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This topic covers safety issues relevant to agriculture, which can include chemical hazards from pesticide and fertilizer exposure, environmental hazards from working outdoors, physical dangers from farm equipment, and more. According to the National Safety Council, agriculture is the most hazardous industry in the nation.

OSHA regulates safety and health for agriculture employers in 29 CFR 1928; however, some small and family-owned operations are exempt from these standards.

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Final Rules 40 CFR 170 - Pesticides; Agricultural Worker Protection Standard Revisions; Final Rule 11/02/2015National
Directives 05/16/1994 - CPL 2.36B CH-1 - Changes to the Agriculture Standard Alleged Violations 07/22/2003National
Directives 08/30/1993 - CPL 2.36B - Changes to the Agriculture Standard Alleged Violation Elements (SAVEs) Manual, 29 CFR Part 1928 07/22/2003National
Directives 09/21/1987 - STP 2-1.138 - Field Sanitation; Final Rule 07/18/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 4.1 - Interpretations of: (a)-29 CFR 1928.51(a), Definitions "Agricultural Tractor." (b)-29 CFR 1928.51(b)(1), Rollover 07/09/2003National
Directives 10/30/1978 - STD 4.2 - Low Profile Tractor 07/09/2003National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1928 Appendix B to Subpart C -- Figures C-1 through C-16  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1928.1 Purpose and scope  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1928.1027 Cadmium  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1928.110 Field sanitation  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1928.21 Applicable standards in 29 CFR Part 1910  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1928.51 Roll-over protective structures (ROPS) for tractors used in agricultural operations  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1928.52 Protective frames for wheel-type agricultural tractors -- test procedures and performance requirements  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1928.53 Protective enclosures for wheel-type agricultural tractors -- test procedures and performance requirements  National
Regulations 29 CFR § 1928.57 Guarding of farm field equipment, farmstead equipment, and cotton gins  National
Guidance Documents Agricultural Worker Protection Standard: Comparison of the New Protections to the Existing Protections (EPA Fact Sheet)  National
Training Tips Don't Be a Pest!  National
Guidance Documents Farm Safety Fact Sheet  National
Interpretations Farming Appropriations Rider 07/22/1992National
Guidance Documents OSHA eTool - Youth in Agriculture  National
Handouts Safe Grain Handling (PDF)  National
Quizzes Safe Grain Handling (PDF)  National
Handouts Safe Grain Handling (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Quizzes Safe Grain Handling (PDF) -- Spanish  National
Trainer's Outlines Safe Grain Handling (PDF) [7-Minute Safety Trainer] (short outline)  National
Interpretations Small farming operations and exemption from OSHA enforcement activity under CPL 02-00-051. [1928.21] 07/16/2007National
Puzzles Using Pesticides Safely (PDF)  National
Questions & Answers What is the frequency of sling, log chains, and ratchet straps inspections and audits and what documentation does OSHA require for a agricultural farm shop with a seasonal harvest operation? 04/16/2008National
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