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Fire Prevention Tree still up? Fire experts say it’s time to take it down! 01/05/2017
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA releases beryllium final rule 01/09/2017
OSHA Workplace safety: Looking forward to 2017 01/11/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Reminder: Post your OSHA 300A summary [Infographic] 02/01/2017
Silica (General Industry) EHS on Tap: E17 What’s Next for OSHA’s Controversial Silica Rule? 02/22/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) EHS on Tap: E19 Update on Electronic Recordkeeping, Anti-Retaliation under OSHA’s Injury and Illness Rule 03/20/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Breaking: Recordkeeping 'Volks' rule overturned by Congressional Review Act 03/23/2017
Safety - General EHS on Tap: E20 The Role of Senior Management in Workplace Safety Culture 04/03/2017
Silica (Construction) Breaking: OSHA delays enforcing silica standard in construction 04/06/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) 'Other recordable cases' or simple first aid? How to tell 04/11/2017
Audits EHS on Tap: E21 Environmental Audits 101: What Every Facility Manager Should Know 04/17/2017
Enforcement California building supply company cited following fatal forklift accident 04/25/2017
Safety - General Prepare for Workers’ Memorial Day this Friday 04/26/2017
Safety - General Report: California's Latino workers are at high risk 04/27/2017
Enforcement Review commission agrees to cite two contractors as one employer 04/27/2017
OSHA Senate approves new DOL secretary; OSHA top pick expected to follow 04/28/2017
Lockout/Tagout EHS on Tap: E22 What's on the horizon for OSHA's lockout/tagout rule? 04/28/2017
Heat and Cold California is heating up: Essential heat illness info for employers 04/28/2017
Violence in the Workplace In California, you can’t fight fire with firings: Preventing domestic violence at work 05/01/2017
Construction - General Put your hands together for Construction Safety Week 05/02/2017
Safety - General Are your managers choosing profits over protection? 05/03/2017
Safety - General Tyson Foods announces big push for job safety and health 05/04/2017
Fall Protection (Construction) Stand up for safety! Join OSHA’s Stand-Down this week. 05/08/2017
Process Safety Management Feds fault PSM lapses for refinery explosion 05/09/2017
Laboratory Safety Creating and maintaining an effective chemical hygiene plan 05/10/2017
Safety - General Improve employee safety habits with these 3 tips 05/11/2017
Enforcement Insulation manufacturer not insulated from big OSHA fines 05/12/2017
Heat and Cold EHS on Tap: E23 Heat Stress: Employer Requirements and Innovative Best Practices To Protect Workers 05/15/2017
Driving Safely NSC: Crash reports lack crucial information 05/16/2017
Safety Culture Job safety lessons from one of NASCAR’s all-time greats 05/17/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Breaking: OSHA delays July 1 injury and illness reporting deadline 05/18/2017
Alcohol & Drugs Latest survey finds spike in workforce drug use 05/19/2017
Enforcement Two California employers face steep fines, willful citations in confined space death 05/22/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Lawmakers push for new OSHA recordkeeping law 05/23/2017
OSHA Proposed budget seeks slight cuts for OSHA; reflects changed priorities 05/25/2017
Fall Protection (Construction) Take a stand to prevent falls in construction 05/26/2017
Safety - General Are 3D printers safe? New study addresses potential risks. 05/26/2017
Enforcement Critics pounce as OSHA remains mum on enforcement actions 05/30/2017
OSHA California bill would eliminate impact assessments for Cal/OSHA standards 05/30/2017
Process Safety Management California finalizes PSM rule for petroleum refineries 06/01/2017
Violence in the Workplace EHS on Tap: E24 Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Training Essentials 06/02/2017
Safety - General Protect summer workers with these tips 06/02/2017
Shift Work Take action to fight workplace fatigue 06/05/2017
Violence in the Workplace Training workers for an active shooter event 06/06/2017
Safety - General OSHA launches inaugural Safe + Sound Week June 12-18 06/07/2017
