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Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Reference Materials
Directives 06/17/1991 -  CPL 2.35 CH-17 - Changes to the Regulatory General Industry Standard Alleged Violation 07/22/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 1-12.6 - 29 CFR 1910.218 Forging Machines 07/07/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 1-14.1 - Replacement Welding Tips 07/09/2003National
Interpretations Certification of manufactured products intended for use in the workplace. 12/14/1994National
Interpretations Clarification of the OSHA reference to welding rods in a 03/21, Memorandum to Regional Administrators [1910.1200] 10/06/1995National
Interpretations Conflict between requirements of 1910.252 and 1910.146 07/30/1993National
Interpretations Enforcement of ventilation requirements for welding operations.[1910.252(c)] 08/27/1993National
Interpretations Flashback Arrestors and Backflow Protective Equipment for Welding Operations. [1910.253] 01/28/1992National
Interpretations General industry and construction standards regarding "in use" or "ready to use" and "storage" of compressed gas and oxygen cylinders for welding; §1910.253(b)(2)-1910.253(b)(4) and §1926.350(a)(10). [1910.253; 1910.253(b)(2); 1910.253(b 05/08/2006National
Interpretations Hazards associated with aluminum grinding.[1915.4(r); 1915.504(b)] 10/08/2009National
Interpretations Male infertility and welding engineers. [1910 Subpart H] 10/27/1992National
Interpretations OSHA's General Industry standard requires damaged welding leads to be replaced and not to be repaired. [1910.254(d)(9)(iii); 1926.351(b)(2); 1926.351(b)(4)] 04/05/2005National
Interpretations Permissibility of the welding of joists over 40-feet in length, while the hoisting line is kept in place, instead of field bolting.[1926.757(a)(8); 1926.757(a)(8)(i); 1926.757(a)(8)(ii); 1926.757(b)(3); 1926.757(c)(2)] 11/20/2003National
Interpretations Storage of oxygen and acetylene cylinders for construction vs. general industry. [ 1910.253; 1910.253(b)(2); 1910.253(b)(3); 1910.253(b)(4); 1926.350; 1926.350(a)(10)] 05/10/2006National
Interpretations Temporary storage carrier for oxygen and acetylene cylinders. [1910.253] 04/20/1992National
Interpretations Training and competency for oxygen-fuel gas welding equipment use. 05/13/1998National
Interpretations Use of "objective data" to accurately characterize employee exposures to hexavalent chromium during welding operations. 11/14/2006National
Interpretations Use of the "Regulator Umbrella" for "in use" or "connected for use" conditions for portable compressed gas cylinders. [1910.253; 1910.253(b)(5)(ii)(B); 1910.253(b)(5)(ii)(D); 1910.253(b)(5)(ii)(I); 1926.350; 1926.350(a)(10)] 05/12/2006National
Interpretations Welder electrical safety training. 03/12/1998National
Interpretations Workers must be protected from hazards of heated (hot) surfaces. 08/19/1998National
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