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Senior Legal Editor - EHS Training
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David Galt is the Senior Legal Editor - EHS Training at BLR. Dave coordinates the development and maintenance of all environmental, health and safety training content for the BLR portals and other training products to help businesses comply with OSHA, EPA, and DOT rules. He writes feature articles and presentations about EHS training, workplace safety, and the business value of EHS programs. Dave has presented at ASSE national and regional conferences, NSC, AHMP, and NAEP about EHS training and promoting the business value of EHS. Before joining BLR in 2001, he spent 15 years in the environmental regulatory field as a lobbyist and policy analyst.

Dave serves on the National Environmental, Safety and Health Training Association (NESHTA) Board of Directors. He earned his master’s degree in environmental management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in 1997.

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Recent articles by David Galt

  • Reduce risk to pedestrians on National Forklift Safety Day

    It’s National Forklift Safety Day, sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association. Use this day to start, review, or update your forklift and pedestrian safety program.

  • Microlearning: Make your training easily accessible when and where it’s needed

    Microlearning: more and more organizations want it, some thinking it’s a way to condense or shorten the time it takes to train workers. But is it just another buzzword to sell products and services to companies that want a change in the way they train? The term microlearning and how it is used in the workplace was explained at the 2018 ATD International Conference and Exposition in San Diego, California, in two sessions.

  • President Obama speaks on fostering a culture of learning

    Former President Barack Obama gave the keynote speech Monday at the 2018 ATD International Conference and Exposition in San Diego, California, about the role of learning, and the culture of learning, within organizations and how his education and learning experiences shaped his own decision-making abilities.

  • 7 steps to measure worker competency learned in your EHS training

    Are you being asked to measure the competency of your workers either before or after they have been trained to perform their tasks safely and correctly? What is the impact of learning on your workers? Do you know where to start, and how to make it repeatable?


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