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First Aid Reference Materials
Interpretations Medical services and first aid.(1910.151) 10/05/1992National
Directives 03/08/1982 - STD 01-08-002 [STD 1-8.2] - 29 CFR 1910.151(c), Medical Services and First Aid; 29 CFR 1926.50 and .51, Medical Service and First Aid, and .. 07/16/2003National
Directives 06/26/2007 - [07-04 (CPL 02)] - Cancellation of OSHA Instruction CPL 02-02-053 Guidelines for First Aid Training Programs 06/26/2007National
Directives 11/27/2001 - Enforcement Procedures for the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens 07/22/2003National
Interpretations Additional clarification of using ANSI Z358.1 as guidance to comply with 1910.151(c). 11/01/2002National
Interpretations ANSI Z358.1 guidance for complying with 1910.151(c) citation policy for eyewashes and showers.[1910.151(c)] 04/18/2002National
Interpretations Clarification of "in near proximity" and OSHA's discretion in enforcing first aid requirements in particular cases. [1910.151; 1910.151(b); 1910.266; 1910.266(i)(7); 1910.269; 1910.269(b); 1926.50; 1926.50(c)] 03/23/2007National
Interpretations Clarification of OSHA training requirements for basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resucitation (CPR) [1910.151; 1910.146; 1910.266; 1910.269; 1910.410; 1926.450] 08/02/2012National
Interpretations Clarification of training requirements under 1910.151, (Medical Services and First Aid).(1910.151) 07/24/1995National
Interpretations Clarification on providing first aid training and maintenance of medical records under OSHA's BBP standard. [1910.151; 1910.151(b); 1910.1030; 1910.1030(h)(1)(ii)(A)] 02/05/2007National
Interpretations CPR training is a required element in some OSHA general industry standards [1910.151(b); 1910.146; 1910.266; 1910.269] 11/01/2005National
Interpretations CPR/first aid training and "working alone" provisions of 1910.269. 02/22/1999National
Interpretations Interpretation of the First Aid standard.[1910.151] 12/11/1996National
Interpretations Locked first aid cabinets in the workplace. 01/23/2007National
Interpretations OSHA does not certify first aid training programs, instructors or trainees.[1910.151] 03/25/1994National
Interpretations OSHA guidelines for First Aid training recommend CPR training as an element. 04/15/1999National
Interpretations OSHA Instruction CPL 2 - 2.53, Guidelines for First Aid Training Programs. 08/21/1997National
Interpretations OSHA requirements for providing training for first aid, CPR, and BBP for prompt treatment of injured employees at various workplaces [1910.151; 1910.266; 1910.269; 1910.1030; 1926.50] 01/16/2007National
Guidance Documents OSHA's Best Practices Guide: Fundamentals of a Workplace First-Aid Program  National
Interpretations OSHA's position regarding compensating time spent taking employer-sponsored medical exams.[1910.151] 02/24/1993National
Interpretations OSHA's requirement to provide first aid supplies specific to the needs of the workplace. 02/02/2007National
Interpretations Requirements for eyewash and shower facilities.[1910.151; 1910.151(c)] 06/01/2009National
Interpretations Successful completion of a first aid course demonstrated by means other than a written knowledge test.(1910.151) 09/02/1992National
Interpretations The review of first aid training programs. 01/06/1995National
Interpretations Training and designation of first aid providers in general industry and construction [1910.151(b); 1910.1030(c)(2); 1926.50(c)] 05/25/2004National
Interpretations Use of liquid bandages on wounds is considered first aid.[1904.7(b)(5)(ii)(D)] 08/08/2002National
Interpretations Using ANSI Z358.1 as guidance to comply with 1910.151(c)[1910.151(c)] 03/28/2002National
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