormsEmergency PreparednessNational Emergency Chain of Command Form
134704/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/equipment-and-process-safety/process-safety-management/Featured-Resource-Process-safety-management-checkl/ChecklistsProcess Safety ManagementCalifornia Process safety management checklist
134708/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/equipment-and-process-safety/forklift-safety/Forklift-Electric-Inspection-Checklist/ChecklistsForkliftsNational Forklift (Electric) Inspection Checklist
134639/timesavers/workplace-safety-compliance-forms/transportation-safety/hazardous-materials-transportation/Hazardous-Materials-Online-Registration/FormsHazMat TransportationNational Hazardous Materials Online Registration
134640/timesavers/workplace-safety-compliance-forms/transportation-safety/hazardous-materials-transportation/Hazmat-Registration-Fee-Table/FormsHazMat TransportationNational Hazmat Registration Fee Table
134642/timesavers/workplace-safety-compliance-forms/transportation-safety/hazardous-materials-transportation/Motor-Carrier-Identification-Report-Application-fo-134642/FormsHazMat TransportationNational Motor Carrier Identification Report, Application for U.S. DOT Number (Form MCS-150)
134558/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/hazardous-substances-and-materials/welding-cutting-and-brazing/Featured-Resource-Sample-hot-work-prework-inspecti/ChecklistsWelding, Cutting, and BrazingCalifornia Sample hot work prework inspection checklist
134627/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/safety-administration/safety-general/Temporary-Worker-Safety-Safety-Audit-Checklists-134627/ChecklistsSafety - GeneralNational Temporary worker safety checklist - for host employers
134628/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/safety-administration/safety-general/Temporary-Worker-Safety-Safety-Audit-Checklists-13/ChecklistsSafety - GeneralNational Temporary worker safety checklist - for staffing agencies
134364/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/equipment-and-process-safety/electrical-safety/Featured-Resource-Checklist-for-electrical-safety/ChecklistsElectrical SafetyCalifornia Checklist for electrical safety
Last 10 most recently updated Time Savers
132432/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/construction-safety/confined-spaces-construction/Confined-spaces-in-construction-entry-employer-che/ChecklistsConfined Spaces (Construction)National Confined spaces in construction entry employer checklist
131672/timesavers/workplace-safety-policies/safety-administration/safety-general/Why-Safety-Policies/PoliciesSafety - GeneralNational Why Safety Policies?
131502/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/employee-safety/slips-and-falls/Walking-working-surfaces-inspection-checklist/ChecklistsSlips and FallsNational Walking-working surfaces inspection checklist
105685/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/safety-administration/injury-and-illness-records-osha300/Recording-and-Reporting-Occupational-Injuries-and-105685/ChecklistsInjury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)National Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (PDF)
120529/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/safety-administration/safety-recordkeeping/Recordkeeping-Checklist-120529/ChecklistsRecordkeeping - GeneralNational Recordkeeping Checklist
124199/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/employee-safety/hand-protection/Hand-Safety-PDF-124199/ChecklistsHand ProtectionNational Hand Safety (PDF)
90543/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/safety-administration/safety-compliance-audits/Safety-AuditInspection-Checklist-Word-/ChecklistsAudits National Safety Audit/Inspection Checklist (Word)
116927/timesavers/workplace-safety-audit-checklists/construction-safety/construction-safety/Construction-Safety-Checklist/ChecklistsConstruction - GeneralNational Construction Safety Checklist
100827/timesavers/workplace-safety-policies/safety-administration/workplace-safety-training/Employee-Information-and-Training-Word/PoliciesTraining National Employee Information and Training (Word)
110552/timesavers/workplace-safety-plans/safety-administration/safety-general/Safety-and-Health-Plan/PlansSafety - GeneralNational Safety and Health Plan
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