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Enforcement News
Enforcement Budget deal allows OSHA to dramatically increase fines 11/09/2015National
Enforcement Breaking News: OSHA penalties to increase in 2016! 11/05/2015National
Enforcement OSHA Region 6 targets poultry industry with new emphasis program 11/04/2015National
Enforcement Understanding OSHA’s procedures when reporting severe injuries and RRIs 10/29/2015National
Enforcement Employer knew of danger, yet sent employees to their deaths 10/21/2015National
Enforcement OSHA says this federal agency is endangering employees 10/20/2015National
Enforcement Construction company owner, foreman, charged with manslaughter following worker death 10/19/2015National
Enforcement What caused the death of 4 at a Texas chemical plant? 10/15/2015National
Enforcement Teen worker amputation just the latest for poultry processor 10/14/2015National
Enforcement The pitfalls of noncompliance 10/09/2015National
Enforcement Manufacturer cited for indoor heat exposure. Are your employees at risk? 10/07/2015National
Enforcement Breaking news from NSC: OSHA announces top 10 violations for FY 2015 09/29/2015National
Enforcement The pitfalls of noncompliance 09/25/2015National
Enforcement Manufacturer facing 6-figure fines after attempting to conceal hazards from OSHA 09/08/2015National
Enforcement Company facing six-figure fines after 2 employees suffer amputations 09/02/2015National
Enforcement Employer convicted and sentenced for lying to OSHA inspector 09/01/2015National
Enforcement Cal/OSHA issues citations over $500K following refinery explosion 08/27/2015National
Enforcement The pitfalls of noncompliance 08/26/2015National
Enforcement Poultry processor fined over $800K 08/24/2015National
Enforcement Infographic: OSHA's Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards of 2014 08/19/2015National
Enforcement OSHA hammers construction companies on asbestos hazards 08/14/2015National
Enforcement Wisconsin manufacturer cited following fatal incident 08/05/2015National
Enforcement Seattle employer fined nearly $500K for safety and health violations 08/04/2015National
Enforcement Cal/OSHA cites construction company following fatal accident 07/29/2015National
Enforcement Employers cited for denying fall protection to temporary worker 07/24/2015National
Enforcement Furniture manufacturer facing $83K in additional fines following amputation 07/23/2015National
Enforcement OSHA's General Duty Clause: A guide to enforcement trends and legal defenses 07/06/2015National
Enforcement OSHA cites poultry processor for ergonomic hazards 06/25/2015National
Enforcement OSHA goes after employer for firing employee who reported injury 06/24/2015National
Enforcement Repeat citations for poultry processor lead to $126K in fines 06/16/2015National
Enforcement OSHA cites automaker, contractor following worker death 06/15/2015National
Enforcement The pitfalls of noncompliance 06/04/2015National
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