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Regulatory Activity
This area will give you all of the final and proposed rules and notices published for OSHA, FMCSA, and PHMSA (relating to hazardous materials transportation) in the last 7-days. Is your state a state-plan state?
Important Dates
Click the "Important Dates" tab below for a look at upcoming compliance and comments deadlines. Stay on top of the requirements with this time-saving feature. Sort the column by clicking on "Date," "Topic," "Type," or "Event."
Activity in the last week
135117/workplace-safety-regulatory-activity/final-regulations/CMV-commercial-motor-vehicles-motor-carriers/49-CFR-365-381-383-390-391-392-393-395-and-396-Ame/Final RulesCommercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers)National 49 CFR 365, 381, 383, 390, 391, 392, 393, 395, and 396 - Amendments To Implement Certain Provisions of the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act or "FAST Act"
135118/workplace-safety-regulatory-activity/final-regulations/motor-carrier-safety/49-CFR-393-and-396-and-Appendix-G-to-Subchapter-B-/Final RulesMotor Carrier SafetyNational 49 CFR 393 and 396 and Appendix G to Subchapter B of Chapter III - Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation; Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance; General Amendments
135119/workplace-safety-regulatory-activity/final-regulations/CMV-commercial-motor-vehicles-motor-carriers/49-CFR-396-Amendments-to-Regulatory-Guidance-Conce/Final RulesCommercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers)National 49 CFR 396 - Amendments to Regulatory Guidance Concerning Periodic Inspection of Commercial Motor Vehicles
Important dates in the next week
DateTopicDate TypeStateTitle
There were no updated documents during this time frame.
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