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Issue Date: November 6, 2017

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Do you use online or computer-based platforms to meet some of your safety training needs? If you’re among the growing group of employers that does, you may have wondered about OSHA’s position on the effectiveness of this type of training and whether it satisfies the training requirements in various OSHA standards. In a recent letter of interpretation (LOI), OSHA has weighed in on this frequently asked question. Dated June 21, 2017, the LOI clarifies OSHA’s position on the use of online training to meet compliance requirements. Check out our article summarizing the highlights, or read the full letter of interpretation, and evaluate whether your use of online training meets OSHA’s requirements.

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Trump nominates Fed-Ex safety trailblazer to lead OSHA

President Trump has nominated Scott Mugno, vice president of safety, sustainability, and vehicle maintenance at Fed-Ex Ground, to head the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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dfphotonz / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Be prepared! Silica for construction being fully enforced

OSHA is now fully enforcing all provisions of the silica rule for construction, and the Agency has issued guidance to its inspectors for evaluating employers’ compliance with the standard.

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November 2017 Safety Works for Employees

This month’s issue discusses chain saw safety, including a quiz; shares information on improving your mental health at work; provides health and safety tips for shiftworkers; and offers tips for safe disaster cleanup.

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Safety—GeneralLawmakers propose bill to ensure contractor safety, accountability

TrainingDoes computer-based training keep you in compliance?

Safety—GeneralDo your employees working abroad feel safe? Maybe not

EnforcementAlabama contractor faces significant fines for fall hazards

Violence in the WorkplaceWorkplace Violence Prevention 2018: Duty to Worker Safety Under Gun Control and Concealed Carry Laws

OSHAFed-Ex safety trailblazer to lead OSHA

SilicaBe prepared! Silica for construction being fully enforced

Safety—GeneralLooking for an EHS management edge? Attend our Safety Forum Event!

Safety—GeneralNew NIOSH center to focus on robot safety

Safety—GeneralWashington state OKs new rules to protect cell tower workers


Employee Training Materials

Toolbox TalksAerial Lift Safety: Preventing Falls—This talk discusses the fall hazards associated with working from the platform of an aerial lift and provides an overview of the safe work practices and fall protection equipment necessary to avoid injury.

Toolbox TalksDesignated Areas for Workers on Roofs—This talk discusses protecting workers from fall hazards who are working on low-slope roofs 15 feet or more from the roof edge using designated areas.

Toolbox TalksSafety with Battery-Operated Power Tools—This talk discusses the hazards of battery-operated power tools and details safe work practices for using, charging and storing battery-powered tools.

Toolbox TalksSlips, Falls and Cuts Hazards in Food Service—This talk will help food service workers recognize and minimize the many potential slips, falls and cuts hazards of working in the restaurant and food service industry.

Toolbox TalksWorkplace Violence Prevention: Healthcare and Social Services Workers—This talk discusses how healthcare workers and facilities can prevent situations that can result in violence by recognizing the circumstances and people most likely to post a danger and by being alert to personal safety precautions.


Violence in the WorkplaceWebinar [2017-08]: Active Shooter Preparation: Workplace Violence Planning and Training Strategies for When Shots Ring Out

Safety—GeneralWebinar [2017-08]: Creating All-Star Safety Processes: How to Develop Clear, Concise, and OSHA-Compliant Procedures and Instructions

Recordkeeping—GeneralWebinar [2017-08]: Defensible Safety Documentation: Ensuring Your OSHA Records Won’t Get You in Legal Hot Water

Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)Webinar [2017-08]: First Aid or Medical Treatment? How to Ensure Proper Recording Under OSHA's Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Rule

Alcohol & DrugsWebinar [2017-08]: New Guidance on Post-Accident Drug-Testing and Safety Incentive Programs: OSHA's 'Reasonable' Reporting and Anti-Retaliation Provisions

Time Savers

Employee NewslettersNovember 2017 Safety Works for Employees—This month’s issue includes how to safely use a chain saw, including a quiz; information on how to improve your mental health at work; health and safety tips for shiftworkers; and tips for safely cleaning up after disasters.

