January 23, 2018
February 1 is the deadline for annual posting of the OSHA 300A summary of workplace injuries and illnesses. Read on for attorney Eric J. Conn's tips for avoiding the most common mistakes with this form.

January 23, 2018
OSHA reminds employers that are required to keep and maintain an OSHA injury and illness 300 log must post their 300A annual summary in each establishment where employee notices are normally posted from February 1 to April 30.

January 19, 2018
By Ana Ellington, Legal Editor
All covered establishments must submit the 300A annual summary data from the completed calendar year 2017 by July 1, 2018. OSHA is not accepting the 300 log or the 301 incident report at this time.

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January 19, 2018 (Final Rule) - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has granted a limited 90-day waiver from the Federal hours- of-service (HOS) regulations pertaining to electronic logging devices (ELDs) for Old Dominion Freight Lines, Inc. (Old Dominion) and other motor carriers in similar situations due to issues concerning the integration of PeopleNet's ELD software into fleet management systems.

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OSHA Challenge
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced that all employers required to electronically submit injury and illness data can now begin to electronically submit their calendar year 2017 data. At this time, what completed 2017 injury and illness data are covered establishments with 250 or more employees required to provide to OSHA?
• The 300 log
• The 300 log and 301 Incident Report
• The 300A Annual Summary
• All three OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping forms
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