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Respiratory Protection Avoiding common respiratory protection mistakes 01/02/2019
Alcohol & Drugs Marijuana processor cited for explosion that left worker badly burned 01/03/2019
Safety - General Washington highlights low fatal injury rate 01/08/2019
OSHA OSHA unaffected by government shutdown 01/10/2019
Safety - General AIHA unveils first policy agenda 01/10/2019
Alcohol & Drugs Positive drug tests up in transportation, warehousing 01/11/2019
Cranes and Derricks (Construction) Infographic: Crane operator certification: What you need to know 01/14/2019
Safety - General Researcher finds value in sensors to detect fatigue 01/15/2019
Healthcare Safety ASCO endorses hazardous drug standards 01/17/2019
OSHA OSHA announces new cooperative arrangements 01/21/2019
Hazard Communication HazCom updates expected this year 01/23/2019
Enforcement Higher OSHA penalties now in effect 01/23/2019
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA finalizes electronic recordkeeping changes 01/24/2019
Enforcement Wal-Mart citation, fine vacated 01/25/2019
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Infographic: OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping 01/28/2019
Silica (Construction) OSHA expected to act on silica standard 01/29/2019
Healthcare Safety NIOSH finds nurses not using PPE with hazardous drugs 01/30/2019
Fire Extinguishers Infographic: 4 Compliance Options for Use of Fire Extinguishers 01/31/2019
Hazard Communication Hazard communication: Successful strategies to avoid one of the most commonly cited violations 02/01/2019
Safety - General Workers, employers click with NIOSH resources 02/06/2019
Hazard Communication OSHA outlines FIFRA, HazCom differences 02/07/2019
Health - General CDC to track firefighters’ exposures, cancers 02/08/2019
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Cal/OSHA to hold hearing on electronic recordkeeping 02/11/2019
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA beryllium enforcement ramps up March 11 02/13/2019
Commercial Driver Safety NTSB names “Most Wanted” safety moves 02/14/2019
OSHA OSHA revises whistleblower ADR policy 02/18/2019
Heat and Cold NIOSH, OSHA warn of cold work hazards 02/19/2019
Enforcement Cal/OSHA cites contractors in San Francisco twin tunnel fatality 02/21/2019
Safety - General Better DOD contractor safety data needed, GAO says 02/25/2019
Safety - General Three 2019 worker deaths in Washington State, DOSH says 02/26/2019
Health - General NIOSH says workplace infections poorly studied 02/28/2019
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Reminder: Submit 2018 300As to OSHA! 03/01/2019
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Safety Summit 2019: Recordkeeping mistakes are more costly than ever 03/05/2019
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) New report urges stronger safety surveillance 03/05/2019
Violence in the Workplace ASSP offers new active shooter guidance 03/07/2019
Forklifts OSHA seeks input on forklift rules 03/11/2019
Violence in the Workplace OSHA workplace violence citation upheld 03/12/2019
Safety - General Ergonomics major concern for firefighters, EMTs, NIOSH says 03/14/2019
Violence in the Workplace Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium 2019: Addressing bullying and harassment 03/15/2019
Enforcement OSHA drone inspections: What you need to know 03/18/2019
Safety - General Chemical Safety Board highlights consensus standards 03/21/2019
Enforcement NELP claims OSHA enforcement is declining. Is it? 03/22/2019
Enforcement OSHA uses General Duty Clause as ‘gotcha,’ ‘catchall,’ safety board says 03/25/2019
Agriculture OSHA, industry allies highlight grain safety 03/26/2019
Enforcement Cal/OSHA seeks $250,000 for willful failure to guard machinery in fatal accident 03/28/2019
Enforcement Cal/OSHA cites employer for Valley Fever infections 04/02/2019
Alcohol & Drugs NIOSH highlights fentanyl hazards for first responders 04/03/2019
Chemical Hazards NIOSH: Food processing workers exposed to hazardous flavoring chemicals 04/05/2019
