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This topic covers the design and assembly of all scaffolds used in general industry workplaces.

Under the rule at 29 CFR 1910.27, scaffolds used in general industry must meet the construction requirements for scaffolds at 29 CFR 1926, Subpart L. The regulations give specifications for various types of scaffolds and cover everything from the spacing of the poles to the size of the planking.

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Regulations 29 CFR § 1910.28 Safety requirements for scaffolding  National
Questions & Answers An employee is working on a scissor lift and has a PFAS on. The employee ties off to anchor points that have been installed over the years near lights that are 25ft high in a warehouse. Is this allowed? 03/04/2020National
Interpretations An installation which has permanent davit arms and davit bases, but does not have a powered platform; a rental stage is brought in for maintenance.[1910.28; 1910.66] 09/04/1996National
Interpretations Anchoring 2-point suspension scaffolds;criteria for testing anchorages.[1910.66; 1910.28(g)(11); 1926.451(d)(18)] 08/10/2000National
Interpretations Apparent inconsistency between the scaffolding requirements in the general industry standard and the construction standard. [1910.28] 01/09/1992National
Interpretations Determining scaffold support capability. 10/02/2008National
Questions & Answers Do scissor lifts used for periodic building maintenance fall under regulations of powered platforms section 1910.66? 03/07/2008National
Training Tips Don’t Fold on Scaffold Safety  National
Interpretations Fall hazards over 25 feet. [1910.28; 1926.105] 05/21/1992National
Training Tips Ladders and Scaffolds: Inspection Essentials  National
Guidance Documents OSHA eTool - Scaffolding  National
Interpretations OSHA's requirement for certification for building roof anchor points & the "Certificate of Regulation Compliance Building" form. 08/09/1996National
Guidance Documents Other Types of Scaffolds  National
Interpretations Pump jack scaffold bracing. 07/12/1993National
Interpretations Regulations for scaffold casters. [1910.29] 06/24/1992National
Interpretations Requesting OSHA to comment on the Scaffold Industry Association testing procedures to determine fall arrest tie-off locations. 09/25/1995National
7 Minute Safety Trainer Scaffold Safety (Outline)  National
Handouts Scaffold Safety (Word)  National
Quizzes Scaffold Safety [7-Minute Safety Trainer]  National
Handouts Scaffold Safety [7-Minute Safety Trainer]  National
Quizzes Scaffold Safety [7-Minute Safety Trainer] - Spanish  National
Handouts Scaffold Safety [7-Minute Safety Trainer] - Spanish  National
Training Tips Scaffold Safety Do's and Don'ts  National
Policies Scaffolding  National
Guidance Documents Supported Scaffold Inspection Tips  National
Interpretations Use of laminated veneer lumber in lieu of scaffold grade planks on scaffold systems 02/27/1992National
Questions & Answers We have several working platforms around some of the equipment that need a load rating posted on them. The platforms are 20" to 30" tall constructed of a metal frame with plywood or pressed wood attached to the top as the walking surface. The enginee 02/22/2008National
Toolbox Talks Working safely on supported scaffolds  National
Employee News Articles Working safely on supported scaffolds  National
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