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Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) FMCSA calls for more random drug tests 01/02/2020
Safety - General California reveals 2018 rise in worker deaths 01/06/2020
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Discount retailers, fall hazards, silica, and more 01/10/2020
Ergonomics NIOSH: Industrial exoskeletons not well studied 01/13/2020
Safety - General NSC receives additional Work to Zero grant 01/14/2020
Enforcement Breaking: OSHA raises civil penalties for 2020 01/15/2020
Electrical Safety Electrical safety: Using NFPA 70E to protect workers 01/16/2020
Motor Carrier Safety FMCSA plans to update large truck crash study 01/20/2020
Enforcement OSHA seeks $132,600 penalty from refinery 01/21/2020
Air Contaminants NIOSH releases construction IEQ recommendations 01/24/2020
Enforcement OSHA seeks over $1 million in fall hazard penalties 01/28/2020
Temporary Workers NIOSH: Higher injury rate for temporary workers 01/29/2020
Health - General Coronavirus: Should employers be concerned? 01/31/2020
Commercial Driver Safety FMCSA delays driver training rule 02/04/2020
Health - General Cal/OSHA issues coronavirus guidance 02/05/2020
Safety - General Surgeon General touts worker well-being 02/06/2020
Silica (General Industry) OSHA revises silica emphasis program 02/10/2020
Safety - General NIOSH researching healthy work design 02/14/2020
Enforcement OSHA seeks $128,004 penalty from farm 02/17/2020
Safety - General BLS: Fatalities likely among older workers 02/19/2020
Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) ODAPC: DOT not testing for CBD 02/21/2020
Safety - General NSC releases first 'Work to Zero' report 02/24/2020
Violence in the Workplace Safety Summit 2020: M.O.V.E. to prevent workplace violence 02/25/2020
Enforcement OSHA cites Dana Rail Care again 02/25/2020
Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) Nearly 8,000 violations flagged by FMCSA’s Clearinghouse 02/27/2020
Health - General CDC updates N95 respirator strategy in response to COVID-19 03/03/2020
Enforcement OSHA cites Toll Brothers in fatal fall 03/04/2020
Driving Safely NTSB urges OSHA action on distracted driving 03/05/2020
Health - General COVID-19: EPA releases list of registered disinfectants 03/06/2020
Enforcement OSHA cites two more Dollar Tree stores 03/06/2020
Health - General Cal/OSHA issues interim COVID-19 guidance 03/09/2020
Health - General OSHA urges businesses to prepare for COVID-19 outbreaks 03/11/2020
Hours of Service (Motor Carriers) FMCSA grants HOS relief for COVID-19 response 03/16/2020
Respiratory Protection OSHA issues temporary respirator enforcement directive 03/17/2020
Enforcement OSHA Region 3 extends silica emphasis program 03/19/2020
Hours of Service (Motor Carriers) FMCSA expands hours of service relief 03/20/2020
Health - General COVID-19: Cal/OSHA issues guidance for childcare services 03/23/2020
Health - General NIOSH: Responders must be notified of coronavirus exposure 03/30/2020
Health - General Nevada OSHA reminds firms of COVID-19 precautions 03/31/2020
Motor Carrier Safety FMCSA expands COVID-19 response 04/01/2020
Respiratory Protection Cal/OSHA allows surgical mask substitution 04/02/2020
Enforcement OSHA cites employers in New Orleans collapse 04/07/2020
Respiratory Protection OSHA allows foreign-certified respirators 04/08/2020
Health - General Cal/OSHA issues expanded COVID-19 guidance 04/09/2020
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Spotlight on recent cases 04/13/2020
Health - General OSHA addresses COVID-19 concerns 04/14/2020
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA eases COVID-19 recordkeeping requirements 04/15/2020
Health - General Oregon OSHA ramps up COVID-19 enforcement 04/16/2020
Health - General AIHA clarifies misinformation on PPE, ventilation, and disinfection in relation to COVID-19 04/17/2020
