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Applicability of the Bloodborne Pathogens standard during transection of the umbilical cord [1910.1030; 1910.1030(c)(2); 1910.1030(c)(1)(v); 1910.1030(d)(2)(i); 1910.1030(g)(2)(vii)(F)]
Topic: Bloodborne Pathogens
Type: News
Jurisdiction: National
Summary: Thank you for meeting with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Office of Health Enforcement (OHE) on March 2, 2012. We appreciated having you demonstrate the Joey Medical umbilical cord clamp and cutter, a device which you described was designed to reduce the potential for blood splashes and sprays during umbilical cord transection. You expressed your concerns about potential occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens during the transection of the umbilical cord in hospital delivery rooms.
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