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August 06, 2007
Audio Conferences Offer a New Option for Supervisory Training

Do you have trouble finding the time to get up-to-speed with current training topics? Need expert advice about critical safety issues? Don't want to spend time away from the office at conferences or distant specialized training sessions?

Try a safety audio conference. An audio conference is remarkably cost-effective and convenient. You participate from your facility using a regular telephone. You have no travel costs and no out-of-office time. Plus, for one price you can get as many other trainers or managers in your group to participate as you can fit around a speakerphone.

Here's how it works. Audio conferences are generally 90-minute live training sessions about a particular topic. There are usually two or more speakers--experts in their field--who discuss the topic with a conference host. Participants dial in via a special phone number and listen in over their own telephones or around a speakerphone.

Why It Matters...
  • Audio conferences are a quick, easy, timely, and cost-effective way for managers to learn about important safety issues.
  • Participants learn what they need to know from experts without having to leave the workplace for training.
  • Large groups of managers or supervisors can be trained in-house, at the same time, and in a variety of fields that are critical to the safe operation of your facility.

Along with the audio portion of the presentation, you may also receive a handout that supports the live discussion. The handout outlines the training points so you can follow along as the conference progresses. Handouts also provide a takeaway, which serves as a permanent reminder of the key points learned in the training session. After the speakers have thoroughly discussed the issues (about an hour), the conference usually wraps up with a question and answer period for the remaining 30 minutes or so. You can either e-mail questions or phone them in. CDs of the session are also available if you miss the live session or want to keep a permanent recording.

Audio conferences offer many benefits. Aside from being cost-effective and convenient, audio conferences are also a timely way to bring yourself up-to-speed on hot-button issues that have a big impact on the safe operation of your business. You get the opportunity to learn from nationally recognized experts in the field. In addition, the electronic hookup makes it possible to poll the audience to find out about their specific needs and concerns so that the speakers can address these directly during the conference.

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