Enforcement OSHA refocuses COVID-19 enforcement efforts 04/17/2020
First Aid AHA issues COVID-19 CPR guidelines 04/23/2020
Health - General NSC forms reopening task force 04/27/2020
Health - General CDC, OSHA issue meatpacking COVID-19 guidelines 04/29/2020
Health - General Reopening after COVID-19 05/04/2020
Respiratory Protection OSHA weighs in on N95 respirator decontamination 05/05/2020
Motor Carrier Safety FMCSA may exclude unpreventable crashes from data 05/07/2020
Health - General CDC, OSHA provide reopening guidance 05/11/2020
Health - General AIHA, NSC provide reopening resources 05/12/2020
Health - General OSHA issues dental industry COVID-19 guidelines 05/14/2020
Health - General CDC issues COVID-19 guidelines for truckers 05/15/2020
Health - General CDC, OSHA, Cal/OSHA issue COVID-19 reopening guidelines 05/18/2020
Hours of Service (Motor Carriers) FMCSA amends hours of service rules 05/19/2020
Enforcement OSHA issues new enforcement policies 05/21/2020
Health - General Researchers warn of Legionnaire’s risk in reopened buildings 05/26/2020
Health - General Cal/OSHA issues ATD guidance for hospitals 05/27/2020
Health - General California employers must balance COVID-19, heat protections 05/28/2020
Health - General CDC releases office building recommendations 06/01/2020
Health - General NSC urges caution in business reopening 06/05/2020
Respiratory Protection FDA: Employers should stop decontamination of FFRs made in China 06/10/2020
Motor Carrier Safety FMCSA extends, modifies emergency declaration 06/12/2020
Health - General Cal/OSHA, CDPH issue hotel reopening guidelines 06/15/2020
Health - General OSHA: Nonhealthcare employers must supply respirators 06/16/2020
Health - General OSHA: Employers must plan for COVID-19 hazards 06/18/2020
EHS Strategy Safety 2020: Five essential business skills for safety pros 06/23/2020
Health - General Industry group examines challenges of reopening 06/23/2020
Health - General OSHA issues compliance guidance for reopening 06/23/2020
Health - General Safety 2020: Broaden your safety program with Total Worker Health 06/24/2020
Audits Safety 2020: Taking inspections and audits beyond compliance 06/25/2020
Agriculture California adopts new nighttime farm work standard 06/26/2020
Health - General Virginia weighs setting first COVID-19 Standard 06/29/2020
Health - General NIOSH compiles disinfectant safety, health hazard information 06/30/2020
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Citations, fines continue amid COVID-19 pandemic 07/01/2020
Safety - General NIOSH reports recent research highlights 07/07/2020
Driving Safely NIOSH: Driver training improves fleet safety 07/09/2020
Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) FMCSA exercising discretion in drug testing enforcement 07/10/2020
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA issues final beryllium rule 07/14/2020
Motor Carrier Safety NIOSH releases new motor vehicle safety plan 07/17/2020
Health - General Cal/OSHA urges employers to follow COVID-19 guidance 07/20/2020
Health - General Virginia adopts emergency COVID-19 standard 07/21/2020
Enforcement OSHA cites employers for COVID-19 respirator violation 07/23/2020
Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) FMCSA reports over 25,000 drug violations 07/27/2020
Safety - General BLS notes injury, illness declines over nearly 50 years 07/30/2020
Recordkeeping - General OSHA revises medical record access procedure 07/31/2020
Safety - General NRDC: Climate change endangering work health, safety 08/03/2020
Health - General NSC urges governors to lead contact tracing efforts 08/06/2020
Respiratory Protection Cal/OSHA issues updated ATD respirator guidance 08/11/2020
Noise NIOSH warns of service industry noise hazards 08/12/2020
OSHA OSHA, Meat Institute form COVID-19 alliance 08/17/2020
