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This area gathers all of the final and proposed rules and notices published for OSHA, FMCSA, and PHMSA (relating to hazardous materials transportation) in the last 7-days. Is your state a state-plan state?
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Activity in the last week
146872/workplace-safety-regulatory-activity/final-regulations/motor-carrier-safety/49-CFR-365-387-and-390-Applicability-of-the-Regist/Final RulesMotor Carrier SafetyNational 49 CFR 365, 387 and 390 - Applicability of the Registration, Financial Responsibility, and Safety Regulations to Motor Carriers of Passengers
146847/workplace-safety-regulatory-activity/proposed-regulations/workers-workmen-compensation/29-CFR-2550-Prohibited-Transaction-Exemption-PTE-2/Proposed RulesWorkers' CompensationNational 29 CFR 2550 - Prohibited Transaction Exemption (PTE) 2002-51 To Permit Certain Transactions Identified in the Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program
146848/workplace-safety-regulatory-activity/proposed-regulations/workers-workmen-compensation/29-CFR-2560-and-2570-Voluntary-Fiduciary-Correctio/Proposed RulesWorkers' CompensationNational 29 CFR 2560 and 2570 - Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program; Proposed Rule
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