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Construction - General
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This topic covers the general responsibilities of employers and contractors for the safety and health of employees at construction sites that are not covered under topic or activity-specific standards such as fall protection or trenching.

OSHA regulates construction worker safety separately from its general industry requirements. Construction standards can be found in 29 CFR 1926. OSHA defines “construction” as work for construction, alteration, and/or repair, including painting and decorating.

Information in this topic includes accident prevention, general duty to train employees, general sanitation and housekeeping, contractor safety, signs/signals/barricades, and traffic flagger safety in highway work zones and construction sites.

Important construction safety topics include:

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Interpretations Highway work zones and reflective/warning vests for the protection of off-duty police officers working as flaggers. [1926.200; 1926.200(g)(2); 1926.201; 1926.201(a)] 01/31/2006National
Interpretations Motor vehicle requirements for a re-paving project. [1926.601; 1926.601(a)] 07/03/2007National
Interpretations Requirements for leaving construction vehicles unattended and running on an off-highway job-site.[1926.600; 1926.600(a)(3)(ii)] 01/14/2004National
Interpretations "Threaded studs" are prohibited from being installed prior to decking when they project.[1926.754(c)(1); 1926.754(c)(1)(i)] 12/11/2003National
Directives 01/01/1981 - CPL 2.34 CH-1 - Changes to the Construction SAVE's Manual 07/16/2003National
Interpretations 03/01/1995 - Policy on focused inspections in construction. 03/01/1995National
Directives 03/31/1991 - STD 3-15.3 - 29 CFR 1926.705, Requirements for Lift-Slab Construction Operations - Inspection Procedures and Guidelines 07/22/2003National
Interpretations 04/17/2006 - Guardrail height requirements for construction activities in General Industry Facilities. [1926.502; 1926.502(b)(1)] 04/17/2006National
Directives 06/05/1985 - CPL 2.64 - Implementation of a Construction Fatality Information Dissemination System 07/18/2003National
Directives 06/15/1987 - CPL 2.34 CH-3 - Changes to the Construction Standard Alleged Violation Elements (SAVEs) Manual 07/18/2003National
Directives 08/06/1990 - CPL 2.34 CH-5 - Change to the Construction Standard Alleged Violation Elements (SAVES) Manual 07/22/2003National
Directives 09/01/1979 - CPL 2.34 - Construction SAVE's Manual 07/09/2003National
Directives 09/01/1979 - CPL 2.35 - Regulatory and General Industry SAVE's Manual 07/09/2003National
Directives 09/06/2013 - CPL 02-00-155 - Inspection Scheduling for Construction 09/11/2013National
Directives 10/30/1978 - CPL 2.9 - Inspections of Granted Variances 07/09/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 1-15.1 - Clarification of "Operations Which Involve Construction Work" as Related to Telecommunication Work 07/09/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 1-15.5 - Clarification of 29CFR 1926.604(a)(2)(i) and (ii) Concerning the Applicability of 1/2-Inch Plastic Sheets as a Substitute for Open Mesh Material 07/09/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 3-19.1 - 29 CFR 1926.902(d) Proposed Modifications to Explosives and Blasting Agents and Surface Transportation of Explosives 07/08/2003National
Interpretations 1910.176 - Proper procedures for stacking materials at construction sites. 03/28/1994National
Interpretations 1926 - Elevator Hazards During Construction. 02/25/1992National
Interpretations 1926 - Toilets are not required at construction jobsites if transportation is readily available to nearby facilities. 04/19/1993National
Interpretations 1926.11 - OSHA Regulations for single family dwelling construction. 03/17/1992National
Interpretations 1926.20(d)(2) - General industry standards to construction activities. 12/03/1993National
Interpretations 1926.32 - Clarification of the OSHA standard 1926.32 addressing competent persons at construction sites. 08/31/1995National
Interpretations 1926.32 - Construction vs. Maintenance. 08/11/1994National
Interpretations 1926.51 - Enforcing the provision for toilet facilities on construction and demolition sites. 02/02/1995National
Interpretations 1926.51(f) - Application of 29 CFR 1926.51(f) 02/10/1994National
Interpretations 1926.54 - De minimis violation status is accorded to power lasers used in the construction industry. 10/21/1992National
Interpretations 1926.54 - Degree of hazard associated with low power lasers in construction industry. 09/17/1992National
Interpretations 1926.706 - Bracing of masonry block walls. 02/16/1993National
Interpretations 1926.800 - Definition of Potentially Gassy Atmosphere. 07/24/1993National
Interpretations 1926.850(a) - Demolition regulations do apply to the removal of ceilings and inte rior non-load bearing walls and partitions. 01/27/1994National
Interpretations 1926.852 - Design of Debris Chute 03/25/1992National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1926.1092 [Removed.]  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1926.401 [Reserved  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1926.556 Aerial lifts  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1926.58 [Reserved  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1926.97 [Reserved  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1926.98 [Reserved  National
Regulations 29 CFR §§ 1926.1054 -- 1926.1059 [Reserved]  National
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