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Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) FMCSA denies request for drug use hair testing 01/03/2023
Process Safety Management CSB finds 6 safety lapses in Wisconsin refinery explosion 01/05/2023
Health - General CDC: COVID-19 deaths highest in public safety, accommodation, and food 01/09/2023
Safety - General OSHA enforcement roundup: Spotlight on recent cases 01/10/2023
Health - General OSHA proceeding with healthcare rulemakings 01/11/2023
Enforcement Wisconsin malt barley supplier facing $174,351 in OSHA fines 01/13/2023
Respiratory Protection NIOSH offering $350K for respirator fit-testing solution 01/16/2023
Enforcement Roofer facing $584K fines for violations at Toll Brothers project 01/18/2023
Enforcement Contractor facing $251K OSHA fine following trenching fatality 01/20/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites safety, health violations at 3 Amazon warehouses 01/23/2023
Enforcement Dollar General faces $395,717 in new OSHA fines 01/25/2023
Enforcement Plastics maker pleads guilty in worker’s death 01/27/2023
Enforcement OSHA resumes enforcement in 18 Florida counties 01/30/2023
Enforcement OSHA adds 'instance-by-instance' citation policy 02/01/2023
Enforcement Connecticut, Kansas employers facing 6-figure OSHA fines 02/03/2023
Health - General California nonemergency COVID-19 rules take effect 02/06/2023
Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers) FMCSA seeks more input on autonomous trucks 02/08/2023
Enforcement Massachusetts roofer facing $137,508 in new OSHA fines 02/10/2023
Enforcement Illinois grain cooperative faces $630K OSHA fine in amputation 02/13/2023
OSHA OSHA withdraws Arizona state plan revocation 02/15/2023
Enforcement Fishing vessel facing $208K in OSHA fines 02/17/2023
OSHA DOL lists OSHA's 6 economically significant rulemakings 02/22/2023
Enforcement Texas dental workers win back wages over COVID-19 concerns 02/24/2023
Enforcement Dollar Tree store facing $254K in OSHA fines 02/27/2023
Enforcement Federal panel upholds Walmart’s OSHA citation 03/01/2023
Heat and Cold California appeals board clarifies heat standard requirement 03/03/2023
Enforcement El Paso employer facing $292K OSHA fine for corrosives exposures 03/06/2023
Enforcement Georgia manufacturer faces $423K OSHA fine 03/08/2023
Enforcement Federal panel vacates Postal Service heat citations 03/10/2023
Safety - General Labor OIG: OSHA inconsistent in handling complaints 03/13/2023
Enforcement Dollar General facing $1 million in new OSHA fines 03/15/2023
Enforcement BP faces $156K OSHA fine in refinery explosion 03/17/2023
Enforcement 2 Connecticut men arrested in fatal trench collapse 03/20/2023
Enforcement Sterilization company faces $838,800 Cal/OSHA fine 03/22/2023
Ergonomics NSC awarding grants for ergonomics research 03/24/2023
Enforcement Texas Porsche dealership must pay whistleblower $15K 03/28/2023
Enforcement Florida contractor faces $464K OSHA fine 03/30/2023
Alcohol & Drugs FDA approves OTC overdose treatment 04/03/2023
Enforcement Florida contractor cited a sixth time 04/05/2023
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA releases form 300A data 04/06/2023
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Spotlight on recent cases 04/10/2023
Safety - General NIOSH releases plan for addressing Native American workplace risks 04/10/2023
Heat and Cold Cal/OSHA proposes indoor heat standard 04/12/2023
Trenching (Construction) OSHA launches excavation outreach in the Midwest 04/14/2023
Safety - General OSHA recognizes VPP ‘Star’ sites 04/18/2023
Enforcement Dollar General facing $554K in new OSHA fines 04/19/2023
Health - General Michigan paper mill closed following fungal outbreak 04/21/2023
Enforcement Mississippi farm cited in South African worker's death 04/24/2023
Enforcement Equipment company facing $272K Cal/OSHA fine 04/26/2023
Enforcement OSHA again cites Dollar Tree, Dollar General for blocked exits 04/28/2023