Wellness Safety Summit 2019: Addressing fatigue, stress, and mental health 04/09/2019
Safety - General BLS: Workplace injuries, illnesses declining 04/09/2019
Enforcement Procedures for contesting OSHA citations changing 04/12/2019
Process Safety Management OSHRC: Connected vessels covered under PSM rule 04/16/2019
Health - General CDC: Workplace exposures may cause COPD 04/17/2019
Enforcement Cal/OSHA cites employers for amputation 04/18/2019
Health - General New Legionella prevention model available 04/23/2019
Enforcement OIG: OSHA lacked proper procedures for guidance documents 04/25/2019
Workers' Compensation Anxiety, depression add to workers’ compensation costs 04/29/2019
Safety - General BLS examines job transfer, work restriction cases 04/30/2019
Air Contaminants Cal/OSHA seeks emergency wildfire smoke regulation 05/02/2019
Fall Protection (Construction) NIOSH, OSHA cosponsor construction safety stand-down 05/06/2019
Safety - General ASSP urges House to pass safety bills 05/08/2019
Air Contaminants Wildfire smoke bill advances to CA Senate 05/10/2019
Heat and Cold Public Citizen renews call for heat stress standard 05/13/2019
OSHA OSHA finalizes phase 4 SIP; leaves lockout/tagout unchanged 05/14/2019
Health - General Overreaction to measles could end up in court 05/16/2019
OSHA Scott Mugno will not be OSHA head 05/17/2019
Lockout/Tagout OSHA seeks input on lockout/tagout 05/22/2019
Heat and Cold Cal/OSHA pushes indoor heat proposal forward 05/24/2019
Accidents Washington State: Demolition robots pose hazards 05/28/2019
Safety - General ASSP, NIOSH renew partnership; plan for new construction safety research 05/29/2019
OSHA OSHA spring regulatory agenda includes beryllium updates, other items 05/30/2019
Driving Safely NSC honors 16 Texas employers for driver safety 06/03/2019
Workers' Compensation Illinois bill allows lawsuits for occupational illnesses 06/05/2019
Heat and Cold Cal/OSHA issues heat prevention reminder 06/07/2019
Safety Culture Safety 2019: Designing effective safety improvements 06/10/2019
Safety - General AIHA unveils new safety certifications 06/10/2019
Fire Prevention Safety 2019: Effective strategies for warehouse fire prevention 06/11/2019
Enforcement Safety 2019: Successfully navigating an OSHA inspection 06/11/2019
Forklifts Reduce risk to pedestrians on National Forklift Safety Day 06/11/2019
Healthcare Safety Safety 2019: Reducing healthcare worker injuries through SPHM programs 06/12/2019
Safety - General Safety 2019: Integrating OSH into business processes 06/13/2019
Violence in the Workplace Psychiatric treatment center cited for workplace violence hazards 06/17/2019
Enforcement OSHA hits roofer with $1.8 million penalty 06/20/2019
Safety - General AmTrust makes business case for safety 06/21/2019
Construction - General AIHA details top four construction health hazards 06/24/2019
Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Welding fume now considered a carcinogen 06/26/2019
Enforcement OSHA puts tire maker on severe violators list 06/28/2019
Accidents CSB: Chain of failures at DuPont La Porte 07/01/2019
Alcohol & Drugs NSC weighs in on Illinois marijuana law 07/03/2019
Workers' Compensation Workers’ comp fraud ring participants sentenced 07/09/2019
Chemical Hazards NIOSH issues new hazard banding guide 07/12/2019
Enforcement Cal/OSHA cites employers for carbon monoxide poisoning 07/15/2019
Heat and Cold House bill would mandate federal heat regulation 07/17/2019
OSHA Trump nominating Eugene Scalia for Labor Secretary 07/19/2019
Heat and Cold OSHA Region 7 office warns of summer hazards 07/19/2019
Air Contaminants California adopts emergency wildfire smoke standard 07/23/2019
PPE - General California appeals court: Workers must pay for their shoes 07/25/2019
OSHA OSHA drops reconsideration of Arizona state plan 07/29/2019
Enforcement OSHA hits manufacturer with $287,000 in fines 07/30/2019
Enforcement Manufacturer faces $724K in OSHA fines 08/02/2019
OSHA OSHA renews alliance with CPWR 08/06/2019
Health - General Nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke 08/08/2019
Enforcement Reign of six-figure penalties continues 08/12/2019
