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Safety.BLR.com's What's New page is where you will find all of the most recent content added and updated to the site in the last 14 days. See the latest regulatory activity, updated regulatory analysis, training sessions, and more.
Regulatory Analysis
We are continually updating our state and national regulatory analysis to help you keep up with the changing regs. See the updated section on the What's New page to find all of the topics.
New Documents
Questions & Answers:
Federal OSHA does not require OSHA 10 hour training. The 10 hour is a voluntary course designed to give entry level construction workers a basic understanding of how to recognize and prevent hazards on a construction site.
This Rapid Response Investigation Plan is intended to be used in response to a request from federal OSHA to conduct an investigation following the report of a fatality or severe injury. It may be used to investigate any incidents at your facility to identify and correct root causes.
Final Rules:
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced the publication of the regulatory provisions which formalize the initial approval of the Maine State and Local Government Only State Plan.
Questions & Answers:
We are not aware of any OSHA regulation that prescribes a maintenance or break down schedule for cutting torches. Consult the product manual or follow manufacturer's instructions.
The OSHA recordkeeping rule allows an employer to seek and consider the guidance of a physician or licensed health care professional when determining the work-relatedness of any worker injury or illness case.
A case may not be compensable under some workers’ compensation laws but meets specific requirements for being an OSHA-recordable case. The converse is also true.
Employee Newsletters:
This month's issue features information on burns in honor of Burn Awareness Week, a reminder of the importance of getting contaminated work clothes professionally laundered, and an update from OSHA on workplace violence in healthcare.
I told you that was a burn hazard. Did you listen? No. You know why? Because you're a moth.
Questions & Answers:
The batteries’ safety data sheet will have information for the safe handling and storage of the batteries. Or, OSHA generally requires employers to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. You should check with your manufacturer for recommended safe work practices—and note that you have.
The respiratory protection standard at 29 CFR 1910.134(f)(2), requires fit testing for all employees using tight fitting respirators. The fit test must be performed before the respirator is used in the workplace and must be repeated at least annually and whenever a different respirator facepiece is used or a change in the employee’s physical condition could affect the respirator fit.
OSHA says explicitly in the final rule on HazCom 2012, that employers can continue to use their current secondary container labeling systems so long as they effectively communicate to employees the hazards of the chemicals to which the workers are exposed. The HMIS on its own is not in compliance with HazCom 2012.
There is no requirement on how many workers are to be trained in first aid. OSHA’s standard for first aid training in general industry at 29 CFR 1910.151(b), provides: In the absence of an infirmary, clinic, or hospital in near proximity to the workplace which is used for the treatment of all injured employees, a person or persons shall be adequately trained to render first aid. Adequate first aid supplies shall be readily available.
OSHA solicited public comments concerning its request for an extension of the OMB's approval of the collections of information associated with its regulations and programs regarding State Plans for the development and enforcement of state occupational safety and health standards (29 CFR parts 1902, 1953, 1954, and 1956).
Updated Documents
Use this quiz to accompany the Arc Flash Safety PowerPoint presentation.
Added in the last 14 days
134380faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/construction-safety/fall-protection-construction/Is-OSHA-10-hr-training-required-before-using-a-har/Fall Protection (Construction)Questions & Answers Is OSHA 10 hr training required before using a harness and lanyard?
134381timesavers.aspx/timesavers/workplace-safety-plans/safety-administration/injury-and-illness-records-osha300/Rapid-Response-Investigation-Plan/Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)Plans Rapid Response Investigation Plan
134367regActivity.aspx/workplace-safety-regulatory-activity/final-regulations/OSHA-Occupational-Safety-and-Health-Administration/29-CFR-1952-Maine-State-Plan-for-State-and-Local-G/OSHA Final Rules 29 CFR 1952 - Maine State Plan for State and Local Government Employers
134365faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/hazardous-substances-and-materials/welding-cutting-and-brazing/When-must-you-break-down-a-oxygenacetylene-cutting/Welding, Cutting, and BrazingQuestions & Answers When must you break down a oxygen/acetylene cutting torch? The torch is used infrequently in a service shop of an automobile dealership.
134351faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/employee-safety/noise-hearing-protection/I-have-two-employees-whose-Standard-Threshold-shif/NoiseQuestions & Answers If a physician says hearing loss is not work-related, can I take the case off my OSHA 300 log?
134344faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/safety-administration/OSHA-Occupational-Safety-and-Health-Administration/If-an-employee-states-he-was-hurt-on-the-job-and-i/OSHA Questions & Answers Would this still be a OSHA recordable event?
134337employeeNewsletters.aspx/workplace-safety-employee-newsletters/February-2016-Safety-Works-for-Employees/Safety - GeneralEmployee Newsletters February 2016 Safety Works for Employees
134338fun.aspx/fun-games/workplace-safety-cartoons/safety-administration/workplace-accidents/Moth-burn-hazard/AccidentsCartoons Moth burn hazard!
134333faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/hazardous-substances-and-materials/corrosives-and-battery-safety/Can-you-recommend-information-on-storing-lithium-i/Corrosives and Battery SafetyQuestions & Answers Can you recommend information on storing lithium ion) batteries in a warehouse? We are a 3pl warehouse company and want to find out some safety precautions around their handling.
134334faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/employee-safety/respiratory-protection/Is-fit-testing-required-for-all-tight-fitting-resp/Respiratory ProtectionQuestions & Answers Is fit testing required for all tight fitting respirators? Is there circumstance where fit testing is not required?
134335faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/hazardous-substances-and-materials/hazard-communication/regarding-the-new-GHS-standard.-Can-you-continue-t/Hazard Communication Questions & Answers Regarding the new GHS standard. Can you continue to use HMIS labeling for secondary containers without adding the pictogram and signal words? Or are they required to be on the HMIS labels too if you choose to continue to use them?
134327faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/emergency-planning-and-response/first-aid/-Type-Question-Here-We-have-people-on-site-trained/First AidQuestions & Answers We have people on-site trained in first aid, CPR and AED use. Other than a hazard assessment is there a way to decide how many people need to be trained at a site? We produce cabinets and doors and have about 630 employees.
134321regActivity.aspx/workplace-safety-regulatory-activity/regulatory-notices/OSHA-Occupational-Safety-and-Health-Administration/Occupational-Safety-and-Health-State-Plans-Extensi-134321/OSHA Notices Occupational Safety and Health State Plans; Extension of the Office of Management and Budget's Approval of Information Collection (Paperwork) Requirements
Updated in the last 14 days
104381training.aspx/training/quizzes/equipment-and-process-safety/electrical-safety/Arc-Flash-Safety-Word/Electrical SafetyQuizzes Arc Flash Safety (Word)
• Americans with Disabilities Act
• Process Safety Management
• Bloodborne pathogens
• Emergency action plans
• Hazardous materials
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