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This topic covers ergonomics, or the science of fitting a job to the worker performing that job. Ergonomic hazards include repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other musculosketal disorders (MSDs).

The goal of ergonomics is to reduce a worker’s exposure to MSD risk factors by changing the design of a workstation or the way a job is performed, allowing workers to rotate through different jobs, or providing personal protective equipment (PPE). Although there is currently no specific OSHA standard for ergonomics, employers have a duty to address ergonomic issues under the General Duty Clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

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Directives 04/11/2007 - CPL 02-00-144 - Ergonomic Hazard Alert Letter Follow-up Policy 04/11/2007National
Directives 07/02/1990 - CPL 2.88 - Information Dissemination System for Ergonomic Inspections and Consultative Visits Resulting in Significant Benefits. 07/22/2003National
Training Tips 3 tips for safe technology use  National
Questions & Answers Are MSDs, ergonomic injuries, a recordable injury for OSHA, and is an illness noted as such on the 300 log? 02/26/2008National
Clip Art Bending Over (GIF)  National
Clip Art Bending Over with Tool (GIF)  National
News California considering hotel housekeeper regulation 04/21/2017National
Clip Art Chair Positioning (GIF)  National
Training Tips Communicating Ergonomics  National
Handouts Computer Ergonomics (PDF)  National
Quizzes Computer Ergonomics (PDF)  National
Handouts Computer Ergonomics (PDF)  National
Handouts Computer Ergonomics (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Quizzes Computer Ergonomics (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Trainer's Outlines Computer Ergonomics (PDF) [OSHA Training System] (long outline)  National
Checklists Computer Safety Checklist  National
Clip Art Computer Work Station (GIF)  National
Handouts Computer Workstation Exercises (PDF)  National
Quizzes Computer Workstation Exercises (PDF)  National
Handouts Computer Workstation Exercises (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Quizzes Computer Workstation Exercises (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Trainer's Outlines Computer Workstation Exercises (PDF) [7-Minute Safety Trainer] (short outline)  National
Meetings Computer Workstations (Word)  National
Quizzes Computer Workstations (Word)  National
White Papers Employers taking action on ergonomics 04/24/2017National
Cartoons Ergonomic Chair (JPG)  National
Handouts Ergonomic Injuries (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Handouts Ergonomic Injuries (Word)  National
Quizzes Ergonomic Injuries (Word)  National
Trainer's Outlines Ergonomic Injuries (Word) [7-Minute Safety Trainer] (short outline)  National
Quizzes Ergonomic Practices for Computers (PDF)  National
Handouts Ergonomic Practices for Computers (PDF)  National
Quizzes Ergonomic Practices for Computers (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Handouts Ergonomic Practices for Computers (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Trainer's Outlines Ergonomic Practices for Computers (PDF) [7-Minute Safety Trainer] (short outline)  National
Guidance Documents Ergonomic Solutions for Retailers [NIOSH]  National
Regulatory Analysis Ergonomics  National
Policies Ergonomics  National
Cartoons Ergonomics (JPG)  National
Handouts Ergonomics (PDF)  National
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