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Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Infographic: Is it recordable? 01/01/2018
Enforcement OSHA penalties increase by 2 percent 01/02/2018
Safety - General 2018 EHS Salary Guide Released 01/02/2018
Safety - General California occupational fatality rates hold steady in 2016 01/02/2018
Wellness Study: Workplace harassment plagues U.S. employees 01/02/2018
Alcohol & Drugs Don’t let your workplace go to pot: California employer rights under Prop 64 01/03/2018
Training New Hampshire college announces degree in construction safety 01/04/2018
Heat and Cold Prevent cold stress and protect employees during the arctic blast 01/05/2018
OSHA New worker protection laws now in effect in Oregon 01/08/2018
Safety - General Kentucky cites lowest injury rate on record 01/09/2018
Confined Spaces Refresh your confined space response with these 7 steps 01/10/2018
Enforcement OSHA cites, fines foundation builder in fatality case 01/11/2018
Wellness Researchers cite health risks of business travel 01/12/2018
Safety - General EHS on Tap: E26 Keeping Your EHS Software Project on Track 01/15/2018
Violence in the Workplace Workplace Violence Prevention 2018: How technology and social media can lead to workplace violence 01/18/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Breaking: Employers can begin submitting 2017 data electronically—But only 300A data! 01/19/2018
Driving Safely Driving home the safety message for older workers 01/19/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Reminder: Post 300A injury, illness summary by February 1 01/23/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) As OSHA summary posting deadline nears, avoid common mistakes 01/24/2018
Enforcement Seattle hotel owner pays the price for cutting corners 01/25/2018
Alcohol & Drugs New report addresses impact of drug abuse and workplace testing 01/26/2018
Safety - General Veterans encouraged to explore careers in workplace safety 01/29/2018
Violence in the Workplace California to propose general industry violence standard 01/30/2018
Silica (General Industry) D.C. Circuit dismisses objections to OSHA’s silica rule 01/30/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Watchdog group sues OSHA over safety records 02/01/2018
Safety - General Safety Summit 2018: Organizational Processes and Safety Success 02/06/2018
Specific Industries Feds reject industry request for faster poultry line speeds 02/08/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Reminder: Injury/illness summaries must be posted now 02/09/2018
Silica (General Industry) Safety Summit 2018: OSHA to begin enforcement of silica dust general industry rule 02/12/2018
Construction - General Report reveals uptick in NY construction fatalities 02/13/2018
Construction - General OSHA renews alliance to protect women in construction 02/14/2018
Permissible Exposure Limits OSHA’s PEL for sulfur dioxide too high for NIOSH 02/15/2018
Enforcement Aircraft contractor cited for toxic exposure 02/16/2018
Enforcement CA court rejects federal preemption in worker death case 02/20/2018
OSHA OSHA whistleblower protections and environmental law 02/21/2018
Violence in the Workplace Healthcare workers plagued by violence 02/22/2018
Safety - General EHS on Tap: E28 The Future of Safety: Disruption on the Horizon 02/26/2018
OSHA OSHA budget seeks more enforcement funding, cuts training grants 02/27/2018
Enforcement Contractor and subcontractor ruled single entity 02/28/2018
Ladders Key deadline for fixed ladders in November 03/01/2018
OSHA Former OSHA head: No substitute for enforcement 03/02/2018
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA delays enforcement of beryllium standards 03/06/2018
Lead Lead from the workplace puts children at risk 03/07/2018
Enforcement OSHA has no time limit for repeat violations, says court 03/08/2018
Safety - General Tips for a safety walkaround 03/09/2018
Safety - General EHS on Tap: E29 Root Cause Analysis: Learning from incidents to improve prevention 03/12/2018
Recordkeeping - General EHS on Tap: E30 What’s the Story with e-Manifests? 03/14/2018
Slips and Falls Infographic: Rooftop fall hazards for general industry 03/14/2018
Alcohol & Drugs Infographic: Post-accident drug testing 03/15/2018
Safety - General An astronaut, an OSHA officer, and some sharks walk into a safety conference... 03/16/2018
Ergonomics Cal/OSHA’s new hotel housekeeping rule effective July 1 03/16/2018
