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Directives 10/30/1978 - PRO 4.3 - Procurement of Safety Glasses and Safety Shoes 07/09/2003National
Directives 29 CFR Part 1910, Subpart I, Enforcement Guidance for Personal Protective Equipment in General Industry - CPL 02-01-050 02/10/2011National
Interpretations Appropriate protective clothing for aircraft firefighting. 04/03/1997National
Guidance Documents Assessing the Need for Personal Protective Equipment: A Guide for Small Business Employers  National
Interpretations Clarification of OSHA's position on FR Clothing for welders.[1910.252; 1910.252(b)(3); 1910.132] 01/12/2012National
Interpretations Clarification of PPE requirements for phlebotomists performing venipunctures in hospital setting and/or rural outpatient clinics [1910.1030] 10/26/2007National
Interpretations Clarification of specialty footwear and employer requirements to provide at no cost to its employees [1910.132; 1910.132(h)(2)] 05/11/2009National
Interpretations Detachable vs. permanent side shields for safety glasses; modifications to safety glasses. 01/29/2007National
Guidance Documents Does Your PPE Program Meet Cal/OSHA Requirements? 4 Critical Steps to Help You Comply and Protect Your Employees  National
Guidance Documents Does your program meet PPE requirements?  National
Interpretations Employer payment for lineman belts and hooks when the equipment is used to comply with an OSHA standard. 05/01/2008National
Interpretations Evaluation and use of radiofrequency protective clothing.[1910.132] 04/14/1993National
Interpretations Fire fighter personal protective clothing issues. 08/28/1997National
Interpretations Fire retardant PPE requirements and PPE hazard assessment. 03/27/1998National
Interpretations Flame-resistant and flame-retardant treated clothing for oil and gas well drilling, servicing, and production-related operations.[1910.132; 1910.132(a); 1910.106; 1910.119] 03/31/2011National
Interpretations Gloves for handling telecommunications cable suspension strand. 02/06/1998National
Interpretations Guidelines for ROPS on pneumatic compactors and "skid steer" equipment. 03/16/1998National
Interpretations Hazards to and personal protective equipment for hands and torsos of retail meat cutters. [1910.132] 04/17/1992National
Interpretations Interpretation of OSHA requirements for personal protective equipment to be used during marine oil spill emergency response operations. 09/11/1995National
Interpretations Interpretation of the Personal Protective Equipment standard. [1910.132] 07/03/1995National
Interpretations OSHA does not specify payment requirements for apparel covered in the Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Standard. 10/31/2003National
Interpretations OSHA provide an interpretation or specific guidance regarding body armor as PPE 11/01/2017National
Interpretations Painting or placement of adhesive stickers on protective helmet shell.[1910.132; 1910.132(a); 1910.135] 10/27/2009National
Interpretations Payment for body belts, positioning straps, and pole and tree climbers. 03/16/2009National
Interpretations Payment for body belts, positioning straps, and pole and tree climbers. 03/16/2009National
Interpretations Payment for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is required to be provided by 1910.132.[1910.132] 08/25/2004National
Guidance Documents Personal Protective Equipment  National
Guidance Documents Personal Protective Equipment Fact Sheet  National
Guidance Documents Personal Protective Equipment Fact Sheet (PDF)  National
Interpretations Personal protective equipment, general requirements and employer responsibility. [1910.132] 09/20/1993National
Interpretations PPE for overexposure to the sun's radiation. 08/28/1998National
Guidance Documents PPE Matrix for Hurricane Sandy Cleanup  National
Interpretations PPE must be provided for serious sun exposure hazards.[1910.132(a)] 06/19/2000National
Interpretations Proper PPE for firefighters. 07/15/1997National
Interpretations Requirement for employer to assess potential hazards of handling trailer debris to provide necessary PPE and hazard communication information to affected employees [1910.120(q); 1910.132; 1910.134(a)(2); 1910.1200] 07/03/2007National
Interpretations Requirement for flame-resistant clothing in petrochemical plant covered by PSM. [1910.132; 1910.132(a); 1910.119; 1910.119(f)(1)(iii)(B); 1910.119(h)(2); 1910.119(h)(3); 1910.119(j)(2)] 03/07/2006National
Interpretations Roll-over protective structures for agricultural wheeled tractors. 07/08/1997National
Interpretations Scope of logging standard -- 1910.266.[1910.132; 1910.138; 1910.242; 1910.266; 1910.269] 03/12/1996National
Interpretations Stress cone work: worker protection and job briefings. 06/22/1998National
Interpretations Suitable protective equipment. 04/15/1997National
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