Health - General NIOSH: Occupation, industry data important in COVID-19 reports 08/17/2020
Health - General NSC: COVID-19 may become third leading cause of death 08/20/2020
OSHA OSHA, FDA release safety checklist 08/21/2020
OSHA Labor IG audits OSHA whistleblower enforcement 08/24/2020
Health - General Oregon proposes emergency COVID-19 standard 08/27/2020
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA issues final beryllium rules 08/31/2020
Emergency Preparedness AIHA releases first responder health resources 09/03/2020
Emergency Preparedness AIHA releases COVID-19 guidance 09/04/2020
Motor Carrier Safety FMCSA plans hours of service 'pause' pilot 09/08/2020
Enforcement Cal/OSHA cites employers for COVID-19 violations 09/10/2020
Enforcement OSHA cites meatpacking plant for COVID-19 violations 09/14/2020
Enforcement Cal/OSHA cites frozen food manufacturer, staffing firm 09/15/2020
Fire Prevention NIOSH issues row house firefighting guidance 09/16/2020
Fire Prevention Where There's Wildfire, There's Smoke: Emergency Regulations in California Require Employers to Protect Workers from Wildfire Smoke 09/17/2020
Cranes and Derricks (Construction) OSHA issues cranes, derricks amendments 09/18/2020
Respiratory Protection NIOSH requests comment on respirator stockpile 09/21/2020
Enforcement Michigan cites employers for COVID-19 violations 09/24/2020
Enforcement Hospitals, police department cited for COVID-19 violations 09/25/2020
Alcohol & Drugs NSC urges House to hear safety concerns about cannabis bill 09/28/2020
Alcohol & Drugs NSC urges candidates to include overdose prevention in COVID-19 plans 09/30/2020
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Spotlight on recent cases 10/01/2020
Health - General NSC: 39 states need to improve COVID-19 response 10/02/2020
OSHA OSHA renews alliance with chemical manufacturers 10/05/2020
Enforcement California, Nevada cite COVID-19 safety violations 10/07/2020
Respiratory Protection OSHA issues PAPR enforcement guidance 10/12/2020
Health - General AIHA launches site on OEHS career opportunities 10/14/2020
Emergency Preparedness OSHA warns employers of hurricane hazards 10/16/2020
Health - General Michigan issues emergency COVID-19 regulations 10/21/2020
Enforcement OSHA, Target reach settlement with $465,000 penalty 10/23/2020
Health - General AIHA expands, updates COVID-19 guidelines 10/28/2020
Motor Carrier Safety ATRI reports evolving motor carrier concerns 10/30/2020
Safety - General NIOSH releases program performance summaries 11/02/2020
Health - General Cal/OSHA updates COVID-19 guidance 11/04/2020
Health - General Oregon readies emergency COVID-19 rule 11/06/2020
Respiratory Protection OSHA issues long-term care respirator guidance 11/09/2020
Health - General Michigan releases new COVID-19 policy 11/11/2020
Driving Safely NSC names new road safety VP 11/13/2020
Motor Carrier Safety Transportation IG identifies FMCSA challenges 11/16/2020
Health - General California considers emergency COVID-19 rule 11/18/2020
Air Contaminants Washington state developing wildfire smoke rule 12/01/2020
Health - General Cal/OSHA COVID-19 rules take effect 12/03/2020
Health - General CDC updates employer COVID-19 resources 12/04/2020
Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers) FMCSA extends hours-of-service relief 12/07/2020
Enforcement Michigan cites employers for COVID-19 violations 12/09/2020
Safety - General NSC: Employers note lower recordable rate 12/14/2020
Respiratory Protection NIOSH: Respirator valves can control disease sources 12/16/2020
Motor Carrier Safety FMCSA proposes end to driver violation reports 12/18/2020
Health - General ASTM developing standard for face masks 12/21/2020
OSHA BLS: Workplace Fatalities Rose in 2019 12/28/2020
Enforcement DOL Issues New Collections Rule 12/29/2020
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