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This topic covers OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) standard for general industry workplaces, which is designed to control hazardous energy in order to prevent injuries to employees who service machines and equipment. It also covers OSHA's lockout/tagout construction rules for electrical circuits and concrete and masonry construction. Forms of hazardous energy include electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, chemical, pneumatic, and thermal energy.

OSHA’s lockout/tagout regulations require the use of locks to prevent equipment from operating while it is being serviced and/or tags that warn against starting machinery. All employers who use equipment for which lockout/tagout is required must have a documented program that includes energy control procedures, employee training, and periodic inspections.

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Regulations 29 CFR § 1910.147 The control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout)  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1926.417 Lockout and tagging of circuits  National
Interpretations Acceptability of modifying a standard on/off switch to provide lockout capability to a machine.[1910.147; 1910.147(c)(3); 1910.147(c)(2)(iii); 1910.303(a); 1910.399; 1910.303] 05/13/2003National
Interpretations Adoption of ANSI Z244.1 (2016); clarification of alternative methods and advanced control systems options 09/06/2017National
Forms Annual Lockout/Tagout Inspection Review  National
Interpretations Applicability of OSHA's LOTO standards; isolation and verification procedures.[1910.147; 1910.333(b); 1910.399] 11/16/2000National
Interpretations Application of Control of Hazardous Energy (LOTO) requirements to compressed gas cylinders. [1910.147; 1910.147(b); 1910.147(c)(7); 1910.147(c)(7)(iii)(A); 1910.147(c)(7)(iii)(B); 1910.147(f)(2)(i)] 04/23/2007National
Interpretations Application of the Lockout/Tagout standard to die-setting activities and other machine setup operations. 12/28/2006National
Questions & Answers Are there any OSHA interpretations or other guidance available on the use of programmable logic controllers for use in interlocks? 06/25/2010National
Questions & Answers Are there record keeping requirements for individual lock out/tag out documents? Where are they in the regulations? 03/31/2017National
White Papers Are you effectively controlling mechanical hazards? 07/02/2024National
Forms Authorized Employee Training Certification Form  National
Interpretations Authorized employees must have the opportunity to verify energy isolation in group lockout/tagout 01/29/2002National
Questions & Answers Can a duplicate key for the purpose of lock removal under LOTO be held in a secure area with a procedure in place for access to the key and returning the key that does not jeapordize the employee's safety? 09/21/2011National
Questions & Answers Can a machine operator help lock out the machine if the work is overseen by an authorized person? If the operator's job description includes changing electrodes - but not repair or maintenance - does that make the operator an authorized employee? 03/12/2008National
Questions & Answers Can we disconnect a plug and cord electric slicer machine with an air line-connected slicer without lockout/tagout procedures as described in the exception to LOTO in 1910.147(a)(2)(iii)(A)? 01/22/2016National
Interpretations Clarification of "authorized" and "affected" employees and proper energy control procedures 02/10/2004National
Interpretations Clarification on entitlement of a copy of energy control program documentation at meat packing plant. 02/27/1997National
Interpretations Color is not the only prescribed factor for the standardization of LOTO devices.[1910.147; 1910.147(c)(5)(ii)(B)] 08/30/2002National
Interpretations Consultants performing lockout/tagout periodic inspections.[1910.147] 10/29/1996National
Forms Contractor Certification  National
Guidance Documents Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)  National
Questions & Answers Could an Authorized Employee ask an Affected Employee to assist with cleaning a machine that is locked out for servicing? 02/02/2018National
Directives CPL 02-00-147 - The Control of Hazardous Energy --Enforcement Policy and Inspection Procedures 02/11/2008National
Questions & Answers Do I have to train the authorized users and affected users separately, or can I train one class comprised of both audiences? 03/30/2011National
Handouts Don't Just Turn It Off--Lock It Out (PDF)  National
Handouts Don't Just Turn It Off--Lock It Out (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Interpretations Evaluation of the ElectroGuard disconnect system for use as an energy isolating device. 02/26/2007National
Interpretations Food Inspectors lockout/tagout procedures.[1910.147] 10/02/1996National
Interpretations Group tagging requirements requarding 1910.269(d). 10/14/1999National
Questions & Answers How often do we have to inspect each piece of equipment for lockout/tagout and how often do we have to train our employees? 05/11/2010National
Questions & Answers I am a contractor and was diagnosing an HVAC unit for a university when my worker got shocked. Should the unit have been locked out, and who makes that decision--me as the contractor, or the university? 09/23/2013National
Questions & Answers I need to add Minor Service Exceptions (MSE) to my written LO/TO plan. What specific language should it have? 10/30/2019National
Questions & Answers If an operator is throwing the disconnect on a 220 volt circuit for lockout purposes, what PPE and/or safety precautions should he or she take? If usual operations do not expose employees to live wires and/or curcuits, does NFPA 70e come into effect? 07/28/2010National
Questions & Answers If equipment has a safety interlock and it's own safety disconnect built in the unit, would it still need to be included in a lockout/tagout policy? 09/12/2011National
Questions & Answers If my factory does not operate 24/7 and we are in the middle of a LOTO maintenance procedure that another crew will complete the next day, how do you pass off the keys/locks/tags/etc. so the new crew is protected? 06/03/2010National
Questions & Answers In a lockout program, is it permissible to utilize one or two locks with no name on them and let the authorized person who will be doing the work to use one of these locks if he also places a tag with his name on it on the lock? 03/27/2008National
Questions & Answers In regard to lockout/tagout what is meant by "Certification of periodic inspections" as shown in 29 CFR 1910.147(c)? 05/29/2009National
Interpretations Interlock requirements for access door(s) of trash compactor. [1910.147; 1910.147(a)(2)(ii); 1910.212] 01/18/2006National
Questions & Answers Is it ever permissible for maintenance work to to be done on an injection molding machine or enter the mold cavity to perform a quick cleaning task while it is energized and operating? 10/21/2016National
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