Safety - General Meet our very first Safety Standout Award winners! 03/19/2018
Emergency Preparedness Infographic: Emergency Preparedness 03/20/2018
Safety Culture Safety Culture 2018: Building an ideal safety culture 03/20/2018
Chemical Hazards Hearing injuries from workplace chemicals 03/21/2018
Enforcement In injury case, USCG regs preempt OSHA’s 03/21/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA issues policy to enforce the injury tracking rule 03/22/2018
Trenching (Construction) OSHA makes trench protection a national priority 03/23/2018
Emergency Preparedness OSHA to establish alert system to notify first responders of serious safety and environmental violations 03/26/2018
Construction - General Homebuilders need OSHA’s assistance with regs 03/26/2018
Emergency Preparedness When to evacuate during an emergency 03/28/2018
Exit Routes Exit routes are more than just doors 03/29/2018
Silica (General Industry) Compliance clock ticking for silica standard 04/05/2018
Construction - General Protect roofing workers from hazards 04/06/2018
Construction - General OSHA again highlights Focus Four Hazards 04/09/2018
Emergency Preparedness Emergency preparedness: Training employees 04/09/2018
OSHA OSHA, EPA, and violation referrals 04/10/2018
Bloodborne Pathogens First step in hepatitis A protection—Keep it clean 04/11/2018
Enforcement Violation found willful despite ignorance of law 04/12/2018
Agriculture Kids and tractors: A dangerous combo 04/13/2018
Chemical Hazards Fumigants in shipping containers are hazardous to workers 04/16/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Safety Summit 2018: Abrams talks drug testing, incentives, and more 04/17/2018
Respiratory Protection Dust masks—Reuse or toss out? 04/18/2018
Agriculture Grain engulfment: Death can occur in seconds 04/20/2018
Safety - General Water level critical in boiler safety 04/23/2018
Specific Industries Employer responsibility at communication towers 04/24/2018
Shift Work Study downplays nightshift/breast cancer link 04/26/2018
OSHA OSHA committees should be restarted, say worker advocacy groups 04/27/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Breaking news: Employers in all states must electronically submit Form 300A by July 1 04/30/2018
Fall Protection (Construction) Infographic: Safety Stand-Down for Fall Prevention 05/01/2018
Welding, Cutting, and Brazing CSB shares tips for hot work safety 05/02/2018
Safety - General AFL-CIO expresses safety concerns in latest report 05/03/2018
Respiratory Protection Respirator fit tests vs. seal checks: Do you know the difference? 05/04/2018
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA changes beryllium work area definition 05/07/2018
Training 7 steps to measure worker competency learned in your EHS training 05/07/2018
Training President Obama speaks on fostering a culture of learning 05/08/2018
Training Microlearning: Make your training easily accessible when and where it’s needed 05/09/2018
OSHA OSHA schedules public meeting on whistleblower program 05/10/2018
Safety - General DOL reportedly mulling easing rules on teens in hazardous jobs 05/11/2018
Safety - General Researchers offer strategy on sedentary work and illness 05/14/2018
OSHA OSHA's latest regulatory agenda addresses beryllium, recordkeeping, and more 05/15/2018
Ergonomics Reduce MSD injuries with early symptom intervention 05/17/2018
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA again delays enforcement of beryllium standard 05/17/2018
Training Tips for safety conversations between supervisors and employees 05/18/2018
Cranes and Derricks (Construction) OSHA proposal addresses crane operator qualification 05/21/2018
Confined Spaces (Construction) Four questions on permit spaces 05/23/2018
Process Safety Management OSHA revises PSM enforcement for agricultural wholesalers 05/25/2018
Emergency Preparedness Is your business prepared for an emergency? 05/29/2018
Health - General NIOSH warns firefighters about rhabdo 05/30/2018
Training NAPO’s animated film on dust hazards 05/31/2018
Alcohol & Drugs Protecting first responders from fentanyl exposure 06/01/2018
OSHA Cal/OSHA Summit 2018: California regulatory update 06/01/2018
Safety - General Safety 2018: A new name and a unique challenge 06/04/2018
Agriculture AGs sue EPA over delay in agricultural worker protection rule 06/04/2018
