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Steel Erection (Construction) Reference Materials
Directives 03/22/2002 - Inspection policy and procedures for OSHA?s steel erection standards for construction 07/22/2003National
Directives 07/18/2004 - CPL 02-01-040 - Enforcement Policy on column Joists (PDF) 07/18/2004National
Interpretations Acceptability of using a sleeve to anchor a column; protection from hazard of swaying columns.[1926.755(a)(1); 1926.755(a)(2)] 11/17/2004National
Interpretations Application of steel erection standards to precast concrete and lift slab structures.[1926.750(a); 1926.750; 1926.750(b)(1); 1926.750(b)(2)] 07/02/2002National
Interpretations Clarification of "Controlling Contractor" duties under the Steel Erection Standard (1926 Subpart R)[1926.752(a); 1926.752(c); 1926.755(b)(2); 1926.759(b); 1926.760(e)] 01/30/2002National
Interpretations Clarification of steel erection joist field-bolting requirements in 29 CFR Part 1926 Subpart R.[1926.757(a)(8); 1926.757(a)(8)(i); 1926.757(a)(8)(ii); 1926.757(b)(1); 1926.757(b)(2); 1926.757(c)(2)] 08/15/2002National
Interpretations Designation of an entire floor as a controlled decking zone for steel decking work.[1926.750; 1926.750(c); 1926.750(c)(3); 1926.750(c)(5)] 12/22/2003National
Interpretations Distinction between "column" and "post" in the Safety Standards for Steel Erection, 29 CFR 1926 SubpartR. 09/17/2007National
Interpretations Enforcement of Steel Erection Subpart R.[1926.754; 1926.754(b)(3)] 05/21/2012National
Interpretations Evaluation if moving point-to-point on concrete wall to make initial connections of structural steel .. 04/05/2005National
Interpretations Evaluation of shop-installed angle iron on the top beam flange in Steel Erection.[1926.754(c)(1); 1926.754(c)(1)(i)] 12/24/2003National
Interpretations Installation of the HBS Composite Action System's continous plate prior to erection of beam poses tripping hazard.[1926.754(c)(1)(i)] 12/11/2001National
Interpretations Padded slings/wire rope during steel erection.[1926.251; 1926.251(c)(9); 1926.753; 1926.753(c)(2)] 03/31/2010National
Interpretations Permissibility of using guardrail systems other than perimeter safety cables in steel erection.[1926.760(a)(1); 1926.760(a)(2); 1926.760(a)(3)] 07/21/2003National
Interpretations Request for variance on tripping hazards for shear connectors.[1926.754(c)(1)(i)] 07/05/2001National
Interpretations Requirements for compressive-strength testing of concrete and mortar in a masonry wall during steel erection.[1926.752; 1926.752(a); 1926.752(a)(1) 08/23/2004National
Interpretations Requirements for perimeter columns and perimeter safety cables in the Steel Erection standard.[1926.756(e)(1); 1926.756(e); 1926.760(a)(2)] 08/26/2003National
Interpretations Revision of the applicability of the steel erection standard to pre-cast concrete erection work interpretation.[1926.704(e)] 08/23/2005National
Interpretations Sheer connector requirements in the steel erection standard to bridge repair/rehabilitation. 01/23/2003National
Interpretations Steel erection columns must be anchored by 4 rods and meet 300-lb strength criteria.[1926.755(a)(1); 1926.755(a)(2); 1926.752(b)] 05/27/2004National
Interpretations Whether the notification required in §1926.752(a)(1) (attained concrete strength) must be given where steel will be erected on a long-existed concrete slab. [1926.752; 1926.752(a); 1926.752(a)(1)] 03/10/2006National
Interpretations Written notification of ASTM strength test for mortar in masonry piers/walls prior to steel erection.[1926.752; 1926.752(a); 1926.752(a)(1); 1926.752(b)] 05/21/2003National
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