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Issue Date: August 27, 2018

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September is just a few days away. In keeping with the annual National Preparedness Month observance, our latest issue of our Safety Works for Employees newsletter includes a checklist to help you prepare for inclement weather, important information about earthquake preparedness, and tips for designing a household emergency plan. You'll also find practical guidance and a quiz on computer workstation ergonomics. Download it today and share this important information with your employees.

California recently became the first state in the country to implement a workplace safety rule aimed at protecting hotel housekeepers from ergonomic injuries. The regulation took effect on July 1, and the compliance date for employers to complete an initial worksite evaluation is coming up on October 1. Employee training is a required part of the regulation, and Safety.BLR has resources to help. Download our new Toolbox Talk on best practices for handling housekeeping carts safely and use it to train your employees.

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Handheld saws and the respirable silica standard

OSHA recently provided guidance about several frequently asked questions about the respirable crystalline silica rule in construction, along with a new set of videos on controlling silica dust generated by several types of equipment.

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Can chemical percentages be trade secrets on SDSs?

In a letter of interpretation dated August 3, 2018, U.S. OSHA’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs provided several valuable insights into the extent chemical manufacturers, distributors, or importers may make use of trade secret protections when completing safety data sheets (SDSs).

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NIOSH amps up fight against opioid misuse

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 95 percent of drug overdose deaths that occurred in 2016 were among the working age population, persons aged 15–64 years. NIOSH recently released a new webpage to outline its approach to the life cycle of opioid use—from precursors in the workplace to use conditions to containment and decontamination to recommendations targeted for protecting workers.

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Ergonomics Cal/OSHA issues nation’s first protections for housekeepers

Silica (Construction)Handheld saws and the respirable silica standard

Construction - GeneralWorksite lighting must meet OSHA standards

Machine GuardingThe danger of pinch points

Alcohol & DrugsNIOSH amps up fight against opioid misuse

SDSCan chemical percentages be trade secrets on SDSs?


Employee Training Materials

HandoutsADA: What Supervisors Need to Know - Undue Hardship—Use this handout with the ADA: What Supervisors Need to Know PowerPoint to train your supervisors.

Toolbox TalksCrystalline silica: Practices for controlling silica dust in general industry—This talk discusses workplace activities that generate silica dust and the best practices and controls to minimize dust emissions.

Toolbox TalksCrystalline silica: symptoms of silica dust related disease—This talk informs workers exposed to silica dust about the symptoms of silica dust-related diseases.

Toolbox TalksFirst aid: Preventing and treating burn injuries—This talk informs employees about common burn hazards in the workplace, the categories of burns, and first-aid measures for responding to burn injuries.

Toolbox TalksHand tool safety: Safe use of hammers—This talk informs workers about safe practices for selecting, inspecting, and using hammers in the workplace.

Toolbox TalksHazard communication labels: The exclamation mark pictogram—This talk informs workers of the meaning of the 'Exclamation Mark' pictogram.

Toolbox TalksHazard communication labels: The health hazard pictogram—This talk informs employees of the meaning of the 'Health Hazard' pictogram.

Toolbox TalksHotel housekeeping ergonomics: Housekeeping cart best practices—This talk informs hotel housekeepers how to maintain a housekeeping cart to best avoid strain and injuries.

Toolbox TalksPatient lift best practices: Hospital and nursing home workers—This talk informs healthcare workers in hospital and nursing home settings about best practices when repositioning or lifting patients.

Toolbox TalksRespirator maintenance: Cleaning and storage—This talk informs workers how to properly clean and store respirators.

Toolbox TalksRespirator maintenance: Inspections and repairs—This talk informs workers how to inspect and repair respirators.

Time Savers

Employee NewslettersSeptember 2018 Safety Works for Employees—This month’s issue includes information and a quiz on workstation ergonomics, a to-do checklist to prepare for inclement weather, how to prepare for an earthquake, and how to design a household emergency plan.

Ask The Expert

Q: If a private sector employer working on a government contract in California suffers an injury that requires 8 or 24 hour reporting, is it federal or state OSHA that must be notified?

Q: An employee traveling for work was hit in the knee by an airplane armrest. Is this work-related?

Q: Do vehicles operated within the state of Florida require a USDOT or state-specific DOT number, and are we required to have driver qualification files for each driver?

