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This sample hospital safety plan applies to hospitals and other large healthcare environments and is intended to address a wide range of safety and health issues relevant at these facilities.
Questions & Answers:
What are OSHA's requirements (1910 General Industry) regarding hands-on practical training for aerial lifts? How often are users required to be re-trained regarding hands-on practical skills?
White Papers:
Pneumatic nail guns (PNGs) are formidable machines powered by air compressors that with a single trigger activation enable nails to be completely driven into hardwood floors, framing lumber, plywood sheathing, and roof substrates. However, OSHA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) report that PNG injuries result in about 37,000 emergency room visits each year.
Questions & Answers:
I'm attempting to determine if an employee claim of musculoskeletal disorder for both right and left wrists actually was caused by the workplace workstation as claimed by the employee. The condition resulted in medical operations to both wrists. When does this incident become an OSHA recordable injury, and are the days away from work which resulted from the medical operations counted as days away from work?
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140153timesavers.aspx/timesavers/workplace-safety-plans/equipment-and-process-safety/healthcare-safety/Hospital-Safety-Plan/Healthcare SafetyPlans Hospital Safety Plan
140139faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/employee-safety/aerial-lifts/Good-Day-What-are-OSHA-requirements-1910-General-I/Aerial LiftsQuestions & Answers What are OSHA's requirements regarding hands-on practical training for aerial lifts? How often are users required to be re-trained regarding hands-on practical skills?
140136faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/hazardous-substances-and-materials/flammable-liquids/Can-wash-bottles-of-flammable-chemicals-acetone-am/Flammable LiquidsQuestions & Answers Can wash bottles of flammable chemicals (acetone and isopropanol) be left out on countertops when not in use? Should these be kept in a hood or flammable cabinet even though it is very small quantities?
140119reference.aspx/workplace-safety-reference-materials/white-papers/equipment-and-process-safety/hand-and-portable-power-tools/Pneumatic-nail-guns-Safety-starts-with-the-trigger/Hand and Portable Power ToolsWhite Papers Pneumatic nail guns: Safety starts with the trigger
140120faqs.aspx/workplace-safety-faqs/safety-administration/injury-and-illness-records-osha300/An-employee-claims-a-musculoskeletal-disorder-was-/Injury and Illness Records (OSHA 300)Questions & Answers An employee claims a musculoskeletal disorder was caused by the the workplace. Is this recordable?
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OSHA Challenge
Between 2010 and 2014, what hazard at healthcare facilities led OSHA to issue 17 General Duty Clause citations?
• Bloodborne pathogens
• Unsafe patient lifting
• Chemical exposure
• Workplace violence
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