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Hand and Portable Power Tools Reference Materials
Interpretations A clarification of the definition of an outer flange on an abrasive wheel. (1910.243) 03/29/1995National
Directives 12/09/1985 - STD 1-13.2A - Explosive Actuated Fastening Tools 07/18/2003National
Interpretations Abbrasive blast cleaning nozzles must be equipped with a "dead - man" control.[1910.244(b)] 04/03/2000National
Interpretations All electric tools need to be tested by a qualified national testing laboratory and be listed and labeled.(1926.449) 01/28/1994National
Interpretations Electric power tools: grounding, NRTL approval, and suitable circuit connection.[1926.404(b)(2); 1926.403(a); 1926.404(f)(7)(iv)] 06/12/2000National
Guidance Documents Hand and Power Tools  National
Interpretations Hand portable operated abrasive grinders. 01/24/1996National
Interpretations Machine anchoring requirements as it apply to the dental polishing lathes.[1910.212] 09/04/1996National
Interpretations Repair requirements for the cord plug (attachment plug) of double-insulated tools.[1926.302; 1926.302(a); 1926.302(a)(1); 1926.403; 1926.403(a); 1926.404; 1926.404(b)(1)(iii)(C); 1926.404(f)(7)(iv); 1926.404(f)(3); 1926.404(f)(7); 1926. 05/19/2003National
Interpretations Statement of compliance from OSHA for a pole-mounted powder actuated tool.(1926.302) 09/05/1995National
Interpretations The safe use of portable, compressed-air-actuated, fastener driving tools (staple guns).[1910.212; 1910.212(a)(3)(ii); 1910.242(a)] 08/08/1986National
Interpretations Use of compressed air above 30 p.s.i. for cleaning purposes;nonmetallic - sheathed cable for temporary wiring.[1926.302(b)(4); 1926.405(a)(2); 1926.405(a)(2)(ii)(B)] 10/04/2000National
Interpretations Using compressed air for cleaning an employee's body and clothing.(1910.242) 01/14/1994National
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