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Trenching (Construction) Reference Materials
Directives 02/20/1990 - CPL 2.87 - Inspection Procedures for Enforcing the Excavation Standard, 29 CFR l926, Subpart P 07/22/2003National
Directives 09/19/1985 - CPL 2.69 - Special Emphasis: Trenching and Excavation 07/18/2003National
Interpretations 29 CFR 1926.651(i)(1); excavation operations. [1926.651(i)(1)] 01/10/2006National
Interpretations Adjusting work practices to comply with cave-in protection requirements in §1926.652, Requirements for protective systems in excavations.[1926.652(g)(2)] 07/29/2005National
Interpretations Can a person who qualifies as a "competent" person under one section of support P also qualify as a competent designer of structural ramps under §1926.651(c)(1)(i)?.[1926.650(b); 1926.651(c)(1)(i); 1926.652(b); 1926.652(b)(2); 1926.652(b)(4)] 07/01/2010National
Interpretations Clarification of utility "owner" as used in the Safety and Health Standards for Excavations, Underground Installations.[1926.651(b)(2); 1926.651(b); 1926.650; 1926.651; 1926.652] 09/21/2001National
Interpretations Classification of soils for providing protective systems in excavations. [1926.652(b)(1)(i)] 03/10/1992National
Interpretations Competent person responsibilities at excavations. [1926.651(k)(1) ] 08/05/1992National
Interpretations Concerns with the OSHA June 30 memorandum concerning the application of 29 CFR 1926.652 to house foundation/basement excavations. [1926.652] 09/07/1995National
Interpretations Construction standards addressing excavations. [1926.651(h)] 03/23/1992National
Interpretations Design of protective systems for employees working in trenches. [1926.652] 05/21/1992National
Interpretations Evaluation of the use of aluminum forms as an exit route from trench excavations.[1926.651; 1926.651(c)(2)] 05/11/2004National
Interpretations Excavation standards relating to aluminum rail. [1926.652] 05/05/1992National
Guidance Documents Excavations  National
Interpretations Exposure to radon when working in trenches or excavations.[1910.1096; 1910.1096(c)(1); 1926.53] 12/28/2009National
Interpretations Minimum length that an excavation must be before a protective system is required. [1926.652(a)] 07/16/1993National
Interpretations OSHA standards addressing reverse signal alarms on excavators. [1926.602] 05/10/1995National
Interpretations Permissibility of installing a trench shield so that the top is flush with the surface.[1926.652; 1926.652(g)(1)(ii)] 11/14/2003National
Interpretations Plywood as a substitute for meeting the standard. [1926.652] 02/19/1993National
Interpretations Protective system requirements for excavations that will not be entered by employees.[1926.652; 1926.652(a)(1); 1926.652(b); 1926.652(c)] 10/13/2009National
Interpretations Registered professional engineer approval requirements for combination trench shield and sloping system trenches with a depth greater than 20 feet.[1926.650(b); 1926.652; 1926.652(a); 1926.652(b); 1926.652(b)(3); 1926.652(b)(4)] 12/22/2003National
Interpretations Registered professional engineer approval requirements for manufactured trench protection systems deeper than 20 feet. 01/16/2003National
Interpretations Requirements for MTD to identify registered professional engineers. [1926 Subpart P] 10/27/1992National
Interpretations Requirements to prevent trench collapse during sheet-pile operations.[1926.603(c)(3); 1916.652(b); 1926.651(j)] 10/17/2000National
Interpretations Safety procedures associated with the use of wheel or track propelled excavators. [1926.21(b)(2)] 02/23/1994National
Interpretations Safety Procedures During Gunite and Shotcrete Pool Construction. [1926.652] 03/28/1994National
Interpretations Soil classification. [1926 Subpart P] 01/10/1994National
Interpretations Soil testing for excavations and confined spaces [1926.21; 1910;146; 1926.651(g)] 06/15/1992National
Interpretations Suspension of 29 CFR 1926.652 to House Foundation/Basement Excavations. [1926.652] 06/30/1995National
Interpretations The soil classification system. [1926] 10/28/1993National
Interpretations Timber shoring for trenches [1926] 02/13/1992National
Interpretations Trench shield must extend 18" above excavation walls when below grade.[1926.652(b); 1926.650; 1926.651(j)(2)] 08/10/2000National
Interpretations Tunnel boring machine equipment. [1910.7(a)] 12/09/1993National
Interpretations Use of hydro-vacuum excavation equipment and other acceptable means to locate underground utility installions. [1926.651; 1926.651(b)(2); 1926.651(b)(3)] 10/23/2003National
Interpretations Use of plywood for shoring and support systems in trenches and excavations. [1926.652] 04/15/1992National
Interpretations Whether it is permissible for an employee to remain in a trench box when materials are being lowered into it by a backhoe. 12/19/2007National
Interpretations Whether or not organic rock, such as Miami oolite rock should be considered by OSHA as stable rock. [1926.652] 04/05/1995National
Interpretations Whether the operator's cab of excavators must be equipped with seatbelts; §1926.602(a) and §1926.602(b). [1926.602; 1926.602(a); 1926.602(b)] 05/09/2006National
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