Ask The Expert

Q: OSHA considers dust masks such as N95s or P100s to be respirators. Medical review is required. However, is it required for these types of masks that a fit test be performed?

Q: We are receiving new refrigeration units/refigerators that use R290/propane as the refrigerant. We are concerned about the flammability hazards this may pose in a kitchen environment.

Q: Does welding in a confined space require an on-site attendant who is trained in and can perform rescue services? Can that attendant enter the space to perform rescue?

Regulatory Activity

Final Rules


11/3/2017—OSHA—Alaska—Occupational Safety and Health Standards

11/3/2017—Workers' Compensation—Alaska—Fees for Medical Treatment and Services

11/3/2017—Workers' Compensation—Utah—Assignment of Benefits

10/29/2017—Workers' Compensation—Oregon—Workers' Compensation Statistical Plan

10/29/2017—Scaffolding—California—Tower Scaffolds and Rolling Scaffolds, Wood or Metal

Proposed Rules


11/4/2017—Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers)—Nevada—Commercial Motor Vehicles and Carriers

11/4/2017—Workers' Compensation—Ohio—Industial Commission Meetings

11/2/2017—Dept. of Transportation (DOT)—Alabama—Administrative Procedures

11/1/2017—Workers' Compensation—Florida—Health Care Provider Reimbursement Manual

10/31/2017—Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)—South Carolina—Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries

10/29/2017—Workers' Compensation—Mississippi—General and Procedural Rules of the Commission

10/29/2017—Workers' Compensation—Rhode Island—Administrative Account Rules and Procedures

10/27/2017—Agriculture—Oregon—Application Exclusion Zone

10/26/2017—Workers' Compensation—Kansas—Workers Compensation

10/24/2017—Asbestos—Florida—Consultants/Contractors; Licensure Requirements

10/24/2017—Asbestos—Florida—Active, Inactive and Delinquent Fees

10/24/2017—Asbestos—Ohio—Asbestos Hazard Abatement Contractors and Specialists

Reference Materials

Regulatory Analysis








Alcohol & Drugs—Wyoming—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Hawaii—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Indiana—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Kentucky—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Iowa—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Maryland—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Washington—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Michigan—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Minnesota—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Nevada—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Wisconsin—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—New Mexico—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—West Virginia—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—New Jersey—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—New York—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Vermont—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Utah—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—North Carolina—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Virginia—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Texas—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Oregon—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Tennessee—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—South Carolina—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—South Dakota—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Delaware—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Florida—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Georgia—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—District of Columbia—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Idaho—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Illinois—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Kansas—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Louisiana—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Massachusetts—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Maine—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Missouri—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Mississippi—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Montana—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Rhode Island—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—North Dakota—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Nebraska—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—New Hampshire—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Pennsylvania—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Ohio—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Oklahoma—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Alabama—Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Arizona—Alcohol & Drugs



Alcohol & Drugs—California—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Arkansas—Alcohol and Drugs



Alcohol & Drugs—Connecticut—Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs—Alaska—Alcohol and Drugs












ADA—New Mexico—ADA

ADA—West Virginia—ADA

ADA—New Jersey—ADA

ADA—New York—ADA




ADA—North Carolina—ADA




ADA—South Carolina—ADA

Alcohol & Drugs—Colorado—Alcohol & Drugs

ADA—South Dakota—ADA





ADA—District of Columbia—ADA










ADA—Rhode Island—ADA

ADA—North Dakota—ADA



ADA—New Hampshire—ADA







Alcohol & Drugs—National—Alcohol and Drugs


Violence in the Workplace—National—Violence in the Workplace


White Papers

Automotive giant accelerates safety and health effortsToyota maintains a robust commitment to the safety of its approximately 340,000 employees. This Compliance Report showcases that effort, with the focus on the company’s manufacturing plant in Blue Springs, Mississippi.

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