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Directives 03/17/1995 - TED 1.14 - Guidelines for Developing OSHA Technical Manual 07/22/2003National
Directives 07/07/1992 - TED 1.12A - Training Program for OSHA Compliance Personnel 07/22/2003National
Directives 08/08/1988 - TED 1.13 - Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) Training: Course Description ... 07/18/2003National
Directives 08/16/1996 - ADM 1-1.36 - The Discrimination IMIS Manual, ADM 1-1.36, for use with the NCR microcomputer System 07/22/2003National
Directives 12/14/1979 - PER 10-1.1 - OSHA Training Policy 07/09/2003National
Guidance Documents 50 Tips for More Effective Safety Training: Volume 1  National
Interpretations Acceptability of using computer-based (on-line) training for the HAZWOPER 40-hour classroom training.[1910.120; 1910.120(e)] 08/16/2004National
How-To Guides Add a Touch of Creativity in Your Safety Meetings  National
Interpretations Appropriateness of computer-based interactive training programs to satisfy required OSHA training [1910.1030] 06/11/1997National
Interpretations Automated External Defibrillator training is not specifically required by the Permit-Required Confined Space standard; AEDs are not required first aid supplies.[1910.146(k)(2)(iii); 1910.151(b)] 06/17/2004National
Case Studies Can a Supervisor Be Personally Liable for Failing to Provide Required Training?  National
Interpretations Challenge Testing as a Substitute for Annual Refresher Training.[1910.119; 1910.269] 11/27/1995National
Interpretations Clarification of OSHA training requirements via online or computer-based training 09/21/2017National
Guidance Documents Developing and Delivering an Effective Safety Training Program  National
Guidance Documents DOT HAZMAT Motor Carrier Training Requirements Table 2  National
Interpretations Emergency response training requirements for hospital staff. 04/25/1997National
Interpretations Employee training for water rescue at an amusement park. 04/25/2000National
Interpretations Evaluation of an employee's ability to perform servicing of multi-piece or single piece rim wheels. 02/27/1997National
White Papers How's your training program? 05/17/2022National
Interpretations Maintenance and preservation of employee exposure records. 04/01/1999National
Interpretations Management and supervisors' training required in paragraph (e)(4) of the standard. [1910.120] 07/07/1994National
Interpretations Necessary training for laser equipment operators. [1926.21(b)] 09/21/1992National
Guidance Documents OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training Resources  National
Guidance Documents OSHA Computer- and Web-Based Training Interpretation Letters  National
Guidance Documents OSHA Outreach Training Program Guidelines - General Industry  National
Guidance Documents OSHA Training Requirements Table 1  National
Interpretations OSHA training standards policy statement [1910.147(c)(7)(i ; 1910.1030(g)(2)(vii)(N); 1910.134(k)(5)(ii)] 04/28/2010National
Interpretations Powered Industrial Truck 1910.178(l) training requirements applicable to to construction; training for skid-steer loader operators.[1910.178; 1910.178(a); 1910.178(l); 1926.20(b)(4); 1926.21(b)(2); 1926.602(a); 1926.602(d)] 11/05/2004National
Interpretations Refresher training requirements for operators of different types of trucks. 04/08/1999National
Interpretations Refresher training requirements. [1910.119] 05/28/1993National
Guidance Documents Resource for Development and Delivery of Training to Workers [OSHA guide]  National
How-To Guides Safety Meetings  National
How-To Guides Safety Talk Tips  National
Interpretations The assessment of craft technical skills. 01/19/1996National
Interpretations The use of computer-based training to satisfy OSHA training requirements. [1910.65] 11/22/1994National
Interpretations Trainee signatures are not required to verify training; U.S. Postal Service is covered by the OSHAct. 05/04/2000National
Interpretations Trainee signatures are not required to verify training; U.S. Postal Service is covered by the OSHAct.[1910.132] 05/04/2000National
Interpretations Training and PPE for employees performing tests on equipment. 06/22/1998National
Interpretations Training for telecommunications employees must be "appropriate" for worksites and job tasks.[1910.268; 1910.268(c)(1); 1910.268(c)(2); 1910.268(c)(3)] 03/01/2004National
Interpretations Training obligations of temporary employment agencies and host employers. 09/21/2000National
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