Federal OSHA does not regulate or enforce workplace safety and health in state and local government workplaces. However, OSHA has authorized 25 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands to regulate workplace safety and health in municipalities and local governments. Many of these states have adopted the federal OSHA rules, while some have adopted rules that are stricter than OSHA regulations.

Several other states regulate local government worker safety and health without federal OSHA oversight or funding. A handful of states do not regulate worker safety and health in any public sector workplaces, but there may still be workers’ compensation insurance requirements that apply.

Use the following chart to determine which regulations apply to municipal workers in your state:
Public-Sector Worker Safety and Health Requirements by State

This resource center contains a non-exhaustive selection of documents covering issues that apply to many municipalities. To determine which issues apply to your workplace, conduct a job hazard analysis.

  • Compliance Requirements
  • Training
  • Time Savers
  • Best Practices
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Health - General Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Model Plan (NY HERO Act)  National
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): What Supervisors Need to Know  National
Job Hazard Analysis Analyzing Your Job for Hazards (Outline)  National
Electrical Safety Arc Flash Safety: Unqualified Person  National
Asbestos Asbestos Awareness (PPT)  National
Back Safety Avoiding Back Injuries  National
First Aid Basic First Aid for Medical Emergencies  National
Emergency Preparedness Be Prepared for Weather Emergencies (Outline)  National
Bloodborne Pathogens Bloodborne Pathogens for First Responders (Word)  National
Emergency Preparedness Business Resumption/Disaster Safety Checklist  National
Hazard Communication Chemical Hazard Communication (Outline)  National
PPE - General City employees need to access a confined space in a pedestrian bridge to work on an electrical conduit. Pigeons have gotten into this space leaving feces and other debris. What personnel protective equipment should these employees be provided? 02/09/2010National
Chemical Hazards Cleaning Product Safety (Outline)  National
Health - General Cold and Flu Sick Leave  National
Ergonomics Computer Workstation Exercises (Outline)  National
Construction - General Construction Safety (Word)  National
Emergency Preparedness Contacts for Government Agencies and Other Organizations Form  National
Safety - General Contractor Safety  National
Construction - General Contractor Safety (Outline)  National
Safety - General Contractor Safety (PPT)  National
Safety - General Contractor Safety and Health Agreement  National
Safety - General Contractor Safety and Health Questionnaire  National
Safety - General Contractor Safety Plan  National
Health - General COVID-19 Checklist: Firefighters and EMS Personnel  National
Health - General COVID-19 Checklist: Law Enforcement  National
Emergency Preparedness Critical Operations Support Staff Form  National
Emergency Preparedness Data Backup, Recovery, and Storage Procedures  National
Heat and Cold Dealing Safely with Snow and Ice (Outline)  National
Driving Safely Defensive Driving for Noncommercial Motorists (Multimedia)  National
Emergency Preparedness Disaster Planning - What Supervisors Need to Know (PPT)  National
Emergency Preparedness Disaster Planning: What Employees Need to Know (PPT)  National
Emergency Preparedness Disaster Recovery (Word)  National
Emergency Preparedness Disaster Recovery / Pandemic Flu Plan  National
Emergency Preparedness Disaster Recovery Supplier and Contractor Contact List  National
Driving Safely Distracted Driving (Word)  National
Violence in the Workplace Domestic Violence  National
Driving Safely Drive Defensively (Outline)  National
Driving Safely Driving with Cell Phones (Word)  National
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) During a recent MOSHA inspection, we were told that the City of Westminster is a single organization but the various departments within the City must be considered individual establishments and must each maintain a separate OSHA 300 log. In the past, we 08/27/2013National
Hours of Service (Motor Carriers) During emergencies (snow removal), are there any exemptions to the hours of service rules for the municipal employees conducting snow removal services? 01/19/2012National
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