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Asbestos (Construction) Reference Materials
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Directives 02/06/1989 - CPL 2.34 CH-4 - Change to the Construction Standard Alleged Violation Elements (SAVEs) Manual. 07/18/2003National
Interpretations After changing protective clothing for a lunch break, it should not be reused for the balance of the shift.[1926.1101] 06/21/1993National
Interpretations Aggressive vs non-aggressive removal of asbestos-containing flooring material; negative exposure assessment methods for direct and indirect employee exposures.[1926.1101] 05/07/2003National
Interpretations Applicable asbestos standard for replacing a rubber encapsulated asbestos gasket.[1910.1001; 1926.1101] 09/10/2003National
Interpretations Application of Asbestos Standards to repair and maintenance operations.[1926.1101; 1910.1001; 1910.12(b)] 09/26/2001National
Interpretations Application of construction standard to demolition operations involving material less than 1% asbestos.[1926.1101; 1926.1101(g)(1)(ii); 1926.1101(g)(1)(iii)] 10/27/2003National
Interpretations Application of the Asbestos Standard to the removal of ACM debris and intact material.[1926.1101(b); 1926.1101(g)] 08/26/2002National
Interpretations Asbestos Standard for Construction.[1910.1001; 1926.1101] 09/04/1996National
Guidance Documents Asbestos Standard for the Construction Industry  National
Interpretations Asbestos standard: Joint compound is not a surfacing material. 05/14/1998National
Interpretations Asbestos standard: Written opinion from the examining physician. 05/05/1998National
Interpretations Asbestos surveying and sampling associated with the remodeling, renovation, and demolition of buildings. 08/20/1997National
Interpretations Asbestos tests, evaluations, and sample collections: qualified persons. 07/01/1998National
Interpretations Building owner's requirement to determine and communicate the hazrds from installed ACM and PACM [1926.1101(b); 1926.1101(k)(1); 1926.1101(k)(2); 1926.1101(k)(3)] 09/06/2005National
Interpretations Clarification of "surfacing material" under the asbestos standard. 06/18/1999National
Interpretations Clarification of Asbestos Standard for construction. 06/28/1996National
Interpretations Clarification of Asbestos standard. 08/26/1996National
Interpretations Clarification on number of employees required for glovebag removal operations.[1926.1101; 1926.1101(g)(5)(ii)(B)(9)] 07/13/2009National
Interpretations Class III asbestos work: training, medical surveillance, PPE, and surfacing materials. 04/21/1998National
Interpretations Classification of asbestos work for employees performing asbestos inspections and obtaining bulk samples. 04/28/1997National
Interpretations Compliance requirements for renovation work involving material containing less than 1% asbestos.[1926.1101; 1926.1101(e); 1926.1101(f)(2); 1926.1101(f)(5); 1926.1101(f)(6); 1926.1101(g)(1); 1926.1101(g)(3); 1926.1101(g)(8)(ii); 1926.1101 11/24/2003National
Interpretations Compliance with OSHA's Asbestos Standard-Composite Bulk Samples. 02/07/1997National
Interpretations Construction Asbestos Standard. 08/01/1997National
Interpretations Construction Asbestos Standard. 09/03/1997National
Interpretations Construction industry asbestos standard definition of "regulated area" and requirements for work involving materials of <1% asbestos for demolition and sheetrock projects 02/01/2005National
Interpretations Construction industry asbestos standard, 1926.1101, as applied to the demolition of buildings containing installed asbestos.[1926.1101] 06/27/2005National
Interpretations Contractor responsibilities for health and safety when removing asbestos-containing materials from private dwellings. 10/16/2008National
Interpretations Correct manner to interpret air sample measurements of an employee's asbestos exposure when the samples are overloaded. [1926.1101; 1926.1101(c)(1); 1926.1101(f)(1)] 01/17/2006National
Interpretations Employee notification as covered under 29 CFR 1926.26(d)(8)(i).[1926.62] 04/04/1995National
Interpretations Engineering Controls for Removal of Asbestos-Containing Construction Mastic (Class II Work Operations). [1926.1101(g)(7); 1926.1101(g)(8)] 08/03/2005National
Interpretations Glove bag methods for control of exposure to airborne asbestos. 05/15/1997National
Interpretations Negative exposure assessment for 1926.1101. 12/04/1995National
Interpretations OSHA's asbestos standard regulates working with materials containing less than 1 percent asbestos. 04/17/1997National
Interpretations Prohibitions and/or restrictions on aggressive methods for removing asbestos-containing mastic from floors.[1926.1101; 1926.1101(b); 1926.1101(g)(8)(i); 1926.1101(g)(8)(i)(D); 1926.1101(g)(8)(vi)] 05/18/2005National
Interpretations Refresher training requirements for Class III asbestos work and training for excavations disturbing soil with ACM.[1926.1101; 1926.1101(b); 1926.1101(g); 1926.1101(k)(9); 1926.1101(k)(9)(ii); 1926.1101(k)(9)(v); 1926.1101(k)(9)(viii)] 07/10/2008National
Interpretations Requirement for facility owners to notify tenants or employers of presence of ACM and PACM. 01/16/2007National
Interpretations Requirements for demolition operations involving material containing <1% asbestos. 08/13/1999National
Interpretations Requirements for work with materials containing less than 1 percent asbestos. 08/07/1998National
Interpretations Responsibility of each person involved in Class I glovebag removal operations. 09/18/1997National
Interpretations Routine asbestos inspections, bulk sampling activities, and training with regards to specific provisions in the Occupational Exposure to Asbestos Standard. 10/31/1997National
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