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October 26, 2012
Safety Daily Advisor Week in Review—October 22, 2012, to October 26, 2012

This week, the Safety Daily Advisor discussed the risks of injury associated with physical overexertion at work, how to ensure your workers are safe during an emergency, and how to train your workers to avoid injuries from the mundane chore of leaf removal.

Overexertion: Big Problem, Simple SolutionsOverexertion is among the most common causes of workplace injuries and can result in painful injuries. Take action to protect employees.

6 Strategies for Reducing Overexertion RisksMany employers probably think their employees don't work hard enough. But the fact is that some people who do physically demanding work may be working too hard and putting themselves at risk of injuries from overexertion.

Emergencies: When to Go and When to StayIn an emergency, inaction or the wrong actions can result in confusion, injuries, and damage. We'll look at key aspects of emergency response, including evacuation, sheltering-in-place, and shutting down critical operations.

Survey Says Office Workers Unsure of Company Safety PlansEmergencies can strike anywhere—industrial settings or offices. And when they do, it's ready-or-not time for employees. Find out if your office workers are prepared to deal with an emergency.

How to Get Leaves to LeaveLeaf removal is an annual chore that many of your workers need to accomplish at this time of year—and many of those workers may injure themselves or the environment while getting those leaves to leave. Take a few minutes to train them on how to do this chore safely.

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