Combustible Dust Wisconsin safety group says mill deaths show need for better enforcement 06/08/2017
Ergonomics How to set up an ergonomic workstation 06/09/2017
Heat and Cold Improved heat safety app now available 06/09/2017
Specific Industries Firefighter cancer awareness campaign heats up 06/12/2017
Safety - General Hoosier furniture maker assembling a safer workplace 06/13/2017
Healthcare Safety New Jersey hospital settles with OSHA in violence case 06/15/2017
Violence in the Workplace Critical incident: San Francisco UPS facility becomes latest workplace shooting scene 06/16/2017
Training New Texas law promotes workplace safety education 06/19/2017
Wellness What your employees don't know about nutrition could hurt them 06/20/2017
Alcohol & Drugs Safety 2017: Medical marijuana and workplace safety 06/21/2017
Violence in the Workplace Workplace violence reporting preregistration deadline approaching 06/22/2017
Safety Culture Safety 2017: Seven safety leadership tips for supervisors 06/22/2017
Safety - General Safety Culture 2017: Buy-In, Behavior, and Other Keys to Making Safety Stick 06/23/2017
Job Hazard Analysis Safety 2017: Human factors in risk assessment 06/23/2017
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA seeks to scale back coverage of beryllium rules 06/26/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA proposes December 1 for electronic submission of 300As 06/28/2017
Explosives Explosives maker cited, again, in California injury case 06/28/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Cal/OSHA 2017: Is your IIPP effective enough to save you from a citation? 06/29/2017
Safety - General Study highlights link between job factors and poor health 06/29/2017
Enforcement OSHA comes down hard on contractor for trench violations 06/30/2017
Emergency Preparedness Do your employees know what to do in a cardiac emergency? 07/05/2017
Specific Industries New rules affecting woodcutting operations take effect in CA 07/06/2017
Toxic and Hazardous Substances California moves ahead with adopting delayed federal rule 07/07/2017
Safety - General Did your state earn an “A” for safety? Probably not. 07/07/2017
Emergency Preparedness The drought is over—and the floods have begun 07/10/2017
Toxic and Hazardous Substances Oregon OSHA adopts federal beryllium rule 07/10/2017
Enforcement OSHA cites steel components maker in grisly incident 07/10/2017
OSHA OSHA seeks suggestions for improving VPP 07/11/2017
Cranes and Derricks (Construction) Construction employer alert: OSHA changes policy on monorail hoists 07/12/2017
Enforcement Oregon contractor cited for ignoring fall hazards 07/13/2017
Safety Culture Safety Culture 2017: Fresh ideas for motivating employees 07/14/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Employers can begin electronically submitting 300As August 1 07/17/2017
Safety - General Safety pros awarded for creative solutions 07/17/2017
Driving Safely Safe driving tips: Sharing the road with CMVs 07/18/2017
Safety Culture Safety Culture 2017: Best-in-class safety culture starts with onboarding 07/19/2017
Bloodborne Pathogens Study: Dental offices lag in compliance with bloodborne pathogen rules 07/19/2017
Confined Spaces 3 lives 'needlessly lost' in confined space tragedy 07/21/2017
OSHA Cal/OSHA 2017: Master safety compliance across state lines 07/24/2017
Hazard Communication Six steps to an effective hazard communication program 07/25/2017
Hours of Service (Motor Carriers) FMCSA conducting national ELD outreach effort 07/26/2017
OSHA Small businesses find big value in OSHA consultation service 07/28/2017
Safety Culture Safety Culture 2017: Master temporary worker safety 07/31/2017
Enforcement Dozens of violations yield massive fine for manufacturing plant 08/01/2017
Enforcement Chevron to pay $1 million to settle Richmond Refinery citations 08/02/2017
Wellness Report calls fatigue a “hidden but deadly epidemic” 08/03/2017
Bloodborne Pathogens Hazardous healthcare worker exposures on the rise 08/04/2017
Safety Culture Safety Culture 2017: 5 ways to assimilate temporary employees into your organization's safety culture 08/07/2017
Safety - General Report: Older workers experience more job fatalities 08/09/2017
Wellness CDC: Diabetes is 'a growing health problem' 08/10/2017
Enforcement Spotlight on enforcement: 21 cases with fines over $40K 08/11/2017
