This collection includes trainer’s outlines, handouts, and quizzes on a broad range of safety topics. The short sessions are designed to highlight or reinforce safety knowledge and procedures. Handouts review key points of the training session. Quizzes can be used to test what employees have learned.

Use the following documents and forms to familiarize yourself with the 7-Minute Safety Trainer and communicate important safety information about your facility to your employees:

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Healthcare Safety Accident Prevention for Healthcare Workers (Outline)  National
Accidents Accident Prevention for Supervisors (Outline)  National
Signs Accident Protection Signs and Tags (Outline)  National
Aerial Lifts Aerial Lift Safety (Outline)  National
Compressed Gases Aerosol Can Safety (Outline)  National
Machine Safety Amputation Prevention (Outline)  National
Job Hazard Analysis Analyzing Your Job for Hazards (Outline)  National
Security - General Anthrax and the Mailroom (Outline)  National
Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Arc Welding Safety (Outline)  National
Emergency Preparedness Are You Prepared for a Weather Emergency? (Outline)  National
Wellness Are You Ready to Quit Smoking (Outline)  National
Safety - General Arriving At and Leaving Work Safely (Outline)  National
Asbestos (Construction) Asbestos in Construction (Outline)  National
Confined Spaces Attendants' Roles in Confined Spaces (Outline)  National
Audits Audits for Safety and Health (Outline)  National
Back Safety Avoid Back Pain by Safe Lifting (Outline)  National
Healthcare Safety Avoiding Latex Allergies (Outline)  National
Construction - General Backhoe Safety (Outline)  National
Fire Prevention Basic Fire Prevention Steps (Outline)  National
Emergency Preparedness Be Prepared for Weather Emergencies (Outline)  National
Safety Culture Behavior-Based Safety  National
Bloodborne Pathogens Bloodborne Pathogen Protection (Outline)  National
Emergency Preparedness Brush Up on Evacuation Procedures (Outline)  National
Eye and Face Protection Chemical Eye Safety Using ANSI Z87.1 (Outline)  National
Hazard Communication Chemical Hazard Communication (Outline)  National
Chemical Hazards Chemical Spill Procedures (Outline)  National
Chemical Hazards Chemical Spills (Outline)  National
Chemical Hazards Cleaning Agents, Detergents, and Bleaches (Outline)  National
Chemical Hazards Cleaning Product Safety (Outline)  National
Combustible Dust Combustible Dust (Outline)  National
Commercial Driver Safety Commercial Vehicle Backing Safety (Outline)  National
Specific Industries Communication Tower Worker Safety (Outline)  National
Ergonomics Computer Workstation Exercises (Outline)  National
Specific Industries Concrete Manufacturing Hazards (Outline)  National
Confined Spaces Confined Space Emergencies: Attendant's Role (Outline)  National
Confined Spaces Confined Space Permit Requirements (Outline)  National
Confined Spaces (Construction) Confined Spaces in Construction (Outline)  National
Confined Spaces Confined Spaces: What Rescuers Need to Know (Outline)  National
Construction - General Contractor Safety (Outline)  National
Corrosives and Battery Safety Corrosives Are Hazardous Materials (Outline)  National
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