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Issue Date: October 18, 2021

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Lockout/Tagout: Authorized Employee Audio Presentation

This session covers the safety procedure known as “Lockout/Tagout,” performed by authorized employees responsible for service and maintenance work on machines and equipment that contain or expose workers to the unexpected release of hazardous energy.

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FMCSA establishes state drug, alcohol restrictions

On October 7, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a final rule closing a loophole in the enforcement of the agency’s drug and alcohol regulations.

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Q&A: Are powered industrial truck (PIT) operators required to document inspections?

Recently, a subscriber asked about Powered Industrial Trucks (PITs) inspections. Read on to find out what we had to say.

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Motor Carrier SafetyFMCSA establishes state drug, alcohol restrictions

Enforcement Tootsie Roll facing $136K OSHA fine in amputation case

Enforcement OSHA enforcement roundup: Spotlight on recent cases

Chemical HazardsCSB urges EPA, OSHA to revise chemical safety rules

Enforcement Cal/OSHA getting new enforcement powers in 2022

Enforcement OSHA's Denver office cites employers in fatalities

Health - GeneralNSC: Employer mandates drive COVID-19 vaccinations


Employee Training Materials

Audio PresentationsLockout/Tagout: Authorized Employee—This session covers the safety procedure known as “Lockout/Tagout,” performed by authorized employees responsible for service and maintenance work on machines and equipment that contain or expose workers to the unexpected release of hazardous energy. Before performing this work, trainees need to have the knowledge and skills necessary to safely control hazardous energy and perform lockout and tagout of machines and equipment.

Audio PresentationsSafe Forklift Operation—This session covers the basic concepts of operating a forklift safely and prepares trainees for hands-on operator training. By the end of this session, trainees will be familiar with how a forklift works, recognize how operating a forklift is different from driving a car, demonstrate the basic principles of operating a forklift safely and skillfully, identify the hazards of operating a forklift in the workplace, and inspect and maintain a forklift properly.

Audio PresentationsDriver Wellness (INT)—Because of the sedentary nature of their job, because of job stress, and because of sometimes poor dietary habits, especially while on the road, drivers as a group tend to have a higher rate of health problems than workers in many other industries. This can affect their job performance and safety. Use this audio presentation to train your drivers on ways to stay healthy on the job.

Audio PresentationsAccident Investigation (Multimedia)—As much as you try to prevent them, accidents at work happen. No matter what kind of accident you may be faced with at work, one of the most important things you can do after it happens is to investigate it and learn from the experience so it doesn’t happen again. This training session will cover everything you need to know about investigating accidents.

Audio PresentationsEye Protection (Multimedia)—The main objective of this session is to help protect your eyes and your vision while at work. By the end of the session, trainees will be able to identify potential eye hazards; prevent eye injuries by wearing protective eyewear; use, maintain, and inspect proper protective eyewear; and use appropriate first aid for emergencies involving eye injuries.

Audio PresentationsAvoiding Back Injuries (Spanish)—Back injuries are among the most common workplace injuries that cause lost days away from work. No matter what job workers perform, they can injure their backs on the job. Fortunately, there are a number of steps employees can take to avoid back injuries and the lifetime of pain and medical bills that can come with them. In this training session, trainees will learn what risk factors and hazards expose them to back injuries and what they can do to help keep their backs healthy and pain-free. By the time the session is over, trainees will be able to describe types of back injuries and their symptoms; recognize hazards in the workplace that may result in back injuries; identify and mitigate the risk factors that can lead to back injuries; and implement equipment and techniques to prevent back injuries.

Audio PresentationsDefensive Driving for Noncommercial Motorists (Multimedia)—Motor vehicle accidents are the most common form of death of all workplace fatalities, and vehicle accidents, injuries, and fatalities outside of work are also on the rise due to all different kinds of distracted driving and other hazards. Whether you drive on the job or just commute to work, it’s important that you stay on your toes and drive defensively to keep yourself—and other drivers and pedestrians—safe. This training session discusses techniques that will help trainees avoid driving accidents and injuries. Use this audio presentation to train your workers on driving safely

Toolbox TalksLithium-Ion Batteries: Handling and Storage—This talk covers safe practices for employees responsible for handling and storing lithium-ion batteries.

