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Confined Spaces Reference Materials
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Interpretations Determining whether an aircraft fuel tank is considered a confined spaces. 03/05/2008National
Interpretations Explanation from OSHA of the not designed for continuous human occupancy component if the definition of the term confined spaces. 06/22/1995National
Interpretations Interpretation of the provision of the Permit Required Confined Spaces Standard. 10/06/1995National
Interpretations Requirements for posting signs for PRCSs. 07/22/1998National
Interpretations When permits are required for entry into a permit required confined spaces. 10/18/1995National
Directives 05/05/1995 - CPL 2.100 - Application of the Permit-Required Confined Spaces 07/22/2003National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Confined spaces standard for general industry. 09/23/1993National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Elevator Industry Employees working in and around pits and equipment. 09/19/1994National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Elevator repair and servicing. 10/20/1993National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Order of testing for permit spaces. 07/13/1994National
Interpretations 1910.146 - OSHA does not cross reference general industry and construction standards. 01/27/1994National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Permit Required Confined Spaces Standard as it applies to certain operations. 10/22/1993National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Permit Required Confined Spaces Standard as it relates to rescue services. 05/09/1994National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Permit Required Confined Spaces Standard requires employers to retain canceled entry permits for at least one year. 10/21/1993National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Permit space entry. 08/08/1994National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Permit-Required Confined Spaces for General Industry. 08/04/1993National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Permit-required confined spaces standard does not apply where DOT/OPS regulations apply to working conditions. 05/25/1994National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Permit-Required Confined Spaces standard. 03/18/1994National
Interpretations 1910.146 - PRCS interpretation concerning a hydropower dam's 22 foot diameter sluice tunnel. 06/01/1995National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Reclassification of silver inspection services' tank containers. 09/20/1994National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Rescue Equipment Requirements. 09/09/1994National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Summit's training program on confined spaces entry. 10/15/1993National
Interpretations 1910.146 - The appropriate atmospheric monitoring equipment to the wine making industry for compliance with OSHA standard 1910.146. 06/21/1995National
Interpretations 1910.146 - The relationship between the OSHA standards on Permit-Required Confined Spaces and Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard Mills. 09/16/1994National
Interpretations 1910.146 - What OSHA safety standards are applicable to underground sewer pipeline inspection camera systems. 07/11/1995National
Interpretations 1910.146 - Work performed in conjunction with insulated enclosures. 07/13/1993National
Interpretations 1910.261 - Confined Spaces provisions of 29 CFR 1910.261 in light of the promulgation of 29 CFR 1910.146. 07/07/1993National
Interpretations 1910.5 - Interpretation of coverage for the telecommunications industry with regard to the new Permit-Required Confined Spaces standard. 05/19/1993National
Interpretations A chest freezer is not considered a PRCS. 04/24/1998National
Interpretations A confined space atmosphere above a PEL is not always a "hazardous atmosphere" [1910.146(b)] 03/26/1999National
Interpretations A possible conflict between exposure record retention.[1910.1020; 1910.146] 11/26/1996National
Interpretations A possible conflict between exposure record retention.[1910.1020; 1910.146] 11/26/1996National
Interpretations Alternative procedures for the non-entry rescue provision [1910.146] 05/05/1994National
Interpretations An attendant may participate in non-entry confined space rescue under certain conditions [1910.146(k); 1910.146(i)] 06/06/2000National
Interpretations Answers to specific questions concerning the permit-required confined spaces standard [1910.146] 12/20/1994National
Interpretations Applicability of 1910.146 to fall hazards into pits 02/23/1999National
Interpretations Applicability of OSHA's PRCS standard to gas industry.[1910.146; 1975.1] 06/01/1994National
Interpretations Applicability of the confined-space standard to dock-leveler pits [1910.146; 1910.147] 12/02/2002National
Interpretations Applicability of the PRCS standard to aircraft maintenance activities [1910.146] 05/12/2009National
Interpretations Application of the confined spaces standard to the elevator industry [1910.146] 12/20/1994National
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