On-demand webinars are presented to Safety.BLR.com subscribers at no charge. Each session focuses on an important safety issue, delivering guidance participants can use to comply with OSHA regulations, train employees, and more.

NOTE: Users must register for and attend the live webinars in order to receive documentation of continuing education certification credits. BLR does not provide documentation of credits for the on-demand webinars.

Upcoming live webinars are available and include the documentation you need for continuing education credits. You can find information about them here or click on one of these titles:

August 13, 2019
1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Pacific
Confined Space Rescue: OSHA’s Latest Requirements, Safety Best Practices, and Common Mistakes to Avoid
August 14, 2019
1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Pacific
OSHA 300 Recordkeeping: Top Compliance Mistakes and Pain Points
August 15, 2019
1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Pacific
Beyond Run, Hide, Fight: Workplace Violence Preparedness Training That Fits Your Organization
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Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Subscriber Only Webinar [2016-10]: OSHA electronic recordkeeping: What employers need to know  National
Violence in the Workplace Subscriber Only Webinar [2016-11]: Workplace Violence—Preparation is Key!  National
Safety - General Subscriber Only Webinar [2017-01]: Safety Compliance in 2017: What to Expect from OSHA and the New Administration  National
Safety - General Subscriber Only Webinar [2017-02]: Safety Culture: Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges  National
Lockout/Tagout Subscriber Only Webinar [2017-04]: Lockout/Tagout: What's on the horizon?  National
Fall Protection (Construction) Subscriber Only Webinar [2017-06]: Fall Protection Training for General Industry  National
Accidents Webinar (2014-08): Accident Investigations: 5 Steps to Get to the Bottom of Things and Preserve Your Bottom Line  National
Laboratory Safety Webinar (2014-08): Chemical Hygiene: What Your Chemical Hygiene Plan Must Include to Ensure Safety and Legal Compliance  National
EHS Metrics Webinar (2014-08): EHS Metrics: Building a Comprehensive Way to Measure Safety Program Success Using Leading and Lagging Indicators  National
Safety - General Webinar (2014-08): Independent Contractor Liability: Your Safety Risks and Obligations Explained  National
Safety - General Webinar (2014-09): Safety Risk-Takers: How to Legally Discipline Employees Who Ignore Workplace Safety Obligations  National
Labels Webinar (2014-10): GHS vs. NFPA & HMIS Labeling Requirements  National
Violence in the Workplace Webinar (2014-12): Active Shooter in the Workplace: How to Effectively Respond with a Survivor's Mindset and Reduce the Risk of Devastating Consequences  National
PPE - General Webinar (2014-12): Personal Protective Equipment: Tactics for Assessing Workplace Hazards & Selecting PPE in Compliance with OSHA Standards  National
Safety - General Webinar (2014-12): Supervising Safety: Getting Supervisors to Help You Keep Employees Safe  National
Safety Culture Webinar (2015-01): Employee-Driven Safety: How to Grab Workers' Attention, Harness Their Buy-In, and Achieve Safety Excellence  National
OSHA Webinar (2015-01): Workplace Safety Update for 2015: The Latest OSHA Enforcement Initiatives and Regulations  National
Electrical Safety Webinar (2015-02): Avoiding Arc Flash Hazards: Protecting Employees and Complying with NFPA 70E  National
Safety Culture Webinar (2015-02): Safety Culture Shape-Up: How to Quantify and Boost Employee Engagement  National
Forklifts Webinar (2015-03): Forklift Safety: How to Prevent Distracted Driving and Eliminate Hazards  National
Safety - General Webinar (2015-03): Safety Success for Multi-Site Organizations: How to Develop Strong Safety Protocols and Practices Across Multiple Worksites  National
EHS Strategy Webinar (2015-07): Safety Incentive Program Design Essentials: How to Establish a Valuable and Fully Compliant Program  National
Confined Spaces (Construction) Webinar (2015-09): Confined Spaces in Construction: OSHA’s Full Enforcement of Final Rule Takes Effect October 2, 2015—What to Do Now to Prepare  National
Construction - General Webinar (2015-09): Construction vs. Maintenance: Understanding When OSHA Construction Rules Apply to Your Work  National
Training Webinar (2015-09): Energize Your Safety Meetings: Strategies for Engaging Your Team and Motivating Safe Behavior  National
Hazard Communication Webinar (2015-09): New HazCom Inspection Directive Released: Tips for Staying in Compliance and Preparing for a Visit from OSHA  National
Enforcement Webinar (2015-09): OSHA Citations: When and How to Contest Them to Maximize the Benefit to Your Company  National
OSHA Webinar (2015-09): OSHA Increases Use of General Duty Clause: How to Avoid Enforcement and Costly Penalties Amid the Agency’s New Norm  National
Respiratory Protection Webinar (2015-09): Respiratory Protection Strategies: PPE and Training to Minimize the Safety Risk of Potentially Harmful Agents  National
Flammable Liquids Webinar (2015-09): Safe Use and Storage of Flammable Liquids: Strategies for Protecting Workers and Your Facility  National
Safety Culture Webinar (2015-10): Behavior-Based Safety: Tips for Addressing Accident-Prone and Other High-Risk Employees  National
Back Safety Webinar (2015-10): Combating Back Injuries: A Physical Therapist's Perspective on Creating an Effective and Evidence-Based Back Injury Prevention Program  National
Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300) Webinar (2015-10): First Aid or Medical Treatment? Ensure Proper Recording and Comply with OSHA’s New Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Requirements  National
Enforcement Webinar (2015-10): OSHA's New Top 10 Violations List: How to Avoid the Most Common and Costly Safety Mistakes  National
Eye and Face Protection Webinar (2015-10): Preventing Eye Injuries: A Proven Program for OSHA-Compliant Face Protection  National
Slips and Falls Webinar (2015-10): Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls; 10 Steps to Successful Incident Investigations and Corrective Actions  National
Safety Committees Webinar (2015-10): Safety Committees: Proven Strategies for Long-Term Success  National
Electric Power Generation Webinar (2015-10): Safety Standards for Electric Utilities Update: Meet New OSHA and NFPA 70E Requirements  National
EHS Strategy Webinar (2015-10): Understanding Mobile Apps for Safety and Onsite Training: On-the-Go Technology Opportunities and Challenges to Master  National
Violence in the Workplace Webinar (2015-11): Active Shooter in the Workplace: How to Respond with a Survivor's Mindset & Limit Liability and Long-Term Consequences  National
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