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Heat and Cold
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This topic covers safety issues related to working in hot or cold conditions, including heat stress, sun safety, hypothermia, and other temperature-related hazards.

OSHA does not have specific standards for heat and cold; however, these conditions are covered under the General Duty Clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. All employers have a duty to provide a safe workplace free from recognized serious hazards, including extreme heat and cold.

For related resources and training materials, refer to the following topics:

  • PPE—General for information on personal protective equipment used to reduce employee exposure to hazardous conditions
  • Agriculture for information on temperature-related hazards specific to agriculture
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Interpretations Acceptable methods to reduce heat stress hazards in the workplace.[OSHAct 5(a)(1)] 10/17/2001National
Cartoons Ants heat stress  National
Posters Beat the Heat (PDF)  National
Training Tips Brrrrrrrace Your Workers for the Cold  National
Training Tips Cold Comfort  National
Guidance Documents Cold Stress Card (English Version)  National
Guidance Documents Cold Stress Card (PDF)  National
Plans Cold Stress Plan  National
Speaker's Notes Cold Weather Safety: Technology and Training to Keep Outdoor Workers Safe  National
Cartoons Coping with the Heat (JPG)  National
Cartoons Coping with winter weather  National
Handouts Dealing Safely with Snow and Ice (PDF)  National
Quizzes Dealing Safely with Snow and Ice (PDF)  National
Quizzes Dealing Safely with Snow and Ice (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Handouts Dealing Safely with Snow and Ice (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Trainer's Outlines Dealing Safely with Snow and Ice (PDF) [7-Minute Safety Trainer] (short outline)  National
Questions & Answers Do you have any sample work/rest plans? Or is there guidance from NIOSH about work/rest plans depending on the heat index? 06/30/2015National
Questions & Answers Does OSHA regulate the temperature that employees work in? 08/09/2010National
Training Tips Dog days of summer  National
Guidance Documents Excessive Heat Events Guidebook (PDF)  National
Cartoons Extreme heat  National
Safety Slogans Heat and Cold  National
Regulatory Analysis Heat and Cold  National
Cartoons Heat exposure symptoms  National
Trainer's Outlines Heat illness: How to keep your employees safe and productive when the mercury rises  National
Guidance Documents Heat Stress Card (English Version)  National
Guidance Documents Heat Stress Card (PDF)  National
Guidance Documents Heat Stress Guidance  National
Plans Heat Stress Prevention Plan  National
Speaker's Notes Heat Stress Prevention: Ensuring Safe Work in Hot Environments  National
Training Tips Hot Tips for Working in the Heat  National
Questions & Answers How do we comply with the general duty clause and have our employees perform duties in their FRs during extreme temperature periods at our facility? 02/28/2014National
Questions & Answers I recently sent an employee to the hospital for possible heat exhaustion. The hospital set him up with an IV and rehydrated him, then sent him home. Is this recordable on the OSHA 300 log as an illness? What makes it recordable? 07/25/2011National
Questions & Answers Is it good practice to allow employees to open warehouse doors on day’s above 85 degrees Fahrenheit? Will this just make the work space hotter, or cooler? 09/21/2012National
News It’s time to find that missing glove … and remind your employees about working in the cold! 11/29/2016National
Interpretations Landscaping employees working in extreme temperatures. [1910.132 ] 07/14/1992National
Training Tips Lazy, Hazy, Dangerous Days of Summer  National
Training Tips Not too hot to handle: Tips for preventing heat-related illnesses and injuries  National
Handouts Protecting Against Heat Stress (PDF)  National
Quizzes Protecting Against Heat Stress (PDF)  National
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