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Aerial Lifts
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This topic covers aerial lifts, which are defined as any vehicle-mounted device with a bucket to lift personnel. There are various names for aerial lifts, including “bucket truck,” “cherry picker, and “snorkel lift.”

OSHA requirements for aerial lifts include equipment design standards, safe work practices, fall protection, electrical system testing, the safety factor for hydraulic and pneumatic components, and welding work. Construction and general-industry standards are very similar, with minor differences for firefighting equipment and training. Scissor lifts are covered under the scaffold rules for construction.

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Interpretations 'Extensible ladders' and the requirement for 'upper and lower' controls [6/22/1976] 01/01/1990National
Interpretations 1926.556 - Certification of aerial lift operators. 10/23/1992National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1910.67 Vehicle-mounted elevating and rotating work platforms  National
Final Rules 29 CFR 1910.67 and 29 CFR 1910.266 - Vehicle-Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms and Logging Operations; Corrections 07/01/2014National
Guidance Documents Aerial Lift Hazard Recognition Simulator (NIOSH)  National
Forms Aerial lift pre-inspection form  National
Trainer's Guides Aerial Lift Safety  National
Audio Presentations Aerial Lift Safety  National
Speaker's Notes Aerial Lift Safety - Script View  National
7 Minute Safety Trainer Aerial Lift Safety (outline)  National
Handouts Aerial Lift Safety (PDF)  National
Handouts Aerial Lift Safety (PDF)  National
Quizzes Aerial Lift Safety (PDF)  National
Trainer's Outlines Aerial Lift Safety (PDF) [OSHA Training System] (long outline)  National
PowerPoints Aerial Lift Safety (PPT)  National
Quizzes Aerial Lift Safety (Word)  National
Handouts Aerial Lift Safety [7-Minute Safety Trainer]  National
Quizzes Aerial Lift Safety [7-Minute Safety Trainer]  National
Training Exercises Aerial Lift Safety Exercise 1  National
Training Exercises Aerial Lift Safety Exercise 2  National
Plans Aerial lift safety plan  National
Toolbox Talks Aerial Lift Safety: Preventing Falls  National
Regulatory Analysis Aerial Lifts  National
Quizzes Aerial Personnel Baskets Quiz (Word)  National
Meetings Aerial Personnel Baskets Training (Word)  National
Handouts Aerial Personnel Devices (PDF)  National
Quizzes Aerial Personnel Devices (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Handouts Aerial Personnel Devices (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Notices Agency Information Collection Activities; Manlifts Standard 05/20/2014National
Interpretations An interpretation of 29 CFR 1910.67(c)(2)(v) [3/22/1976] 01/01/1990National
Questions & Answers Are you required to do an annual inspection of a man basket by a licensed inspector/expert? 09/14/2010National
Questions & Answers Do employees have to be trained by a certified instructor to operate aerial lifts like they do forklifts? 04/28/2015National
Questions & Answers Do employees need to wear fall arrest equipment and be hooked up when working from an aerial lift? 07/12/2011National
Questions & Answers Do employees who operate aerial lifts such as JLG and the like need DOT physicals? The applicable sections under scaffolds in 29 1926 453 do not mention DOT physicals. We have an employer that says that it is a requirment. 07/06/2011National
Questions & Answers Do you have any training material on manlifts or cage lifts? 06/08/2010National
Interpretations Fall protection during electrical maintenance and construction work on aerial lifts. 04/20/1998National
Questions & Answers How do I properly word a variance request for the use of an aerial lift for the following ... 08/27/2009National
Questions & Answers How long must the pre-inspection checklists for an aerial lift be kept at a facility? 10/13/2009National
Questions & Answers If I am simply moving a boom lift with the bucket all the way down just to get it out of the way or to move it to a location for service at our facility, must I wear a harness and be secured in the bucket? 02/11/2013National
Questions & Answers Is it required to have a ground person in addition to the operator when using any type of aerial work platforms? 07/14/2009National
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