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November 19, 2012
Safety Daily Advisor Week in Review—November 12, 2012, to November 16, 2012

Last week, the Safety Daily Advisor discussed parking lot safety and if parking lot slips and falls are OSHA recordable, ask the expert questions answered by our safety experts, and training employees on the nutritional facts of turkey meat.

Safety and Health—In Your Parking Lot?Parking lots are easy to ignore. We use them at least twice a day to stow and shelter our cars, but beyond that they are fairly invisible. A closer look, however, reveals that they are an integral part of overall worker safety and health and must be considered in an organization's workplace safety plan.

Parking Lot Injuries: OSHA Recordable?If an employee slips and falls in your parking lot on the way to work, or if an employee goes out to the parking lot for a smoke break and has a fall, are these work-related OSHA 300 Log recordable incidents? Here are two cases from an OSHA letter of interpretation.

What About...? Can We...? What Does OSHA Say..?Here is a sample of questions sent to the experts at BLR® and the answers they provided.

Q&As: More A's to Your S&H Q'sHere are a few more questions for which our safety experts provided answers.

Time to Talk TurkeyThanksgiving is always a good time for refresher wellness training. This year, why not give your employees the facts about the fat in turkey meat? This article gives you the numbers so that you can talk turkey with your employees.

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