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Safety.BLR.com’s Resource Centers are where our editors have gathered regulatory analysis, training, regulatory activity, guidance documents, time savers, news, and white papers on hot safety issues or events that may pertain to multiple safety topics. These hubs allow you to find all relevant information in one place.
OSHA has adopted amendments to the hazard communication standard that align it with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). This collections includes resources to help safety professionals understand the revised regulation, comply with the new rule, and train workers.
A collection of resources on emergency preparedness and response for many types of emergencies with training materials, checklists, plans, and more.
This resource center contains information on the Ebola virus and other infectious diseases to help businesses prepare and protect employees.
Injuries from slips, trips, and falls cost employers over $15 billion in direct workers’ compensation costs in 2011 and were responsible for nearly 300,000 injuries requiring days away from work in 2012. In this resource center, we’ve gathered information and training materials to help general industry employers comply with the relevant OSHA regulations and prevent slips, trips, and falls at their facilities.
According to the 2013 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, injuries from overexertion and bodily reaction accounted for over 30 percent of the total workers' compensation cost burden to employers in 2011. In this resource center, we've gathered information and training materials to help you prevent these costly injuries among your workforce.
On August 23, 2013, OSHA announced a new proposed rule for silica exposure. Use BLR’s Silica Resource Center to learn about the proposed rule, train your employees, and protect your workers from silica exposure.
For many workers, the most dangerous part of the work day is the time they spend driving to and from work. Transportation incidents are consistently the top cause of work-related fatalities, responsible for 40 percent of occupational fatalities in 2013. This resource center includes materials and information to help employers implement safe driving programs and prevent vehicle accidents among their employees.
When multiple employers are involved, it can sometimes be difficult to determine who is responsible for keeping workers safe. This resource center offers training materials, policies, plans, and other essential information specific to contractors and multiemployer worksites to help you keep everyone safe.
This resource center offers a collection of documents to help employers in the food service industry identify and control common food service hazards and train their employees on safe work practices.
There are numerous health and safety issues associated with healthcare facilities. This resource center provides easy access to training and compliance information for safety and health professionals working in the healthcare industry.
This resource center provides an overview of the safety and health laws that apply to municipal workers and a collection of documents to help municipalities comply with regulations, train employees, and keep workers safe.
Retail facilities may not seem like dangerous workplaces, but many potential hazards can threaten the safety of retail workers. Use this resource center to identify and control common safety and health hazards in the retail industry.
This resource center will help schools of all types identify common workplace safety and health hazards and take action to protect employees.
This collection includes information on hazardous materials transportation and the motor carrier safety regulations, as well as general information on driving safely and fleet management.
Warehouses present a variety of safety hazards, from slips and falls to forklift dangers, back injuries, struck-by injuries, and more. In this resource center, we've created a collection of documents to help you implement safe practices in your warehouse and protect your workers.
This section of safety.blr.com provides an overview of workplace safety and OSHA compliance including key regulations, terms, and best practices. These resources are especially valuable for the new safety manager, those new to workplace safety, or those with safety compliance or training as a new responsibility.
This resource center offers a collection of BLR’s safety special reports, on topics including OSHA recordkeeping, training, chemical regulations, injury prevention, and more.
On-demand webinars are presented to Safety.BLR.com subscribers at no charge. Each session focuses on an important safety issue, delivering guidance participants can use to comply with OSHA regulations, train employees, and more.
This collection includes trainer’s outlines, handouts, and quizzes on a broad range of safety topics. The short sessions are designed to highlight or reinforce safety knowledge and procedures. Handouts review key points of the training session. Quizzes can be used to test what employees have learned.
This section provides resources to assist OSHA Outreach Trainers conducting voluntary general industry 10-hour training. It includes more than 30 hours of training materials on OSHA required course topics.
This collection includes Spanish PowerPoints, Audio Presentations, Handouts, Quizzes, Activities, and Posters, as well as supporting English-language materials to help English speakers manage the safety of their Spanish-speaking workforce.
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