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Issue Date: February 13, 2017

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The first few weeks of the Trump administration have been a whirlwind of activity with executive orders, cabinet nominee confirmation hearings, and more. We’ve been on top of the issues, and we’re keeping track of the potential impact on workplace safety. Check out our recent subscriber‑only webinar, where three BLR editors delve into the potential direction for OSHA under the new administration, and keep up with the news in our articles on the Trump administration’s regulatory freeze, executive order to cut regulations, and more.

We are continually adding new content and features to Safety.BLR.com to make our award‑winning website even better. This twice‑monthly e‑mail is provided as a service to subscribers to notify you of the frequent additions of training and compliance tools and information.

And remember—you can always check on the most recent additions to the website on our What’s New page.

Featured Content

Top picks from the past 2 weeks:

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Upcoming Webinars

February 14, 2017
Behavior‑Based Safety: Strategies for Achieving Maximum Engagement in Your Accident Prevention Program

February 15, 2017
Fall Protection: Best Practices for Complying with OSHA’s Newly Released Final Rule Following ANSI Z359

February 21, 2017
OSHA‑Compliant Safety Training: How to Build a World‑Class Training Program in Accordance with Federal Law

February 23, 2017
Confined Spaces in Construction: How to Avoid Life‑Threatening Mistakes and Ensure Compliance with OSHA Rules

February 24, 2017
OSHA 300 Recordkeeping: How to Avoid Costly Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Mistakes



Alaska cites and fines contractor in tragic fatality case

Think your hearing loss is work‑related? Maybe not.

Michigan companies recognized for safety excellence

02/8/2017—Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)—California
OSHA offers enforcement guidance on reporting, incentives, and drug testing

Trump regulatory freeze delays OSHA, DOT rules

02/7/2017—EHS Strategy—National
The Pareto Principle and safety prioritization

02/6/2017—Violence in the Workplace—California
New Cal/OSHA standard addresses violence prevention in health care

Trump’s Executive Order to cut regulations: What does it mean for OSHA?

02/3/2017—Slips and Falls—California
How surefooted are your workers around these common fall hazards?

DOT targets rail crossing safety in new ad campaign

Appeals Board decisions: How were workers supposed to use the installed safety devices?

02/2/2017—Fall Protection (Construction)—National
Oregon employers: New fall protection rules now in effect

02/1/2017—Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)—National
Reminder: Post your OSHA 300A summary [Infographic]

02/1/2017—Process Safety Management—National
New OSHA chemical emphasis program includes refineries

01/31/2017—Fire Extinguishers—California
Guide to fire extinguisher selection and placement

01/31/2017—EHS Strategy—National
Five common problems with your safety strategy

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On‑Demand Webinars

Webinar [2016‑11]: Ergonomic Strategies That Work: How to Design Standing Workstations to Reduce Injury and Increase Productivity

02/7/2017—Slips and Falls—National
Webinar [2016‑11]: OSHA’s New Surfaces and Fall Protection Requirements: Understanding Your Compliance Obligations Ahead of Final Rule

02/7/2017—Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)—National
Webinar [2016‑11]: OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping and Anti‑Retaliation Final Rule: Practical Tips for Ensuring Compliance Ahead of December 1, 2016 Effective Date

02/7/2017—Safety Committees—National
Webinar [2016‑11]: Supercharging Your Safety Committee: How to Develop Powerful Advocates of Safety and Compliance Initiatives

Subscriber Only Webinar [2017‑02]: Safety Culture: Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges

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Time Savers


02/2/2017—Driving Safely—National
Drowsy Driving Bear


02/10/2017—Slips and Falls—National
Walking‑Working Surfaces Compliance Checklist

Ladder and Scaffold Safety Compliance Checklist (PDF)

Employee Newsletters

February 2017 Safety Works for Employees


02/7/2017—Slips and Falls—National
Slips, Trips, and Falls Plan

Questions & Answers

02/9/2017—Compressed Gases—National
Is it acceptable to store compressed nitrogen tanks on carts, or do they have to be chained and stored upright?

02/8/2017—Machine Guarding—South Carolina
If we have rotating machinery that is contained in latched cabinets, is it an OSHA requirement that we require the use of a tool to access these cabinets?

02/7/2017—Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)—National
Is this a reportable accident or not since she decided on her own to stay home?

02/7/2017—Personal Fall Protection Systems—National
Are employers responsible for providing and paying for body harnesses and lanyards?

02/2/2017—Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)—National
Is this a work‑related, recordable case?

02/2/2017—Confined Spaces—National
Does a non‑permit confined space require a tripod rescue system?

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Regulatory Activity

Final Rules

Community Services Block Grant Program

02/3/2017—Fall Protection (Construction)—Kentucky
Fall Protection

02/2/2017—Workers’ Compensation—Michigan
Workers’ Compensation Health Care Services

02/1/2017—Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers)—National
49 CFR 380, 383, and 384—Minimum Training Requirements for Entry‑Level Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators—Delay of effective date

02/1/2017—Toxic and Hazardous Substances—National
29 CFR 1910 , 1915, and 1926—Occupational Exposure to Beryllium: Delay of Effective Date

01/31/2017—PPE—General—South Carolina
Occupational Safety and Health Standards

Adoption and Citation of Federal Standards

01/31/2017—Workers’ Compensation—Washington
Paver Stone Installation Work

Proposed Rules

OSHA 1928 Agriculture Regular Rules

State OSHA Penalties and Enforcement

02/3/2017—Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers)—New Hampshire
Motor Carrier of Passengers Rules

02/3/2017—Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers)—New Hampshire
Carriage of Household Goods by Motor Vehicles Rules

01/31/2017—Electric Power Generation—California
Electrical, General Industry, and Telecommunications

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Reference Materials

Regulatory Analysis

02/6/2017—Personal Fall Protection Systems—National
Personal Fall Protection Systems


White Papers

Grab your book bag! We’re heading to Eastern Kentucky University, a hub of OSH education

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