Slips and Falls Safety 2018: Preventing slips, trips, and falls using ANSI Standards 1264.1 and 1264.2 06/05/2018
Alcohol & Drugs Substance use on the job: Costly and dangerous 06/05/2018
Safety Culture Safety 2018: Leveraging the future of automation and artificial intelligence to enhance your safety culture 06/06/2018
Healthcare Safety Joint Commission urges action for healthcare workers 06/07/2018
Safety - General Safety 2018: Where are you in the transition to risk? 06/08/2018
Slips and Falls Be WISE: A new approach to fall protection emergency response 06/11/2018
Slips and Falls How to manage common fall hazards in every workplace 06/11/2018
Chemical Hazards Safety 2018: Knowing vs. understanding chemical hazards—where do we set the bar? 06/11/2018
Forklifts Observe National Forklift Safety Day with these tips 06/12/2018
Silica (General Industry) OSHA providing 30-day transition for general industry silica enforcement 06/13/2018
Enforcement Court warns ‘serial violator’ of incarceration 06/14/2018
Slips and Falls Cal/OSHA Summit 2018: The chronic problem of slips, trips, and falls in the Golden State 06/15/2018
Driving Safely Safety behind the wheel: Safe driving at work and beyond 06/18/2018
Enforcement OSHA’s enforcement units shrinking under Trump 06/20/2018
Temporary Workers Best practices for temporary worker safety 06/21/2018
Heat and Cold Heat stress: New research and proactive protection 06/22/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Reminder: Submit 300As to OSHA by July 1! 06/27/2018
Conveyors MSHA seeks ideas on mobile equipment and conveyor safety 06/27/2018
OSHA Redress for nuclear industry whistleblowers 06/29/2018
Safety - General EU-OSHA concludes small business project 07/02/2018
Safety - General School’s out! Protect teen workers on the job 07/03/2018
Toxic and Hazardous Substances (Construction) Beryllium standard amendments take effect July 6, 2018 07/05/2018
OSHA OSHA gets slight pay raise in Senate appropriations bill 07/06/2018
Chemical Hazards Oregon’s pesticide worker rules exceed EPA’s 07/09/2018
Safety - General Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh's workplace safety record: What to expect 07/10/2018
Violence in the Workplace Cal/OSHA Summit 2018: Workplace violence rule for general industry on the horizon 07/11/2018
Specific Industries MSHA requests info on coal dust controls 07/11/2018
Lead Lead hazards at firing ranges 07/12/2018
Process Safety Management CSB: Start-up/shutdown incidents can be prevented 07/13/2018
Emergency Preparedness Cal/OSHA Summit 2018: Emergency preparedness in California 07/16/2018
Forklifts Defective forklifts cause CO poisoning 07/17/2018
Safety - General Are OSHA inspectors asking about restroom access? 07/19/2018
Cranes and Derricks (Construction) OSHA proposes crane and derrick exemptions for railway work 07/20/2018
Heat and Cold Groups again ask OSHA for heat stress standard 07/23/2018
Silica (General Industry) Medical surveillance under the silica standard 07/24/2018
Cranes and Derricks (Construction) Association opposes OSHA’s evaluation criteria for crane operators 07/25/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Alert: Revised injury tracking rule has cleared OMB 07/26/2018
Job Hazard Analysis OSHA guidance for identifying and assessing workplace hazards 07/26/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA proposes to reduce electronic recordkeeping requirements; antiretaliation provisions unchanged 07/30/2018
Health - General NIOSH: Black lung disease on the rise 07/31/2018
Construction - General Preventing struck-by injuries in construction 08/01/2018
Training OSHA announces availability of training grant funding 08/03/2018
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA extends compliance date for certain beryllium provisions 08/08/2018
Enforcement Washington fines manufacturer over $250K following burn, amputation incidents 08/10/2018
OSHA Federal OSHA and Cal/OSHA: Comparing standards 08/13/2018
SDS Can chemical percentages be trade secrets on SDSs? 08/15/2018
Alcohol & Drugs NIOSH amps up fight against opioid misuse 08/16/2018
Machine Guarding The danger of pinch points 08/21/2018
Construction - General Worksite lighting must meet OSHA standards 08/22/2018
Silica (Construction) Handheld saws and the respirable silica standard 08/24/2018
Ergonomics Cal/OSHA issues nation’s first protections for housekeepers 08/24/2018
Specific Industries Study highlights stresses of firefighting 08/28/2018