Regulatory Activity

Final Rules


08/24/2018—Workers' Compensation—Ohio—General Rating for the State Insurance Fund

08/22/2018—Specific Industries—Wisconsin—Fire Department Safety and Health Standards

08/21/2018—Commercial Driver Safety—Illinois—Commercial Driver Training Schools

08/21/2018—Commercial Driver Safety—Oregon—Restrictions on CDL or CLP

08/21/2018—Commercial Driver Safety—Oregon—Commercial Driving Privileges

08/21/2018—Commercial Driver Safety—Oregon—Reinstatement of CDL Disqualification

08/21/2018—Commercial Driver Safety—Oregon—CDL or CLP Medical Standards

08/21/2018—Commercial Driver Safety—Oregon—Knowledge Testing and Requirements for Issuance of CLP

08/21/2018—HazMat Transportation—Oregon—Issuance and Retention of Hazardous Materials

08/21/2018—Commercial Driver Safety—Oregon—Waiver of Physical Disqualification

08/20/2018—Safety - General—Arizona—Occupational Safety and Health

08/20/2018—Motor Carrier Safety—New Hampshire—Unified Carrier Registration Agreement Rules

08/14/2018—Commercial Driver Safety—Colorado—Commercial Driver's License Program

08/14/2018—Fire Extinguishers—Hawaii—Testing, Certifying,and Credentialing Individuals

08/14/2018—Workers' Compensation—Oregon—Worker's Weekly Wage Calculation

08/14/2018—Workers' Compensation—Oregon—General Filing Information

Proposed Rules


08/23/2018—Hours of Service (Motor Carriers)—49 CFR 395 - Hours of Service: Notification of public listening session

08/23/2018—Hours of Service (Motor Carriers)—49 CFR 395 - Hours of Service of Drivers: Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

08/22/2018—Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers)—Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) Which May Be a Barrier to the Safe Integration of Automated Driving Systems in Commercial Vehicle Operations; Public Meeting

08/21/2018—Motor Carrier Safety—FMCSA: Fees for the Unified Carrier Registration Plan and Agreement


08/27/2018—Workers' Compensation—Florida—Civil Penalties and Fines

08/27/2018—Construction - General—South Carolina—Repeals

08/27/2018—Construction - General—South Carolina—Bond Claim Procedures

08/24/2018—Workers' Compensation—Alaska—Fees for Medical Treatment and Services

08/24/2018—Workers' Compensation—Tennessee—Uninsured Employers Fund Benefits

08/22/2018—Workers' Compensation—Kansas—Forms, Submissions; Electronic Filing

08/22/2018—Workers' Compensation—Tennessee—Adjuster and Adjusting Entity Certification Program

08/21/2018—Fire Prevention—Oregon—Structural Specialty Code

08/21/2018—Safety - General—Oregon—Structural Specialty Code

08/20/2018—Toxic and Hazardous Substances—Iowa—Beryllium Standards

08/20/2018—Workers' Compensation—Michigan—Workers' Compensation Health Care Services

08/20/2018—Workers' Compensation—North Carolina—Workers' Compensation Rules

08/20/2018—Safety - General—Utah—Incorporation of Federal Standards

08/20/2018—Workers' Compensation—Utah—Termination of Temporary Total Disability Compensation

08/14/2018—First Aid—California—First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Course

08/14/2018—Alcohol & Drugs—California—Employee and Personnel Substance Testing

08/14/2018—Workers' Compensation—Montana—Workers' Compensation

Reference Materials

Guidance Documents

Ergonomics —California—Fact Sheet: Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries in Housekeepers

Ergonomics —California—Cal/OSHA poster: Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries in Housekeepers

Back Safety—California—Fact Sheet: Safe Patient Handling in California

Back Safety—National—Controlling Ergonomic Hazards

White Papers

NORA identifies research priorities for occupational respiratory illnessRespiratory disease in workers resulting from exposure to occupational contaminants is a major area of research that was recently addressed by the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) in its draft National Occupational Research Agenda for Respiratory Health (Agenda).

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Septebmer 11, 2018
Construction vs. Maintenance:
How to Know Which OSHA Rules Apply and When to Avoid Fines


September 12, 2018
Active Shooter Preparedness:
Strategies to Anticipate and Respond to Active Shooter Events

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