Enforcement ALJ upholds OSHA workplace violence citation 05/01/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites Amazon for delaying treatment of injured workers 05/04/2023
Fall Protection (Construction) OSHA launches emphasis program for falls 05/05/2023
Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) DOT accepts oral fluid drug testing 05/08/2023
Chemical Hazards Chemical Safety Board: OSHA, EPA should revise chemical hazard rules 05/10/2023
Violence in the Workplace OSHA cites Texas Children's Hospital for guard's assault 05/12/2023
Heat and Cold Cal/OSHA warns employers to protect workers from heat 05/15/2023
Ventilation CDC: Aim for 5 air changes per hour in buildings 05/17/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites NJ manufacturer, places it in severe violator program 05/19/2023
Enforcement Dollar General facing $3.4 million in new OSHA fines 05/24/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites workplace violence at Columbus children’s hospital 05/30/2023
Chemical Hazards CSB issues final report on fatal acetic acid release 06/01/2023
Enforcement Dollar General facing $268K in new OSHA fines 06/02/2023
Safety - General Following typhoon, OSHA deploys to Guam 06/05/2023
Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers) ATRI releases study of cannabis legalization impacts 06/07/2023
Enforcement Illinois contractor facing $66K in new OSHA fines 06/09/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites discount retailers Dollar General, Dollar Tree again 06/12/2023
Air Contaminants OSHA urges employers to protect workers from wildfire smoke 06/14/2023
Enforcement Pizza maker facing $2.8 million in OSHA fines 06/16/2023
Enforcement Hostess Brands facing $298K in OSHA fines 06/19/2023
Enforcement Amputation at JBS Green Bay nets $227K OSHA fine 06/21/2023
Enforcement Dollar Tree facing $295K in new OSHA fines 06/23/2023
Heat and Cold OSHA seeks employer input on heat rulemaking 06/26/2023
Chemical Hazards CSB releases final report on fatal chemical release 06/28/2023
Enforcement Cal/OSHA cites mushroom farms in workplace shootings 06/30/2023
Enforcement Maine roofer responsible for $1.6 million OSHA fine 07/05/2023
Health - General Former OSHA chief: Agency should prepare for next pandemic 07/07/2023
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Spotlight on recent cases 07/10/2023
Motor Carrier Safety DOT proposes automatic braking on trucks 07/10/2023
Enforcement Alabama sawmill faces $184K OSHA fine for fatality 07/12/2023
Enforcement Chemical safety board closes four investigations 07/14/2023
Enforcement OSHA issues a pair of six-figure fines 07/17/2023
Heat and Cold Cal/OSHA conducting targeted heat inspections 07/18/2023
Enforcement OSHA launches warehouse enforcement program 07/19/2023
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) OSHA Reinstating Electronic Filing for Forms 300, 301 07/21/2023
PPE (Construction) OSHA proposes revisions to construction PPE rule 07/24/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites Petco for vermin, chemical, electrical hazards 07/26/2023
OSHA OSHA moving forward on six economically significant rules 07/28/2023
Heat and Cold OSHA heat 07/31/2023
Enforcement Houston builder facing $266K in OSHA fines 08/07/2023
Heat and Cold Cal/OSHA cautions employers to protect workers from heat 08/07/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites NJ Amazon warehouse for ergonomics violations 08/09/2023
Enforcement Norfolk Southern enters into derailment site agreement 08/11/2023
OSHA Cal/OSHA expanding in three regions 08/14/2023
Chemical Hazards CSB urges FERC to address hurricanes, extreme weather events 08/16/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites Ohio foundry in fatal steam explosion 08/18/2023
Enforcement OSHA reveals a pair of six-figure fines 08/22/2023
Enforcement Dixon Ticonderoga cited for amputation injury 08/23/2023
