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Cranes and Slings Reference Materials
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Interpretations Compliance for crane hoisted personnel platforms. 07/22/1996National
Interpretations Load testing of underhung trolleys/lifting devices.[1910.179(b)(2)] 11/02/1993National
Directives 02/08/1982 - STD 3-12.4 - Interpretation of "Normal Operating Conditions" for Overhead and Gantry Cranes, and Derricks 07/16/2003National
Directives 07/15/1991 - PUB 8-1.8 - Guidelines on the Stability of Well Servicing Derricks 07/22/2003National
Directives 10/01/1981 - CPL 2-1.14B - 29 CFR 1910.184(e)(4), Alloy Steel Chain Slings Proof Testing 07/16/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 2-1.7 - Interpretation of 1918.74(a)(9)(viii)(d), Guidance on Requirements for Load Indicating Devices on Cranes 07/09/2003National
Directives 11/02/1979 - STD 2-1.4A - 29 CFR 1918.74(a)(9), Crane Load Indicating Device 07/09/2003National
Interpretations A crane may be used for rated load testing of below-the-hook lifting device provided the test does not exceed 125% for the crane's rated load.[1910.179] 08/08/1994National
Interpretations A worm drive gearbox is not considered to be a holding brake. [1910.179; 1910.179(a)(2); 1910.179(f)(1)(i); 1910.179(f)(1)(ii)] 11/15/2005National
Interpretations Applicable standards for Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices and slings. 10/01/1998National
Interpretations Clarification of Overhead and Gantry Cranes definition of 08/28/2003National
Interpretations Clarification of overhead and gantry cranes. 01/03/1997National
Interpretations Guidelines for platforms and walkways on cranes.[1910.179(b); 1910.179(d)] 06/25/1993National
Interpretations Holding brake requirements on overhead cranes.[1910.179] 11/08/1996National
Interpretations Inspection certification record requirements in overhead and gantry cranes. 10/21/1997National
Interpretations Inspection of Crane Hooks.[1910.179] 02/12/1992National
Interpretations Inspection of running ropes.[1910.179] 03/27/1992National
Interpretations Interpretation of the overhead and gantry cranes standard.[1910.179] 09/26/1996National
Guidance Documents Know Your Hand Signals  National
Interpretations Loads must be attached to the block hook by a sling or other approved device and may not be attached directly to the running rope.[1910.179; 1910.179(n)(2)(i); 1910.179(n)(2)(ii)] 10/06/2004National
Interpretations Operation of a crane in close proximity to overhead power lines.[1910.137] 02/08/1994National
Interpretations Operators of overhead and gantry cranes must not carry loads over people. 03/24/1999National
Interpretations OSHA enforcement of Safety and Health requirements which apply to bungee jumping from cranes. 05/25/1995National
Interpretations OSHA requirements for crane operators. 10/18/2007National
Interpretations Rated load markings for overhead bridge and gantry cranes. 02/25/1998National
Interpretations Removal from service criteria for wire rope slings.[1910.184] 03/18/1994National
Interpretations Requesting clarification of Slings 05/31/1995National
Interpretations Requirements for dual purpose mechanical equipment (digger derrick and aerial lift). 05/05/1997National
Interpretations Requirements for rated load tests for new or altered cranes 04/11/2016National
Interpretations Requirements for rated load tests for new or altered cranes 04/11/2016National
Guidance Documents Sling Safety  National
Interpretations Slings used in conjunction with other material handling equipment for the movement of materials by hoisting in the workplace.[1910.184] 06/11/1992National
Interpretations Standards applicable to an automatic transfer device for processing and moving product.[1910.179; 1910 Subpart D; 1910 Subpart S; 1910 Subpart O] 01/16/2004National
Interpretations The need for an employer to comply with standards other than those which are enforced by OSHA.[1910.179] 02/27/1992National
Interpretations The use of clevis pins and cotterpins to attach slings and hooks; use of latches on sling hooks.[1910.184(e)(2)(i); 1910.184(e)(2)(ii); 1910.184(f)(6)] 10/19/2009National
Interpretations The use of cranes with work platforms connected (not suspended) from the last section of a crane boom 08/10/1983National
Interpretations Training for travel lift (mobile gantry crane) operators. 11/08/1999National
Interpretations Two-inch clearance must be maintained for overhead bridge cranes. 04/06/2001National
Interpretations Use of lower-limit device that stops lower hook travel with at least two wraps remaining on the drum. [1910.179; 1910.179(h)(2)(iii)(a)] 04/25/2006National
Interpretations Use of overhead bridge and gantry cranes as work platforms.[1910.179] 04/06/1993National
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