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Security - General
National Summary

The September 11 attacks increased concerns that terrorists might target businesses, especially ones that handle hazardous materials and chemicals. While there are no OSHA regulations regarding terrorism or related workplace security issues, the agency does consider the threat of terrorism to be a workplace safety issue and will provide advice and guidance on terrorism-related subjects. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sets most facility security requirements.

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Directives 09/08/2000 - OSHANET Acceptable Usage Policy 07/22/2003National
Directives 10/01/1981 - ADM 3-6.2 - OSHA TSCA Confidential Business Information Security Manual 07/16/2003National
Final Rules 6 CFR 27 - Appendix to Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards 11/20/2007National
Proposed Rules 6 CFR 27 - Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards 12/28/2006National
Final Rules 6 CFR 27 - Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Standards 04/09/2007National
Proposed Rules 6 CFR 27 - Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Standards 01/12/2010National
Notices 6 CFR 27 - Clarification to Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards; Propane 03/25/2008National
Notices 6 CFR 27 - Notice to Facilities to Begin Registration for Chemical Security Assessment Tool 04/25/2007National
Cartoons A Thing Called the Internet (JPG)  National
Quizzes Anthrax and the Mailroom (PDF)  National
Handouts Anthrax and the Mailroom (PDF)  National
Trainer's Outlines Anthrax and the Mailroom (PDF) [7-Minute Safety Trainer] (short outline)  National
Handouts Anthrax and the Mailroom--Spanish  National
Quizzes Anthrax and the Mailroom--Spanish  National
Notices Chemc\ical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards 12/17/2012National
Notices Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) 12/17/2012National
Notices Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) 12/17/2012National
Cartoons Computer Password (JPG)  National
Posters Cyber Security Guidance (DHS, PDF)  National
Guidance Documents DHS Chemicals of Interest 6 CFR 27 Appendix A  National
Guidance Documents DHS Risk-Based Performance Standards Guidance  National
Cartoons dog_suspicious_package_150dpi  National
Trainer's Outlines Facility Security (PDF) [Safety Meetings for Healthcare Workers]  National
Checklists Facility Security Checklist  National
Handouts Facility Security for Healthcare Workers (PDF)  National
Quizzes Facility Security for Healthcare Workers (PDF)  National
Plans Facility Security Plan  National
Forms Facility Security Risk Assessment  National
Guidance Documents Fact Sheet: Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards: Appendix A  National
Guidance Documents Frequently Asked Questions: Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards: Final Appendix A  National
Notices Guidance for Protecting Responders' Health During the First Week Following a Wide-Area Aerosol Anthrax Attack 10/22/2012National
Cartoons Metal Detector (JPG)  National
Guidance Documents Protect Your Workplace - Guidance on Physical and Cyber Secuity and Reporting of Suspicious Behavior, Activity, and Cyber Incidents (PDF)  National
Posters Protect Your Workplace: Physical Security Guidance (DHS, PDF)  National
Speaker's Notes Protection from Terrorism - Script View  National
PowerPoints Protection from Terrorism (PPT)  National
Quizzes Protection from Terrorism (Word)  National
Posters Report Suspicious Activity and Behavior (DHS, PDF)  National
Posters Report Suspicious Cyber Incidents (DHS, PDF)  National
Trainer's Outlines Security (PDF) [Safety Meetings for Healthcare Workers]  National
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