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Electrical Safety (Construction) Reference Materials
Interpretations Interpretation of the OSHA construction standards for electrical branch circuits. 11/21/1995National
Interpretations Acceptable uses of flexible temporary cords/cables on construction sites 01/16/2003National
Interpretations Application of 1926.404(b)(1) to 208-volt branch circuits; requirement for electrical subcontractor under 1926.404(b)(1) to provide ground-fault circuit interrupters on circuits used by other subcontractors.[1926.404(b); 1926.404(b)(1); 03/22/2005National
Interpretations Approval of temporary power for a construction site.[1926.403(a)] 01/08/1992National
Interpretations Approved and Acceptable equipment has been determined to be safe by a qualified electrical testing laboratory.[1926.403] 01/07/1992National
Interpretations Compliance of type SJTW flexible cords with 1926.405(a)(2)(ii)(J) and use on construction sites.[1926.405; 1926.405(a)(2)(ii)(J)] 03/29/2004National
Interpretations CSHO use of external GFCI testers to enforce 29 CFR 1926.404(b)(1)[1926.404; 1926.404(b)(1); 1926.404(b)(1)(i); 1926.404(b)(1)(ii); 1926.404(b)(1)(iii)] 07/09/2003National
Interpretations Extension cord grounding continuity requirements.[1926.404(b)(1)(iii)(D)] 08/09/1993National
Interpretations Flexible corrugated plastic covers for temporary use to cover live electric parts in switch and panel boxes.[1926.405(d); 1926.305(d)] 06/17/2002National
Interpretations General Duty Clause (5(a)(1)) citations on multi-employer worksites; NFPA 70E electrical safety requirements and personal protective equipment.[1926.402(a); 1910.132; 1910.335; 1926.403; 1926.404; 1926.405; 1926.406; 1926.407; 1926.408; 07/25/2003National
Interpretations Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Information [1926.404(b)(1)] 02/10/1992National
Interpretations Ground fault circuit interrupters on extension cords and portable tools.[ 1926.404 ] 11/04/1992National
Interpretations Ground fault protection for a construction job-site trailer. 02/16/1993National
Guidance Documents Ground Fault Protection on Construction Sites  National
Interpretations Ground-fault protection for branch circuits.[1926.404(b)(1)] 09/17/1992National
Interpretations Information on ground fault circuit Interrupters.[1926.404(b)(1)] 02/04/1992National
Interpretations Insulation issues: definition; plastic sheaths; and guarding requirements. 02/23/1999National
Interpretations Interpretation of "unattended" in 29 CFR 1926.351(d)(1) with regard to electrode holders.[1926.351; 1926.351(d)(1)] 04/30/2010National
Interpretations Maximum allowable distance between supports for temporary electrical wiring.[1926.402(a); 1926.403(b)(1); 1926.405(a)(2)] 05/13/2004National
Interpretations Minimum distance between supports for temporary electrical wiring.[1926.405] 04/05/2004National
Interpretations Portable and vehicle mounted generators must be approved on the job site.[1926.403] 06/28/1993National
Interpretations Portable electric lighting.[ 1926.405] 03/28/1995National
Interpretations Proper equipment for testing ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).[1926.404(b)(1)(ii)] 12/09/1993National
Interpretations Protection of employees from exposure to live electrical parts with plastic switch plates/receptacle cover and non-conductive screws.[1926.405(j)(1)(i); 1926.416(a)(1); 1926.404(f)(7)(i)] 09/17/2004National
Interpretations Requirements of 1926.404(b)(1) application to 208-volt branch circuits; electrical subcontractor requirements under 1926.404(b)(1) to monitor other on-site subcontractors.[1926; 1926.404; 1926.404(b)(1); 1926.404(b)(1)(i); 1926.404(b)(1) 02/07/2005National
Interpretations Use of approved GFCI's that do not have open-neutral protection.[1926.404(b)(1)(i); 1926.404; 1926.404(b); 1926.404(b)(1)(ii); 1926.449; 1926.449(a); 1926.449(b); 1926.449(c)] 07/07/2003National
Interpretations Use of extension cord in accordance with warnings on the tag attached to the cord 1926.403(b)(2) 11/11/2015National
Interpretations Use of flexible cords for connection of appliances; Scaffold base plates. 07/20/1998National
Interpretations Use of manufacturer-applied insulation coating as an insulation barrier; use of equipment within the minimum approach distance with insulation barriers.[1926.550(a)(15); 1926.600(a)(6)] 08/09/2004National
Interpretations Using electrical tape to repair minor damage to the outer jacket of an extension cord. 12/16/1998National
Interpretations Whether a TempCovers temporary panel cover, when used in accordance with manufacturer instructions/procedures, would comply with the requirement in 29 CFR 1926.405(d) that access to live electrical parts be limited to qualified persons. 09/19/2007National
Interpretations Whether an employer can repair an extension cord under 29 CFR 1926, Subpart K.[1926.405; 1926.405(g)(2)(iii); 1926.449] 04/12/2010National
Interpretations Whether employees who are verifying that an electrical system is de-energized or are turning off circuit breakers are required to use personal protective equipment [1926.95(a); 1926.416(a); 1926.416(a)(1); 1926 Subpart K] 02/29/2008National
Interpretations Whether extension cords may be repaired and returned to use.[1926.403; 1926.403(a); 1926.404; 1926.404(b)(1)(iii)(C)] 04/04/2010National
Interpretations Wiring, Extension Cords and Grounding.[1926.404(f)(3)(i)] 09/03/1993National
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