Ask The Expert

Q: Are lathe operators required to be certified before they work on lathes? Can a company train workers with little experience in-house?

Q: Are powered industrial truck (PIT) operators required to document inspections?

Regulatory Activity

Final Rules


10/14/2021—Motor Carrier Safety—49 CFR Chapter III - General Technical, Organizational, Conforming, and Correcting Amendments to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

10/4/2021—OSHA —29 CFR 1915 - Incorporation by Reference; Notice of Corrections


10/15/2021—Healthcare Safety—Delaware—Hospital Standards

10/14/2021—Emergency Preparedness—Hawaii—First 2021 Emergency Rules

10/14/2021—Workers' Compensation—Hawaii—Child Care Grant Program

10/14/2021—Workers' Compensation—Oregon—Workers' Benefit Fund

10/13/2021—Housekeeping—West Virginia—Housekeeping Practices

10/13/2021—Health - General—Illinois—Skilled Nursing and Intermediate Care Facilities Code

10/13/2021—Health - General—Louisiana—Programs and Services Amendments Due to the Coronavirus

10/13/2021—Health - General—Louisiana—Programs and Services Amendments Due to the Coronavirus

10/12/2021—Health - General—Georgia—Emergency Medical Service

10/12/2021—Health - General—Iowa—Emergency Temporary Standard Related to COVID-19

10/12/2021—Health - General—Maryland—Emergency Temporary Standards

10/12/2021—Fire Prevention—Wyoming—General Provisions

10/12/2021—Workers' Compensation—Missouri—Review of Decisions Issued

10/12/2021—Workers' Compensation—Missouri—Rules Governing Crime Victims

10/12/2021—Workers' Compensation—New York—PFL Intermittent Leave

10/12/2021—ADA—Oregon—ODHS Standards

10/12/2021—Workers' Compensation—Oregon—Criteria for Eligibility

10/11/2021—Health - General—Texas—Nursing Facility COVID-19 Response

10/11/2021—Health - General—Texas—Expansion of Reopening Visitation

10/11/2021—Health - General—Texas—Emergency Rule for HCSSA Response to COVID-19

10/11/2021—Health - General—Texas—Day Activity and Health Services

10/11/2021—Specific Industries—Virginia—Board for Branch Pilots

10/11/2021—Safety - General—Iowa—Special Inspector Commissions

10/11/2021—Commercial Driver Safety—Iowa—Minor's School Licenses, Chauffeur's Driver's Licenses

10/11/2021—Driving Safely—Iowa—Ignition Interlock Devices

10/11/2021—Workers' Compensation—Minnesota—2021 Adjustments to Relative Value Fee Schedule

10/8/2021—Health - General—Texas—ESRD Off-Site Facilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

10/8/2021—Air Contaminants—Washington—Wildfire Smoke

10/8/2021—Health - General—Washington—2019 Novel Coronavirus Prohibited Business Activities

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Delaware—Family Care Homes

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Delaware—Office-Based Surgery

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Delaware—Free Standing Emergency Departments

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Delaware—Home Health Agencies - Aide Only (Licensure)

10/6/2021—Commercial Motor Vehicles (Motor Carriers)—Florida—Meetings of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Review Board

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Illinois—Hospital Licensing Requirements

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Illinois—Assisted Living and Shared Housing Establishment Code

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Illinois—Skilled Nursing and Intermediate Care Facilities Code

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Illinois—Sheltered Care Facilities Code

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Illinois—Intermediate Care

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Illinois—Community Living Facilities Code

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Illinois—Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facilities

10/6/2021—Healthcare Safety—Illinois—Medically Complex for the Developmentally Disabled

10/6/2021—Cranes and Derricks (Construction)—Michigan—Construction Safety and Health Standard

10/6/2021—Cranes and Derricks (Construction)—Washington—Safety Standards For Cranes

