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Health - General Cal/OSHA cites COVID-19 violations in meatpacking 01/04/2021
Health - General NIOSH: Histoplasmosis diagnosis often delayed 01/06/2021
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: 176 employers cited for COVID-19 violations 01/11/2021
Safety - General Biden names Marty Walsh secretary of Labor 01/11/2021
Training A year's worth of safety meeting and training ideas 01/11/2021
Commercial Driver Safety FMCSA proposes revised vision standard 01/13/2021
Violence in the Workplace After Capitol incident, AIHA calls for workplace violence rule 01/15/2021
Enforcement MIOSHA cites more employers for COVID-19 lapses 01/18/2021
Health - General Biden issues mask mandate, names OSHA leaders 01/21/2021
Health - General Biden orders OSHA action on COVID-19 01/25/2021
Health - General Oregon warns employers about retaliation 01/27/2021
Enforcement Review commission vacates citation in turnpike robbery 01/28/2021
Health - General Virginia issues permanent COVID-19 regulation 01/29/2021
Enforcement Michigan cites more employers under its COVID-19 rule 01/29/2021
Health - General OSHA issues stronger COVID-19 guidance 02/01/2021
PPE - General NIOSH mask infographic downloaded over 19,000 times 02/01/2021
Health - General Safety advocates see COVID-19 guidance as first step 02/03/2021
Enforcement Cal/OSHA cites employers for COVID-19 violations 02/05/2021
Health - General Oregon proposes permanent COVID-19 rule 02/10/2021
Enforcement OSHA fines rail car servicer $419,347 02/15/2021
Hazard Communication OSHA proposes hazcom rule updates 02/18/2021
PPE - General ASTM approves nonregulatory face mask standard 02/19/2021
Trenching (Construction) OSHA cites plumbing contractor for repeated trench violations 02/22/2021
Health - General Experts call for immediate action on COVID-19 exposures 02/24/2021
Enforcement MIOSHA continues COVID-19 enforcement 02/26/2021
Toxic and Hazardous Substances OSHA issues beryllium rule corrections 02/26/2021
Inspections Oregon OSHA inspectors blocked, threatened 03/01/2021
Enforcement Cal/OSHA cites additional COVID-19 violations 03/04/2021
Inspections Inspector General faults OSHA COVID-19 enforcement 03/08/2021
Enforcement OSHA reveals most cited violations 03/10/2021
Health - General OSHA Launches NEP to Protect High-Risk Workers from Coronavirus 03/12/2021
Respiratory Protection NIOSH approves new elastomeric respirators 03/12/2021
Fire Prevention NIOSH cautions firefighters at natural gas, propane incidents 03/15/2021
Health - General OSHA launches focused COVID-19 enforcement 03/17/2021
Enforcement OSHA cites, fines employers for amputations 03/19/2021
Alcohol & Drugs NIOSH releases workplace overdose video 03/24/2021
Health - General Michigan proceeds with COVID-19 standard 03/26/2021
Health - General NIOSH releases COVID-19 research agenda 03/30/2021
Enforcement OSHA cites Schneider Electric, Seneca Foods 04/01/2021
OSHA Infectious disease, workplace violence rules remain in OSHA plan 04/05/2021
Enforcement OSHA cites auto body maker, seeking $393,992 in fines 04/08/2021
OSHA Biden taps Cal/OSHA chief to head OSHA 04/12/2021
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Spotlight on recent cases 04/12/2021
Wellness NIOSH releases worker wellness questionnaire 04/15/2021
Enforcement Oregon continues COVID-19 enforcement 04/22/2021
Fall Protection (Construction) NIOSH, OSHA call for safety stand-downs 04/26/2021
Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers) FMCSA cautions CMV drivers in roadway work zones 04/27/2021
Chemical Hazards CSB adopts report on fatal hydrogen sulfide release 05/07/2021
Health - General Oregon adopts permanent COVID-19 rule 05/10/2021
Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers) FMCSA issues HOS exemption after pipeline cyberattack 05/14/2021
Slips and Falls OSHA proposes walking-working surface clarification 05/24/2021
Health - General NIOSH issues mask criteria 06/03/2021
Health - General NSC: Employer mandates drive COVID-19 vaccinations 10/04/2021
Enforcement OSHA's Denver office cites employers in fatalities 10/06/2021
Enforcement Cal/OSHA getting new enforcement powers in 2022 10/08/2021
Chemical Hazards CSB urges EPA, OSHA to revise chemical safety rules 10/11/2021
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Spotlight on recent cases 10/12/2021
Enforcement Tootsie Roll facing $136K OSHA fine in amputation case 10/13/2021
Motor Carrier Safety FMCSA establishes state drug, alcohol restrictions 10/15/2021
Enforcement OSHA cites paint manufacturer, seeks $709K penalty 10/18/2021
Enforcement Fall protection again tops most frequently cited standards list 10/20/2021
Heat and Cold ASSP issues COVID-19, heat standard positions 10/25/2021
Enforcement OSHA cites nursing facility under COVID-19 ETS 10/27/2021
Safety - General Governors object to OSHA actions on state plans 10/29/2021
Health - General California weighing COVID-19 ETS renewal 11/01/2021
Heat and Cold OSHA floats heat standard proposal 11/03/2021
Health - General OSHA issues vaccination or testing ETS 11/04/2021
Health - General 13 questions and answers about OSHA's new COVID-19 vaccination standard 11/05/2021
Health - General Employers ponder next steps as they pore over OSHA vax rule 11/05/2021
OSHA ASSP, NSC welcome Parker confirmation to OSHA 11/08/2021
Health - General Employers in limbo after latest development on OSHA's vaccination rule 11/09/2021
Electrical Safety OSHA urges employers to emphasize electrical safety 11/12/2021
Health - General OSHA vaccine, testing ETS indefinitely stayed 11/15/2021
Noise NIOSH: Over half of workers do not use hearing protection 11/15/2021
Enforcement OSHA fines Wisconsin foundry over $200,000 11/17/2021
Health - General California standards board weighing COVID-19 ETS readoption 11/19/2021
Enforcement Crane company ordered to pay whistleblower 11/23/2021
Safety - General Labor Department reminds retailers to ensure worker safety 11/29/2021
Health - General Labor Department requests vaccine rule reinstatement 11/30/2021
Enforcement OSHA cites Rhode Island contractors for cave-in hazards 12/02/2021
Health - General OSHA extends comment period for COVID-19 ETS 12/02/2021
Enforcement Sunpro Solar facing $160,000 OSHA fine 12/06/2021
Enforcement Queens contractor faces $374K OSHA penalty after fatal worker fall 12/08/2021
Enforcement OSHA cites St. Croix refinery 12/10/2021
Alcohol & Drugs NIOSH casts spotlight on opioids 12/13/2021
Health - General California board weighing COVID-19 ETS renewal 12/15/2021
Enforcement Dollar General OSHA fines now exceed $3.3 million 12/17/2021
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) BLS: 2020 saw fewer fatal workplace injuries 12/20/2021
Health - General Appeals court reinstates OSHA vaccine-or-test ETS 12/20/2021
Health - General California readopts COVID-19 ETS 12/22/2021
Enforcement Amputations net six-figure OSHA fines 12/22/2021
Safety - General ASSP, NSC: Pandemic may have curtailed fatal injuries 12/27/2021
Enforcement Florida roofer facing imprisonment in ongoing OSHA case 12/29/2021
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