Enforcement Rite Aid settles BBP violation with OSHA 08/25/2023
Enforcement OSHA, Dollar Tree reach settlement agreement 08/28/2023
Inspections OSHA proposes changes to inspection regulations 08/30/2023
Enforcement Failure to correct hazards yields $298K OSHA fine 09/05/2023
Enforcement Car services franchisor facing $265K in OSHA fines 09/08/2023
Chemical Hazards Chemical safety board applauds EPA hydrogen fluoride initiative 09/11/2023
Enforcement OSHA, WHD investigating poultry plant fatality, child labor violations 09/13/2023
Bloodborne Pathogens NIOSH: Healthcare workers most injured by sharps 09/15/2023
Enforcement Ohio contractor facing $548K in OSHA fines 09/18/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites Texas poultry plant for ergonomics hazards 09/20/2023
Alcohol & Drugs NSC launches workplace overdose program 09/22/2023
Enforcement Concrete mixer fatality nets $246K OSHA fine 09/25/2023
Silica (General Industry) OSHA launches enforcement initiative for engineered stone 09/27/2023
Enforcement Contractor agrees to $370K fine to avoid prosecution 09/29/2023
Enforcement Battery manufacturer cited for lead violations 10/02/2023
Safety - General Secretary Su, ASSP to unveil Triangle Shirtwaist memorial 10/04/2023
Enforcement Pennsylvania candy maker cited in gas leak explosion 10/06/2023
Ergonomics Safety Council releases new ergonomics research 10/10/2023
Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Spotlight on recent cases 10/10/2023
Enforcement Massachusetts manufacturer cited for beryllium exposures 10/12/2023
Motor Carrier Safety FMCSA limits emergency exemptions 10/16/2023
Inspections OSHA extends comment period for walkaround proposal 10/18/2023
Noise Special journal issue highlights NIOSH hearing loss research 10/20/2023
Agriculture Archer Daniels Midland cited in grain elevator explosion 10/23/2023
Accidents OSHA: Tank service firm failed to protect workers from toxic gas 10/25/2023
Enforcement Fall protection most cited OSHA standard for 13th year 10/26/2023
Safety - General Safety groups honor Port of Portland's prevention efforts 10/30/2023
Enforcement Florida grocer cited in employee's fatal fall 11/01/2023
Enforcement OSHA, NLRB sign whistleblower enforcement agreement 11/03/2023
Enforcement Contractor cited in fatal fall at electric car plant site 11/06/2023
Lead NIOSH offers lead exposure resource 11/08/2023
Enforcement 3M facing $313K OSHA fine following fatality 11/10/2023
Health - General BLS: Injuries, illnesses rose in 2022 11/13/2023
Alcohol & Drugs White House releases workplace drug use, overdose guidance 11/15/2023
Enforcement El Paso machine shop facing $596K in OSHA fines 11/17/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites Florida, Massachusetts employers following explosions 11/20/2023
Heat and Cold California revises indoor heat standard proposal 11/22/2023
Enforcement Wisconsin roofer facing $180K in OSHA fines for fall hazards 11/28/2023
Noise OSHA workplace noise enforcement program renewed 12/01/2023
Enforcement Ohio meat processor facing $278K in OSHA fines 12/04/2023
Enforcement Worker fatalities yield maximum OSHA penalties 12/06/2023
Safety - General NIOSH director: Workplace chemicals can cause hearing loss 12/08/2023
Enforcement OSHA slaps $1.8 million fine on Minnesota contractor 12/11/2023
Chemical Hazards CSB releases report on fatal dust explosion, fire 12/13/2023
Safety - General ASSP's safety podcast tops 300,000 downloads 12/15/2023
Head Protection OSHA personnel switching from hard hats to safety helmets 12/18/2023
Enforcement OSHA cites Illinois roofer a 6th time 12/20/2023
Enforcement Wisconsin mill agrees to pay $1.8 million OSHA fine 12/21/2023
Silica (General Industry) California issues emergency silica standard 12/22/2023
Safety - General BLS: Worker fatalities increased 5.7% in 2022 12/27/2023
Enforcement Wisconsin sawmill facing $1.4 million OSHA fine 12/29/2023
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