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Material Handling - General Reference Materials
Interpretations Availability of the Servicing Multi-piece and Single Piece Rim Wheels standard's required charts and rim manuals.[1910.177] 12/21/2004National
Directives 02/19/1979 - STD 1-11.6A - Disparity Between 29 CFR 1910.178(c)(2)(vii) and Table N-1, 29 CFR 1910.178(c)(2) 07/09/2003National
Directives 08/16/1982 - STD 3-10.6 - 29 CFR 1926.451(w) and 29 CFR 1926.451(a)(18) As Applied to Welding Required on Float or Ship Scaffolds 07/18/2003National
Directives 10/01/1990 - STD 2-1.9 - HAZARD ALERT-Use of 4 x 29 Wire Rope as Cargo Runner (Hoisting Wire) 07/22/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 1-11.4 - 29 CFR 1910.178(g)(2); Battery Charging Stations for Fork Lifts and Other Industrial Trucks 07/07/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 3-6.1 - 29 CFR 1926.250(b)(1), Material Storage - As Related to Interim Storage of Temporary Flooring Used in Steel Erection 07/07/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 3-6.2 - 29 CFR 1926.250.(b)(1), Material Storage - As Related to Interim Storage of Concrete Forms and Shoring 07/08/2003National
Directives 12/02/1987 - STP 2-1.141 - Servicing of Single Piece Multi-Piece Rim Wheels at Marine Terminals 07/18/2003National
Interpretations Clarification of the Applicability of 29 CFR 1910.272(g) or (h) During Grain Storage Structure Entry Operations.[1910.272;1910.272(g);1910.272(h)] 05/16/2011National
Interpretations Comments on Variance Application Number 2293. 09/18/1995National
Guidance Documents Grain Handling  National
Interpretations Hoists that have two upper hoist limit switches. (1910.179) 11/29/1993National
Interpretations Marking and proof-testing requirements for special custom-designed lifting accessories.[1926.251; 1926.251(a); 1926.251(a)(4)] 07/07/2003National
Guidance Documents Materials Handling and Storage  National
Interpretations Multi-piece Rim Wheel.(1910.177) 01/13/1992National
Interpretations OSHA policy on using wipe sampling for 4,4' methylenedianiline (MDA) as the basis for enforcement action.[1910.1050; 1910.1050(b); 1910.1050(f)(1)(ii); 1910.1050(l)(1); 1910.1050(l)(2); 1910.1050(l)(3)] 07/18/2003National
Interpretations Railroad tankcars off-loading points at an industrial facility. 11/14/1996National
Interpretations Reiteration of OSHA policy on unguarded sweep augers.[1910.272; 1910.272(g)(1)(ii)] 02/16/2012National
Interpretations Required Frequency of Periodic Wire Rope Inspections for Lifting Equipment 02/05/1992National
Interpretations Requirement for a safety latch on a sling hook depends on the activity for which the sling is being used. [1910.181(a)(29); 1910.181(j)(2); 1910.184(c)(6); 1917.45; 1918.66; 1918.81; 1926.753] 01/10/2006National
Interpretations Requirements for crucibles and other below-the-hook lifting devices.[1910.179] 06/26/2002National
Interpretations Review of Roof Mates' Roofer's Rack, Tool Box, Bracket, and stocker. 05/02/2002National
Interpretations Rollover protective structures are required for earthmoving "dumpers."[1926.602(a)(1); 1926.602(a)(6)] 09/25/2000National
Interpretations Rollover protective structures for the Cary-Lift model. (1910) 07/08/1994National
Interpretations ROPS: de minimis policy for use of 1994 SAE standard.[1926.1001(h)] 11/14/2000National
Interpretations Servicing single piece and multi-piece wheels and logging business; logging employment regulated under agriculture standard.(1910.177;1928) 10/22/1992National
Interpretations Testing of hoist limit switches.[1910.179; 1910.179(k)(1)(ii); 1910.179(n)(4)] 10/21/2003National
Interpretations The work practices of truck drivers at loading docks.[1910.178] 05/03/1996National
Interpretations Use of cab shields on haulage vehicles with 4 ft separation between cab and dump truck body.[1926.601(b)(6)] 02/28/2001National
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