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HAZWOPER Reference Materials
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Interpretations The applicability of HAZWOPER emergency response training requirements to workers who change leaking chlorine cylinders in a water treatment facility. (1910.120) 09/01/1994National
Interpretations Web-based HAZWOPER refresher training: hands-on training and trainer accessability. 10/20/1999National
Interpretations "Laboratory setting" and subsequent requirements for HAZWOPER [1910.120; 1910.1200] 11/15/1990National
Interpretations 03/14/12: Do train derailment response operations fall under the HAZWOPER standard? 02/18/2022National
Directives 06/10/1991 - STP 2-1.154C - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response; Final Rule and Corrections 07/22/2003National
Directives 08/27/2007 - Inspection Procedures for 29 CFR 1910.120 and 1926.65, Paragraph (q): Emergency Response to Hazardous Substance Releaseserations and Emergency Response Standard, 29 CFR 1910.12 08/27/2007National
Directives 11/05/1990 - CPL 2-2.51 - Inspection Guidelines for Post-Emergency Response Operations Under CFR 1910.120 07/22/2003National
Directives 11/05/2003 - CPL 02-02-071 - Technical Enforcement and Assistance Guidelines for Hazardous Waste Site and RCRA Corrective Action Clean-up Operations (PDF) 11/05/2003National
Directives 12/30/1990 - CPL 2.35 CH-14 - Changes to the Regulatory and General Industry Standard Alleged Violation Elements (SAVES). 07/22/2003National
Interpretations 1910.120 - Clarification on first aid requirements for hazardous waste sites. 04/20/1993National
Interpretations Annual 8 hour refresher training for employees who work on hazardous waste sites. [1910.120] 03/06/1992National
Interpretations Applicability of compressed gas cylinder standard to workplaces subject to the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard.(1910.120) 06/05/1992National
Interpretations Applicability of HAZWOPER standard to hazardous waste generators that are not conditionally exempt as small quantity generators 02/01/2006National
Interpretations Applicability of HAZWOPER standard to hazardous waste generators that are not conditionally exempt as small quantity generators. [1910.120; 1910.120(a)(2)(iii); 1910.120(p)(8)] 02/01/2006National
Interpretations Applicability of HAZWOPER to the clearing and rerailing of train cars after derailment situations.[1910.120; 1910.120(a)(2)(iv); 1910.120(q); 1910.120(q)(4); 1910.120(q)(6); 1910.120(q)(11)] 03/14/2012National
Interpretations Applicable regulations when handling waste material classified as "sludge exempt" in regards to the Hazard Communication and HAZWOPER standards [1910.120; 1910.120(a)(3); 1910.120(q); 1910.1200; 1910.1200(c)] 06/23/2005National
Interpretations Application of HAZWOPER (1910.120) to terrorist and weapons of mass destruction incident responses.[1910.120; 1910.120(q)] 11/24/2003National
Interpretations Application of HAZWOPER. 10/31/1997National
Interpretations Application of OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) standard to employers of news media personnel who are covering emergency response incidents.(1910.120) 08/24/1994National
Interpretations Clarification of cleanup operation identified by a governmental body as an uncontrolled hazardous waste site. (1910.120) 03/25/1992National
Interpretations Clarification of HAZWOPER to a cleanup operation at a solid waste management unit. (1910.120) 07/14/1992National
Interpretations Clarification of OSHA requirements for trainer qualifications under the HAZWOPER standard. 09/19/2007National
Interpretations Clarification of requirements for 40 hours of training; Site specific training is required for employees who receive general training [1910.1200; 1910.120(e)(2)] 12/11/1987National
Interpretations Clarification of requirements for daily disposal of combustible wastes.[1910.106(e)(9)(iii)] 05/23/2000National
Interpretations Clarification of the combination of classroom training and hands-on training needed to fulfill the OSHA HAZWOPER Standard's training requirements. [1910.120] 07/22/2021National
Interpretations Clarification of the requirements of the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard. 10/31/1997National
Interpretations Clarification of training certification. [1910.120] 12/30/1992National
Interpretations Clarification of whether an employee can opt out of medical surveillance examinations under the HAZWOPER standard, 29 CFR 1910.120. 03/03/2008National
Interpretations Clarification on acceptability of National Environmental Trainers, Inc. (NET) interactive 40-hour training program. 02/04/2009National
Interpretations Clarification on HAZWOPER emergency response training requirements. (1910.120) 11/08/1994National
Interpretations Clarification on training for firefighters and HAZWOPER. [1910.120] 03/04/1993National
Interpretations Clarification on who must receive first responder awareness level training. (1910.120) 09/05/1995National
Interpretations Clarifications of the OSHA standards 1910.109 and 1910.119. 06/16/1994National
Interpretations Community response personnel with regards to HAZWOPER. (1910.120) 02/03/1995National
Interpretations Comparing medical evaluation requirements in the HAZWOPER, Respiratory protection, and Fire brigades standards. 01/15/1999National
Interpretations Criteria for and training of the hospital Safety Officer per the requirements of the HAZWOPER standard and as discussed in the "Best Practices for Hospital-based First Receivers" guidance document.[1910.120(q)(3); 1910.120(q)(6)(ii); 192 06/23/2005National
Interpretations Definition of an emergency response. (1910.120) 06/29/1992National
Interpretations Emergency response in the trucking industry [1910.120; 1910.1200; 1910.120(q)(1); 1910.120(q)(3)(vii); 1910.120(q)(3)(iv); 1910.120(q)(6); 1910.38; 1910.1200(h)] 04/03/1991National
Interpretations Emergency response training necessary for hospital physicians/nurses that treat contaminated patients. 03/10/1999National
Interpretations Emergency situations that fall under Hazwoper. 11/08/1991National
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