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We are continually updating our state and national regulatory analysis to help you keep up with the changing regs. See the updated section on the What's New page to find all of the topics.
New Documents
The purpose of the Return-to-Work plan is to provide transitional work (restricted duty) for employees who, because of a work-related injury or illness, are restricted from performing some or all of their regular duties for a temporary period of time.
This form is to document the duties and any agreed-upon restrictions or accommodations for an employee returning to work after a work-related injury or illness.
Proposed Rules:
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) proposes to amend the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to incorporate by reference the most recent edition of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, Inc., Commercial Driver's License Information System (CDLIS) State Procedures Manual, Version c.0. This would require all State driver's licensing agencies to use this edition of the manual to provide guidance on the information systems procedures of the commercial driver's license (CDL) program.
White Papers:
Respirable crystalline silica, or very small particles of silica, is a health hazard that shows up in a wide swath of industries. Workplace exposure to respirable crystalline silica poses a risk for several serious silica-related diseases.
Employee Newsletters:
This month's issue includes information on Global Recycling Day, the International Day of Forests, and the chemical isoprene.
This month's issue includes information on eye protection (impact hazards), National Ladder Safety Month, ergonomics for electrical workers (body posture and digging), and first aid (treating burn injuries).
Employee News Articles:
It's important to know the best type of eye protection to wear to protect against impact hazards and how to properly care for and maintain it.
As an electrical worker, i's important to know the ergonomic best practices when doing installation, repairs, and digging trenches or holes to bury electrical lines.
It's important to know the best practices when treating burn injuries.
The quiz for "First aid—Treating burn injuries"
Guidance Documents:
Access OSHA guidance and resources covering chemical hazards and toxic substances.
Updated Documents
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149015timesavers.aspx/timesavers/workplace-safety-plans/safety-administration/workers-workmen-compensation/Return-to-Work-Plan/Workers' CompensationPlans Return-to-Work Plan
149016timesavers.aspx/timesavers/workplace-safety-compliance-forms/safety-administration/workers-workmen-compensation/Modified-Duty-Form/Workers' CompensationForms Modified-Duty Form
148993regActivity.aspx/workplace-safety-regulatory-activity/proposed-regulations/motor-carrier-safety/49-CFR-384-Commercial-Drivers-License-CDL-Standard/Motor Carrier SafetyProposed Rules 49 CFR 384 - Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Standards; Incorporation by Reference of a New State Procedures Manual
148990reference.aspx/workplace-safety-reference-materials/white-papers/hazardous-substances-and-materials/silica/Silica-Hazards-compliance-and-enforcement/Silica (General Industry)White Papers Silica: Hazards, compliance, and enforcement
148983employeeNewsletters.aspx/workplace-safety-employee-newsletters/March-2024-Customizable-EHS-Employee-Newsletter/Safety - GeneralEmployee Newsletters March 2024 Customizable EHS Employee Newsletter
148984employeeNewsletters.aspx/workplace-safety-employee-newsletters/March-2024-Customizable-Safety-Employee-Newsletter/Safety - GeneralEmployee Newsletters March 2024 Customizable Safety Employee Newsletter
148985training.aspx/training/employee-news-articles/employee-safety/eye-and-face-protection/Eye-protectionImpact-hazards/Eye and Face ProtectionEmployee News Articles Eye protection—Impact hazards
148986training.aspx/training/employee-news-articles/equipment-and-process-safety/electrical-safety/Ergonomics-for-electrical-workersBody-posture-and-/Electrical SafetyEmployee News Articles Ergonomics for electrical workers—Body posture and digging
148987training.aspx/training/employee-news-articles/emergency-planning-and-response/first-aid/First-aidTreating-burn-injuries/First AidEmployee News Articles First aid—Treating burn injuries
148988training.aspx/training/employee-news-articles/emergency-planning-and-response/first-aid/First-aidTreating-burn-injuries-Quiz/First AidEmployee News Articles First aid—Treating burn injuries: Quiz
148982reference.aspx/workplace-safety-reference-materials/guidance-documents/hazardous-substances-and-materials/toxic-and-hazardous-substances/Chemical-Hazards-and-Toxic-Substances/Toxic and Hazardous SubstancesGuidance Documents Chemical Hazards and Toxic Substances
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