Safety - General Planning a workplace eclipse viewing party? Do it safely! 08/14/2017
Enforcement Roofer faces steep fine, discovers penalties are not cheaper by the dozen 08/15/2017
Hazard Communication Video: GHS label compliance requirements 08/15/2017
Construction - General Tips for an effective construction safety program 08/17/2017
Ergonomics NIOSH announces new lifting app 08/21/2017
Safety - General ASSE will change its name to reflect broader membership 08/22/2017
Safety Culture Safety Culture 2017: Top 5 signs that management isn't aligned with your safety culture efforts 08/23/2017
Safety - General 7 expert tips for streamlining your safety process 08/24/2017
Construction - General Colorado introduces world’s first self-driving work zone vehicle 08/25/2017
Heat and Cold High heat advisory for California: Cal/OSHA reminds employers to provide shade for outdoor workers 08/28/2017
Driving Safely Survey: Seat belt use lagging 08/28/2017
Construction - General Michigan VPP Star contractor shines in worker protection 08/29/2017
Enforcement CSX found partially responsible in film worker’s death 08/30/2017
Wellness Survey: Businesses focus on health over ROI for wellness programs 08/30/2017
Security - General State Department issues updated travel warning for Mexico 08/31/2017
Enforcement Metal stamping company faces $142,000 in fines following amputation 09/01/2017
Emergency Preparedness The storm is over, but serious risks for recovery workers remain 09/05/2017
Cranes and Derricks (Construction) OSHA seeks (another) deadline extension for crane operator certification 09/06/2017
Enforcement OSHA fines psychiatric hospital for ongoing exposure to violence 09/07/2017
Electrical Safety 2018 edition of NFPA electrical safety standard available next month 09/08/2017
Emergency Preparedness Be prepared for wildfires 09/08/2017
Emergency Preparedness NIOSH releases new software for emergency responder health 09/11/2017
Wellness Are you sitting down? New info on standing may surprise you! 09/12/2017
Enforcement Florida bakery facing six-figure fines 09/14/2017
Process Safety Management Effective date approaches for California’s new petroleum refinery PSM and RMP rules 09/18/2017
Safety - General Job safety said to give small business a recruiting edge 09/18/2017
Healthcare Safety Nurse group calls for action in wake of police incident 09/19/2017
Violence in the Workplace Workplace Violence Prevention 2018: Dealing with Conflicting Ideological Beliefs 09/20/2017
Safety - General Benefits of contractor safety qualification highlighted in new report 09/21/2017
Healthcare Safety ANA: Nurses face on-the-job risks 09/25/2017
Enforcement Breaking: OSHA announces top 10 violations for FY 2017 09/26/2017
Silica (General Industry) Employers get a break during first days of silica rule enforcement 09/26/2017
Process Safety Management Report finds workers were needlessly injured in refinery blaze 09/27/2017
Shift Work 8 tips for shift work safety 09/29/2017
Enforcement Company’s failure to comply leads to amputations and big fines 10/02/2017
Safety - General Decades of commitment pay off for Delaware electrical business 10/03/2017
Wellness How much is fatigue costing your workplace? 10/04/2017
OSHA Senators push to make OSHA VPP a permanent program 10/05/2017
Construction - General NYC lawmakers approve big jump in construction safety training 10/06/2017
Wellness Mental health training benefits workers and the bottom line 10/09/2017
Enforcement Cal/OSHA penalty increase tracks federal changes 10/10/2017
Enforcement BART guilty in workers’ deaths: Must pay $220,000 fine and revise safety procedures 10/10/2017
OSHA Congresswoman wants answers about OSHA vacancies 10/10/2017
Alcohol & Drugs AIHA urges help for those exposed to opioids on the job 10/11/2017
Emergency Preparedness Earthquake preparedness event set for October 19 10/12/2017
Health - General It’s spread how? Cal/OSHA encourages employers and workers to protect against exposure to hepatitis A virus 10/13/2017
Emergency Preparedness Cal/OSHA issues advisory for worker safety in wildfire regions 10/16/2017
Enforcement OSHA resumes enforcement in Texas and Louisiana 10/16/2017
Electrical Safety 2018 edition of NFPA 70E electrical safety standard now available 10/18/2017