Safety - General BLS starts looking at independent worker fatalities 08/14/2019
Hours of Service (Motor Carriers) FMCSA proposes hours of service changes 08/15/2019
Silica (Construction) OSHA seeks input on silica standards 08/19/2019
Motor Carrier Safety Safety culture, technology yield results in trucking 08/20/2019
EHS Metrics OSHA issues guide to leading indicators 08/23/2019
Enforcement Judge issues $1.04 million whistleblower penalty 08/27/2019
Safety - General NIOSH publishes updates on its programs 08/29/2019
Safety Culture ‘Bully’ bosses pose safety risks, study finds 08/30/2019
Safety - General NIOSH researching ‘Future of Work’ 09/04/2019
Noise Study: Mining, oil and gas workers at risk of hearing loss 09/06/2019
Enforcement NSC 2019: OSHA announces latest Top-10 Violation list 09/10/2019
Safety - General Survey: AIHA members average $110k salary 09/10/2019
Shift Work NSC 2019: Fatigue—How are you managing the risk? 09/12/2019
Workers' Compensation Oregon workers' compensation costs dropping 09/12/2019
Healthcare Safety NIOSH examines hospital, ergonomic, opioid hazards 09/17/2019
Enforcement Tribal business exempt from OSH Act, ALJ rules 09/19/2019
Enforcement OSHA cites Dollar Tree, seeks $898,682 09/23/2019
Safety - General NIOSH unveils international travel resources 09/25/2019
Alcohol & Drugs NSC releases employer opioid kit 09/26/2019
OSHA With Scalia at helm, expect DOL to be more ‘disciplined,’ ‘pro-business’ 09/27/2019
Respiratory Protection OSHA adds new respirator fit testing protocols 09/27/2019
OSHA OSHA awards $10.5 million in training grants 10/01/2019
Alcohol & Drugs NIOSH releases first responders’ illicit drug toolkit 10/04/2019
Enforcement OSHA revises enforcement weighting system 10/07/2019
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Trend of six-figure fines continues 10/08/2019
Enforcement OSHA cites Ohio concrete manufacturer 10/14/2019
Health - General Valley fever training required in California 10/15/2019
Alcohol & Drugs Medical group voices marijuana safety concerns 10/16/2019
Enforcement OSHA cites Texas company in airport fatality 10/22/2019
Health - General AIHA joins indoor environmental quality alliance 10/28/2019
Alcohol & Drugs NSC opposes cannabis use in safety-sensitive jobs 10/29/2019
Enforcement OSHA seeks $1.6 million penalty 10/30/2019
Safety - General NIOSH announces safety AI competition 11/01/2019
Enforcement OSHA cites company in heat-related death 11/04/2019
Safety - General Amazon sponsors NSC award, scholarships 11/06/2019
Enforcement CA appeals court upholds Home Depot citations 11/08/2019
Lead California blood lead law requires Cal/OSHA notice 11/11/2019
Commercial Driver Safety CDC, NIOSH plan driver fatigue study 11/13/2019
Safety - General Number of injuries in 2018 unchanged, BLS says 11/15/2019
Safety - General CPWR: Wearable technology could prevent struck-by hazards 11/18/2019
OSHA NSC, OSHA renew partnership alliance 11/20/2019
OSHA OSHA plans forklift, walking-working surfaces proposals 11/25/2019
Violence in the Workplace Healthcare workplace violence bill passes House 11/26/2019
Commercial Driver Safety NIOSH plans short-haul truckers survey 11/29/2019
Enforcement OSHA cites Maine roofer again 12/02/2019
Enforcement OSHA orders UPS to compensate driver 12/03/2019
Safety - General BLS: Retail injuries rose in 2018 12/04/2019
Enforcement OSHA inspected more workplaces in 2019 12/09/2019
Safety - General Most injuries in transportation, BLS says 12/11/2019
Noise Medications could prevent hearing loss, NIOSH says 12/12/2019
Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) FMCSA extends states’ Clearinghouse compliance deadline 12/16/2019
Commercial Driver Safety FMCSA petitioned to drop hearing requirement 12/17/2019
Enforcement States decline aircraft crew enforcement 12/18/2019
Safety - General BLS: Workplace fatalities increased in 2018 12/19/2019
Enforcement OSHA revises amputations NEP 12/20/2019
Commercial Driver Safety NIOSH releases latest motor vehicle safety plan 12/27/2019
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