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Emily Scace is a Senior Editor for BLR’s safety publications. She writes and edits detailed regulatory analysis, newsletters, training content, special reports, white papers, news articles, and other materials to help businesses understand and follow OSHA and DOT compliance obligations. Emily also researches and writes about occupational safety and health regulations, enforcement trends, safety-related best practices, and safety culture; delivers webinars on a variety of workplace safety topics; and more.

Recent articles by Emily Scace

  • Breaking news: Employers in all states must electronically submit Form 300A by July 1

    OSHA has corrected an implementation error in its electronic recordkeeping rule that affects the compliance obligations of employers in state-plan states. Employers in all states, including state-plan states that have not completed implementation of the electronic recordkeeping rule, are now required to submit injury and illness data to OSHA by July 1.

  • Safety Summit 2018: Abrams talks drug testing, incentives, and more

    At BLR’s Safety Summit 2018 in Orlando, Florida, attorney and safety expert Adele Abrams addressed a crowded room of attendees about the implications of OSHA’s 2016 electronic recordkeeping rule for employer safety incentives programs, disciplinary strategies, and post-accident drug testing policies.

  • OSHA budget seeks more enforcement funding, cuts training grants

    OSHA has requested $212.7 million in funding for enforcement in fiscal year (FY) 2019, representing an increase of $6.1 million, or just under 3 percent, over the FY 2018 levels. However, the total requested budget for FY 2019 is identical to the 2018 level, meaning that the agency shifted requested money away from other areas to fund the increase in enforcement dollars.

  • Safety Summit 2018: Organizational Processes and Safety Success

    Workplace safety doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your organizational culture, processes, and challenges all impact your safety program and performance. At BLR's 2018 Safety Summit in April, expert attorney Adele Abrams and world-renowned safety speaker and trainer Regina McMichael will present an engaging panel on broadening your understanding of safety and the organizational factors that impact it in order to drive success in your program.


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