10/5/2021—Commercial Driver Safety—Massachusetts—Motor Vehicle Regulations

10/5/2021—Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)—Michigan—Safety and Health Standard

10/5/2021—HazMat Transportation—Ohio—Gas Pipeline Safety

10/5/2021—Workers' Compensation—Tennessee—Workers Compensation Exemption Registration

10/4/2021—Health - General—Oregon—Race, Ethnicity, Language and Disability COVID-19 Data

10/4/2021—Health - General—Connecticut—Occupational Exposure to COVID-19

10/4/2021—Health - General—Massachusetts—Use of Face Masks or Coverings Due to COVID-19

10/4/2021—Health - General—Massachusetts—Licensure of Hospice Programs

10/4/2021—Health - General—Massachusetts—Standards for Long-Term Care Facilities

10/4/2021—Commercial Driver Safety—Oregon—Minimum Chains Required

Proposed Rules


10/14/2021—Workers' Compensation—29 CFR 2550 - Prudence and Loyalty in Selecting Plan Investments and Exercising Shareholder Rights; Proposed Rule


10/15/2021—Workers' Compensation—Florida—Commencing a Case; Subsequent Petitions

10/15/2021—HazMat Transportation—Kentucky—Hazardous Materials Endorsement Requirements

10/14/2021—Health - General—Louisiana—Public Health Immunization Requirements

10/13/2021—Health - General—Arkansas—Division of Medical Services (DMS) Manual Extension

10/13/2021—Health - General—Arkansas—Division of Provider Services & Quality Assurance

10/13/2021—Workers' Compensation—Colorado—Workers' Compensation Rules of Procedure with Treatment

10/13/2021—Workers' Compensation—Colorado—Rule 17, Exhibit 1: Low Back Pain Medical Treatment Gui

10/13/2021—Workers' Compensation—Colorado—Rule 17, Exhibit 8: Cervical Spine Injury Medical Treat

10/13/2021—Health - General—Oregon—COVID-19 Workplace Requirements

10/12/2021—Workers' Compensation—Ohio—Accessing Confidential Personal Information

10/12/2021—Workers' Compensation—Ohio—Noncomplying Employer

10/12/2021—Workers' Compensation—Ohio—General Procedures for State Insurance Fund

10/12/2021—Health - General—Oregon—Scope of Practice

10/11/2021—Health - General—Massachusetts—COVID-19 Vaccinations for Certain Staff

10/11/2021—Workers' Compensation—Maine—Standards for Actively Seeking Work

10/11/2021—Alcohol & Drugs (Motor Carriers)—Virginia—Case Management Policy and Procedure Manual

10/8/2021—Ventilation—Florida—License Requirements

10/8/2021—New Employee Orientation—Kentucky—Applications

10/8/2021—Commercial Driver Safety—Kentucky—Commercial Driver's License Skill Testing

10/8/2021—Commercial Driver Safety—Kentucky—Third-party CDL Skills Test Examiner Standards

10/8/2021—Health - General—Massachusetts—Licensure of Hospice Programs

10/8/2021—Health - General—Massachusetts—Standards for Long-Term Care Facilities

10/8/2021—Electrical Safety—Maine—Various Rules of the Board

10/8/2021—Health - General—Maine—Occupational Safety and Health Standards

10/6/2021—Workers' Compensation—New York—Medical Treatment Guidelines

10/6/2021—Workers' Compensation—Washington—Law Enforcement Officers' and Firefighters' Plan 2

10/5/2021—Commercial Driver Safety—Oregon—Vehicle Odometer Disclosure Exemptions

10/4/2021—Explosives—Florida—Construction Materials Mining Activities

10/4/2021—Health - General—Massachusetts—COVID-19 Vaccinations for Certain Staff

10/4/2021—Health - General—Oregon—COVID-19 Public Health Emergency in Oregon Workplaces

10/4/2021—Commercial Driver Safety—Oregon—Ending Medical Qualification

10/4/2021—Commercial Driver Safety—Oregon—Driver License, Driver Permit, ID, Registration Card

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