Employee Safety Newsletters
Improve safety communication with your employees using's Safety Works for Employees newsletter. Simply open the PDF issue you want from the list below, print it out, copy it, and distribute it to all employees in your facility to reinforce your safety message. A new issue will be added each month.
This month’s issue includes information on caught-in hazards and safety tips for drywall sanding, handling metalworking fluids, and working with chemical fume hoods.
This month’s issue includes information on trenching hazards, emergency exit routes, chemical hygiene plans, and tips on how to drive safely in a work zone.
This month’s issue includes tips on how to avoid back injuries, dehydration, tick bites, and the dangers of combustible dust.
This month's issue includes tips on how to stay safe at the beach and picnics, preventing trash fires, and extension cord safety.
This month's issue includes information on how to protect yourself from falling objects, fire danger levels, weed killers, and safety tips for national Bike-to-work day.
This month’s issue includes information on arc flash safety, carbon monoxide awareness for construction workers, household pests, and tips on how to be more physically active.
This month’s issue includes information on the dangers of blue light, tips to work safely with solvents, avoiding overexertion, and the importance of safety data sheets (SDSs).
This month's issue includes tips on automobile battery safety, lockout/tagout, shelter in place, and pinch points.
This month's issue provides reminders about the importance of electrical protective devices, reviews the health hazards of shiftwork and offers tips for shift workers to stay safe and health, and shares ergonomic guidelines for using a desktop computer.
This month's issue features tips for safe driving in wintry conditions, a review of fire extinguisher types and uses, a reminder about preventing frostbite in cold working conditions, and a safe winter driving quiz.
This month's issue covers best practices for safe patient lifting, information on avoiding back injuries, safe work practices to prevent falls, and a reminder of the importance of learning from near misses.
This month’s issue includes information and a quiz on the safe use of hand trucks, a to-do checklist for backing up a tractor trailer, how to prevent hearing impairment from chemical exposure, and how to stay safe when working around forklifts.
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