Enforcement Contractor now says it will not contest Alaska OSHA citations 10/19/2017
Driving Safely Feds report concerning uptick in highway fatalities 10/20/2017
Alcohol & Drugs Lawmakers seek information on drug risks to postal workers 10/23/2017
Safety - General Washington state OKs new rules to protect cell tower workers 10/24/2017
Safety - General New NIOSH center to focus on robot safety 10/25/2017
Silica (Construction) Be prepared! Silica for construction being fully enforced 10/26/2017
OSHA Fed-Ex safety trailblazer to lead OSHA 10/28/2017
Violence in the Workplace Workplace Violence Prevention 2018: Duty to Worker Safety Under Gun Control and Concealed Carry Laws 10/31/2017
Enforcement Alabama contractor faces significant fines for fall hazards 10/31/2017
Safety - General Do your employees working abroad feel safe? Maybe not 11/02/2017
Training Does computer-based training keep you in compliance? 11/03/2017
Safety - General Lawmakers propose bill to ensure contractor safety, accountability 11/06/2017
EHS Strategy Is it time to rethink your safety strategy? 11/07/2017
Ergonomics Sixth District upholds supervisor’s manslaughter conviction in worker’s death 11/08/2017
Safety - General What are the top risks facing employees? The answers may surprise you 11/09/2017
Healthcare Safety Survey finds 4 in 10 healthcare professionals work while sick 11/10/2017
Slips and Falls Are you doing enough to prevent fall injuries? 11/13/2017
Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) DOT adds four opioids to testing program 11/14/2017
Safety - General ASSE applauds latest safety stats, but seeks further improvement 11/15/2017
Enforcement Don’t be off guard: Know your ‘recognized hazards’ 11/16/2017
Safety - General California occupational injury and illness rates hold steady in 2016 11/17/2017
Agriculture Grain bin entrapment yields hefty fines for Nebraska employer 11/17/2017
Enforcement OSHA proposes massive fine for fatal grain dust explosion 11/20/2017
Safety Culture Transportation safety board faults 'failing' Amtrak culture 11/21/2017
Training Online Training Acceptable to OSHA as Part of Overall Training Program 11/22/2017
Safety - General ’Tis the season to stay focused on safety and health 11/22/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Electronic recordkeeping compliance deadline extended 2 weeks 11/23/2017
Health - General California’s got the fever—Valley Fever, that is 11/28/2017
Ergonomics OSHA construction roundtable addresses ergonomics 11/30/2017
Noise Research: Noisy commutes pose health risks 12/01/2017
OSHA Confirmation hearing for OSHA nominee set for December 5 12/04/2017
ADA Airlines settle multimillion dollar return-to-work case 12/04/2017
Violence in the Workplace Workplace Violence Prevention 2018: Domestic violence in the workplace is a clear and present danger 12/05/2017
PPE - General Businesses team up on interactive protective gear 12/06/2017
Safety - General Some injuries up, some down in waste-collection industry 12/07/2017
Enforcement CT contractor faces big-dollar fine for hazard exposures 12/08/2017
EHS Strategy Strengthening the link between safety and productivity 12/11/2017
Safety - General Air Force updates innovative safety app 12/12/2017
Safety - General EHS on Tap: E25 Top 3 Safety Challenges of the Year 12/13/2017
Wellness University gets high marks for employee health practices 12/14/2017
Enforcement Three contractors cited by Cal/OSHA in formwork collapse that injured 13 workers 12/15/2017
Noise Feds say airplane cabin noise probably not hazardous 12/15/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Extra time to electronically submit 300A data, but don't delay 12/18/2017
Enforcement Hawaii adopts federal penalty increases 12/18/2017
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA proposes to only require electronic submission of 300A forms 12/19/2017
Safety - General Insurer rewards creative risk-control strategies 12/21/2017
EHS Strategy Are you trying to focus more on risk and less on incidents? 12/22/2017
PPE - General Ford tests wearable technology to make work easier 12/26/2017
Safety - General Latest data show significant rise in workplace fatalities 12/28/2017
Agriculture OSHA, grain company settle citations; 20 sites affected 12/29/2017
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