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Cranes and Derricks (Construction) Reference Materials
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Interpretations Hoisting of personnel prohibited while other loads are being hoisted. 07/22/1996National
Interpretations Numerous questions related to operational aids required by various standards for cranes and derricks in construction.[1926.1416; 1926.1416(e)(5)(i); 1926.1416(e)(5)(ii); 1926.1427; 1926.1427(a)] 03/13/2012National
Interpretations Alloy steel chain slings must not be loaded beyond working load limit.[1926.251(b)(4); 1926.251(a)(2); 1926.550(a)(19)] 08/04/2000National
Interpretations Annual crane inspections must be conducted by a competent person; no requirement for the inspection to take place within the United States.[1926.550; 1926.550(a)(6)] 10/31/2003National
Interpretations Applicable construction standards to hydraulic cranes and derricks.[1926.550; 1910.180; 1926.550(a)(17); 1926.550(a)(15)] 05/23/2001National
Interpretations Application of construction crane standard when handling precast components [1926.1400(c)(17)(i)] 07/28/2016National
Interpretations Application of CPL 2-1.29, Interim Inspection Procedures during Communication Tower Construction Activities.[1926.550(g)(2); 1926.753(a)(4); 1926.750; 1926.550(g)] 04/25/2001National
Interpretations Cage, skip and load connections to hoist ropes.[1926.800] 08/19/1992National
Interpretations Certification and qualification requirements for mechanics, inspectors, and testers under the Cranes and Derricks in Construction standards.[1926.1400; 1926.1404; 1926.1412; 1926.1427; 1926.1429] 03/14/2012National
Interpretations Clarification as to whether operators of mobile cranes with operator cabs are subject to seat belt requirements.[1926.28(a); 1926.601; 1926.601(a); 1926.601(b)(9)] 01/27/2004National
Interpretations Clarification of OSHA requirements for dual-rated equipment meeting consensus standards for both aerial lifts and cranes [1926.1400;1926.453] 07/14/2016National
Interpretations Clarification of utility owner/operator obligation to provide voltage information.[1926.1407; 1926.1407(e); 1926.1408] 10/13/2011National
Interpretations Clarification of whether the handling of propane tanks is considered construction[1926.1400(c)(17)] 06/27/2016National
Interpretations Crane operator certification and whether a practical test is required for re-certification.[1926.1427; 1926.1427(a); 1926.1427(j)] 08/31/2012National
Interpretations Crane overload tests must be performed according to the manufacturers specifications and limitations.[1926.550(a)(1)] 11/10/1993National
Interpretations Cranes and Derricks in Construction--Is installation of a burial vault a construction activity? 03/19/2013National
Interpretations De minimis violations are not included in a citation.[1926.550(f)(1)(iv)] 01/27/1994National
Interpretations Evaluation of using a curbing system for a land crane on a barge to meet the requirements to positively secure the crane to the barge.[1926.550(f); 1926.550(f)(1)(iv)] 10/12/2004National
Interpretations Free standing/boom supported personnel hoist. 09/24/1993National
Interpretations Hoisting workers on crane load lines (boatswains' chair). 05/22/1998National
Interpretations Identification, inspection, and marking of cranes when manufacturer-supplied identifications are unavailable.[1926.550; 1926.550(a); 1926.550(a)(5); 1926.550(a)(6); 1926.550(b)(2); 1926.550(c); 1926.550(d); 1926.550(e); 1926.550(f); 1926 02/23/2004National
Interpretations Identifying the work zone when a crane works near a power line.[1926.1408; 1926.1408(a)(1); 1926.1408(a)(2)] 03/29/2012National
Interpretations Inspection of cranes used at a construction site. 02/01/1993National
Interpretations Maintaining a safe working perimeter outside a crane's swing radius.[1926.550] 03/22/1995National
Interpretations Modifications or additions to a crane without manufacturer approval where the manufacturer is still in existence.[1926.550(a)(1); 1926.550(a)(16)] 12/08/2003National
Interpretations Power Line Proximity Alarm and Insulating Link Enforcement Policy 07/23/2012National
Interpretations PPM crane repairs.[1926.550] 01/18/1995National
Interpretations Regarding assembly/disassembly and set-up used in Cranes and Derricks in Construction standard 11/05/2014National
Interpretations Regarding the determination of whether an employee may be considered a "qualified rigger"[1926.1401] 03/24/2014National
Interpretations Standards applicable to a barge - mounted stiffleg derrick engaged in the repair and maintenance of a dam site.[1926.550; 1926.605] 04/17/1996National
Interpretations Temporary Enforcement Policy for Proximity Alarm and Insulating Link Use with Cranes and Derricks in Construction 04/23/2014National
Interpretations The use of a crane near overhead power lines.[1926.550] 11/01/1993National
Interpretations The use of crane or derrick suspended personnel platforms (CDSPP) during stack and chimney erection.[1926.550] 09/05/1995National
Interpretations Use of caution tape or rope to barricade a crane's swing radius; guarding of lug connectors on portable welders.[1926.550(a)(9); 1926.403(a); 1926.403(i)(2)(i)] 03/10/2004National
Interpretations Use of crane or derrick suspended personnel platforms[1926.550(g)] 02/18/1992National
Interpretations Use of synthetic fiber slings.[1926.251] 02/10/1994National
Interpretations Whether §1926.550(g) applies to boom-attached personnel lifting platforms and, if not, whether OSHA requires proof testing of such platforms; what is the meaning of 01/12/2007National
Interpretations Whether apprenticeship programs qualify as third party qualified evaluators for purposes of evaluating signal person qualifications.[1926.1428; 1926.1428(a); 1926.1428(a)(3); 1926.1428(b); 1926.1430(b)] 06/28/2011National
Interpretations Whether handling of stones for foundation work is considered a construction activity; Clarification of whether a crane can be derated based on the load being lifted. [1926.32(g); 1926.1441] 07/14/2016National
Interpretations Whether under §1926.550, a crane may be left unattended with its spreader bar suspended; where in §1926.550 of Subpart N, other than in §1926.550(g), is the use of tag lines referenced; how are 11/27/2007National
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