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June 24, 2017
Forklift Tip Over Examples

Do your employees comprehend the many different ways a forklift can tip over? You can use the following information to give them examples of some of the ways forklifts can tip over.

Here are examples situations that can cause a forklift to tip over:

  • The center of gravity is on the side of the stability triangle. This might be caused by turning a corner, having an unbalanced load, driving into a pothole, or traveling on a sloping surface.
  • The center of gravity is near the front of the stability triangle. This might be caused by:
    • The forklift carrying its maximum load,
    • The mast tipping forward,
    • The forklift stopping abruptly,
    • The forklift quickly accelerating in reverse, or
    • The forklift driving up a ramp.
  • The center of gravity is near the rear. This could be caused by tilting the mast back, stopping abruptly when traveling in reverse, quickly accelerating forward, or driving up a ramp.

Combinations of actions or circumstances could also cause the center of gravity to shift outside the stability triangle and tip the forklift over. For example:

  • A forklift that turns a corner while driving up a ramp could shift the center of gravity too far backward and to the side, causing a tip over;
  • A forklift moving forward with a capacity load could tip forward if forced to stop abruptly; or
  • A forklift turning a corner with an unbalanced load could tip over if it drove into a pothole.

The above information comes from BLR’s presentation 'Forklift Operator Safety.' For more information on all the training courses BLR has to offer, go to our Safety Training page.

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