Health - General Pregnant flight crewmembers at risk from solar radiation 08/29/2018
Chemical Hazards Using methylene chloride to strip bathtubs is a perilous job 08/31/2018
OSHA Public Citizen report assails OSHA’s rollbacks 09/05/2018
Alcohol & Drugs CDC: Drug overdose deaths highest in construction 09/06/2018
Commercial Driver Safety Backing up a tractor-trailer—The safe way 09/07/2018
Emergency Preparedness National Preparedness Month: Tips for evacuation plans and exit routes 09/10/2018
OSHA OSHRC seeks feedback on procedural rules 09/12/2018
Safety Culture Safety Culture 2018: Geller provides seven life lessons 09/13/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Groups ask court to block OSHA’s suspension of Electronic Reporting Rule 09/13/2018
Chemical Hazards HazCom or HAZWOPER? 09/17/2018
Construction - General Infographic: Construction vs. maintenance 09/18/2018
Safety - General The online platform: An economy with few worker protections 09/19/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Using injury and illness records to prevent incidents 09/20/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) DOL’s OIG finds underreporting of fatalities and injuries 09/24/2018
Safety - General DOL reports on child and forced labor 09/26/2018
Agriculture OSHA launches outreach on ammonia fertilizers 09/27/2018
Driving Safely Keeping older drivers safe 10/01/2018
Process Safety Management House Bill would clarify the 'retail facilities' definition 10/03/2018
Trenching (Construction) OSHA inspectors to zero in on excavations 10/04/2018
Construction - General Dump truck safety for drivers: Stay in the cab! 10/08/2018
Violence in the Workplace OSHA continues enforcement of healthcare General Duty violations 10/10/2018
Enforcement 300 log not enough for inspection warrant, court concludes 10/15/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA clarifies antiretaliation provisions 10/17/2018
Lockout/Tagout Lockout/tagout citations: An OSHA top 10 10/19/2018
Enforcement NSC 2018: OSHA announces latest Top-10 Violation list 10/23/2018
Alcohol & Drugs NSC unveils memorial to opioid epidemic in Houston 10/23/2018
EHS Strategy NSC 2018: Former OSHA head researching link between safety, business success 10/25/2018
Machine Guarding OSHA may move on revising power press standard 10/25/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) California proposes electronic recordkeeping rule 10/26/2018
Trenching (Construction) Digging a trench? Watch OSHA’s video 10/29/2018
Laboratory Safety OSHA seeks info on the Laboratory Standard 11/01/2018
Chemical Hazards Nicotine exposure reported in vape shop investigation 11/02/2018
Chemical Hazards Worker participation essential to CSB investigations 11/05/2018
Combustible Dust CSB calls for action on combustible dust 11/07/2018
Safety - General Should workers report underground businesses? 11/08/2018
Cranes and Derricks (Construction) OSHA finalizes crane operator certification rule 11/09/2018
Emergency Preparedness OSHA issues ‘blue roof’ recommendations 11/13/2018
Safety - General Above-average fatalities reported for Hispanic/Latino workers 11/15/2018
Chemical Hazards Diesel exhaust: Omnipresent and hazardous 11/19/2018
Cranes and Derricks (Construction) A closer look at OSHA’s crane operator update 11/20/2018
Heat and Cold Tips for safe outdoor winter work 11/26/2018
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OIG: OSHA must improve collection of injury data 11/27/2018
Temporary Workers OSHA issues temporary worker bulletin on lockout/tagout 11/30/2018
Specific Industries Miner black lung screenings low—NIOSH asks why 12/03/2018
Ergonomics Carpal tunnel syndrome over 3 times more common in women workers 12/04/2018
Health - General Flu protection: Respirator or surgical mask? 12/06/2018
Violence in the Workplace Courtney introduces bill to protect healthcare workers 12/07/2018
Toxic and Hazardous Substances Breaking: OSHA proposes revisions to beryllium rule 12/10/2018
Enforcement Judge recognizes good faith in assessing penalty 12/10/2018
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA’s proposed beryllium revisions: A closer look 12/12/2018
OSHA On-site consultations reduce injuries and save billions 12/14/2018
Air Contaminants NIOSH recommends its mold assessment tool 12/17/2018
Safety - General OSHA comments on latest BLS fatality report 12/26/2018
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